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  1. ENNY

    Okayyy...we need a skincare routine!!!!! Right sisters???

  2. Lisa Lee

    This is incredibly pretty. The fact that he didn’t use brushes makes it even more astonishing.

  3. kolim jone

    I laughed so hard when adele acted as the overseer and eliminated james charles while playing squid game🤣

  4. Philo Yt

    Why did u lose

  5. Arnold fam

    I love you James you have made me do mack up so good I love your videos you are so sweet.🌸😊

  6. izzyshawaii

    omg r Dixie and Noah together 💘🤭

  7. S Lalduhsaka


  8. Tapty Hoqu


  9. Sreeja Balaga

    I like u when u be u only u ur wish u look good in everything ❤️ Don't let anyone down James ☺️☺️ ur hair ur style and everything is amazing ❤️❤️

    1. kolim jone


  10. izzyshawaii

    I am going trick or treating in 2 weeks! The looks look amazing as well good job James!

  11. BLINK

    Is anyone reading this without watching the vid

  12. Carly Roberts

    I like your hair as is🥰

  13. Yuri Chavez

    Podcast needs to come out asap

  14. Katsuki Bakugo

    Why Doja Cat look like Tia and Tamera though

  15. Angelica Jean Magno

    its " my little brother buys my make up' video😄

  16. Rahnib 10

    JAMES! Your hair is absolutely STUNNING 😮🤯

  17. janvi solanki

    She is so pretty

  18. Triple Trouble Peeps

    Now I know James charles is a girl

  19. J. Bond

    James got "20million sisters 😂😂

  20. Irene. Zanin

    Excuse me, what are the shades of that LIP LINER and LIPSTICK??? I need them.

  21. CaileighFerrer Boulstridge

    wtf is bbl?

    1. Chaithanya

      Its a butt lift i guess

  22. Putu Iin Bunga

    Your such a good make up artist and artist👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. CaileighFerrer Boulstridge


  24. Peniasi Vatuinaruku

    Are you and Maddie Ziegler still friends

  25. Katsuki Bakugo

    OMFG he has a Foundation color for everyone BUT himself!!!🤣

  26. Peniasi Vatuinaruku

    Your really good at makeup art are you good art it's self

  27. Khinthet Mon

    Girl u r drop dang gorgeous

  28. Katsuki Bakugo

    Not the Texas stereotypes not all of us say Howdy and ye haw and we ABSOLUTELY do not ride horses everywhere (some do most don’t)

  29. ChAeLiSa

    I love him !

  30. Gowri Krishna

    Can I have your like James charles please I have subscribed you for years please 🥺

  31. Tanisha Jhamb

    Just a little bit of trim would be perfect

  32. JustGabby

    I love painting. I do it like every day and you best is not that it is SO far from that good👁

  33. Kyle Axel Buena

    Can someone tell me what bbl means.


    Can you stop praying on little boys ?

  35. Miko Janae

    Libra twin

  36. Miko Janae

    I love you Doja since bitch ima cow..

  37. Miko Janae

    Omg I met phrelll

  38. kawiipai XD Sakura brine BG

    That dog is so cute but why is match his hair

  39. NNfan3

    I prefer Charles but dixies is good

    1. NNfan3

      I mean Charlis

  40. The girl Mars

    Ur very quiet today

  41. cindilee9141


  42. Imprimis

    when i used the palette my eyes burned so bad, it was my fault though ig

  43. Paetyn Roberts

    I'm crying two minutes in

  44. Zah and ady


  45. 冷たい影 笑笑

    me explaining why goku can't beat saitama:

  46. 冷たい影 笑笑

    Dream explaining what the point of the mask is:

  47. Anya Neyrinck

    literally no joke, but my name is Anya

  48. Creepik Pedaass


  49. Vanessa Avila

    U whole ahev shone ur chi chi’s hoyyyyaaaa😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  50. Dhzul Rashid

    I envy your videos

  51. Annalise

    LOVE YOU JAMES SO MUCH!!!!👁👄👁🐸🥰✝️☦️☦️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️☦️☦️☦️☦️

  52. Tapas Sircar

    James looks like a

  53. Nicholas Eilitz

    Launch that podcast at the end of this year or start of next year 😊

  54. sydney kidd

    It’s the concealer before and after contour for me

  55. Stephanie Savoie

    Is L.A. more poverty than luxury.... Or is that just me?

  56. Anika 2415

    Frogs are in the basket

  57. Sharon Bembrigde

    I am home alone but I'm 8 and I'm in my bed now I hear something I'm scared

  58. Mariyam Saba Ahmed

    Honestly the makeup is actualy nice

  59. Lawrence Saffold

    You are just amazing 😍

  60. Social Charles

    I love how positive james is towards his old friends.

  61. Julietvacca_ Hi

    “So you still look bomb...... for bingo night” -James Charles

  62. nika

    james video idea: you should do a vidio based on trying to do a make up look like the british chavs

  63. Joanna Angel De Ramos

    your a boy not a girl

  64. Elle Espino

    im sorry but, "he lookin like a "snack" "

  65. Sean Hiew

    7:33 "oh, he's eating his a55, we all would if we could" I-

  66. sandra barandiaran asensio

    Ummm… if I’m honest sis…. I haven’t listened to u 🤠💜

  67. Banufshay

    We love the growth, you can just feel how much more mature he is day by day

  68. kondra thompson

    you would look good with a mullet

  69. Val Lerma


  70. Sean Hiew

    anyone smiling at the screen the whole video?

  71. Kennth Gus

    Never fire ur editor