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  1. Sean Cairns

    0:36 should be “he’s so much younger than me” 🤡

  2. Jonathan (Priscilla Skoolie)

    And remember, if you can't read yourself how in the hell you gonna read anybody else. 😘🥰❤ some of those choices were questionable James but overall I've loved your fashion even the more "Alternative" choices. 😅

  3. kankani simone

    I saw this last year😂😂😂

  4. Abbey

    I love you and your videos James!🤩

  5. Purpy

    this is real cringe


    i love your video it's funny 😆😆ilove you alll

  7. Jamie Judd


  8. Rachelle Dine-Franklin

    love you james your like one of the best youtubers and makeup artist and you're really insparational not just to me to everyone TYSM your the best PEACE OUT!!!!

  9. Stacee Jerald

    The soggy industry effectively flap because feedback worryingly thaw afore a chubby balinese. old, elite hardhat

  10. Wesley Oliveira

    Eu acho essa xixa (James) tão forçada slk

  11. Toxic Life🧋🧋

    He started to look like this I miss the old 2019

  12. Anne Prunelle

    Am here in 2021,loving the vibe in my ear phone in the bus,too cool😆😆

  13. Toxic Life🧋🧋

    It’s kind of not good but good at the same time

  14. mel83968


  15. priti singh

    Curse man

  16. Toxic Life🧋🧋

    She’s kind of a boy

  17. TechTron

    And you tell hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters ahahahahaha

  18. Zill Qayyim

    Wow they so good at singing im so jealous😙

  19. NotAlyssa YUAN DING


  20. Zill Qayyim

    Wow you all so good at singing 🥰💖

  21. aleksandar randjelovic

    Me wanting a palet wait its been 2 yrs

  22. God of  Thunder  moe

    Hdk gleudot2ije dhfror8eyjd828u48ticoodjtjjtfjfhdyejjfirjrjjrhtjrjtjktjtu0409rirjn5jei02iiejrjruururuutjof9wijrjue9ieiuur92juyiiwhdhjfykrkfhjfoeiirjrjrjduhdhheu3u3h3hh3h3ueuuuejrhfhfutiuuthfhjdirhdi8e63ueihjr847y4hjrhriuruuruururururututjthrthhtututhhtththththh7d6eu86ey48398382io9o2j90ieieirijrhrhruruyyttutyuttytuuuttuututue902u2ieĺkriieoeoeokdjdueuuqouwbdkodhbfjdjdoifihfjjfufh

  23. Andriastuti Theresia

    i'm sister

  24. Andriastuti Theresia

    I'm ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔYassssss Queen 100k Sub

  25. Shannella Smith

    She's so cute without makeup 🥰

  26. Madalin Stefan

    Male or Female?

  27. E

    The u miss all the shots that you don’t take part with dream ahh his song before his song

  28. Aioxque

    kiss e

  29. Caycee

    i hate mayo as well ::::))))

  30. •like a dino hat!•

    *No♡~* *THEM EYEBROWS DOE* *EYE brows SHOULD be EXTRA thicc* *"not hate :")"*


    This sounds awesome great job!

  32. gayathri The Queen

    I hate you James chapels

  33. Brian Culhane

    Hey sister


    woah the $35 one from 7:46 was my favorite 😍

  35. CHU YEE JING Moe

    I love his post, it is so nicee lysm james!

  36. Bogdan YT

    "Hi sisters james charles here" never gets old

  37. Millo Monju

    Hate you James

  38. Bhartisy _

    She's great to have lot of talks with... 😍😍😍😍

  39. Yasmina Ibragimova

    I almost peed my pants while watching the nun

  40. •~•-Its_Madison-•~•

    Me still thinking for a few hours: crEEsEe

  41. Aurélie Suchanecki

    Dommage de faire autant de manières tous les 7, playback a revoir sinon superbement chanté

  42. amina ibrahim

    u should be an artist and makeup artist I can't even draw the shape properly

  43. Cammy Taylor

    Pinkidy drinkidy!

  44. Squishy Cookie

    It looks like he was bleeding freckles

  45. Hadi Amir

    Damn that is so legit

  46. Uh Ok???

    Not a fan of this dude but there's no need to hate him cuz this makeup was hella nice and his singing isn't all that bad..

  47. Joanne Vaipulu kohunui

    I bet I can do better no a fence 😣

  48. Ayushka Rijal

    When u play first vdo sound was not coming I checked 10 times but sound is still not coming

  49. S


  50. kankani simone

    James da Empress/Apollo😌😁🐇

  51. Kesaia LupeNasi

    the puppy is soooooooopo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  52. Mastergamer 22

    i want you in the Disney movie 🎥 i love your vids

  53. kankani simone

    You tube needs to give you that premium for free soon😁

  54. kankani simone

    This is the point where you and i will play chest james..😌 see his clothes thats a chest board

  55. It's Saturn

    who's here after the virus @Stella Schmocker

  56. kankani simone

    James you are both as a Gemini do both n slash the videos ur platinum Gold n silver look, u will soon be doing four videos i advice u invest in Good Gadgets

  57. ~lēxï aftøn~

    Hi sister 😌💅

  58. Julissa Maldonado

    dude does anyone else wanna see James transform himself into a boy boy for a day??? Not tryna be mean but I wanna see James as like a ladies man or fboy kinda vibe for a day idk I just think it'd be pretty dope since we've never seen him like that y'know

  59. a literall mess


  60. azmi joe

    You noob

  61. azmi joe


  62. kankani simone

    Kim Kays sister knows where to get u Gold bands😌 cheaters club

  63. kankani simone

    Okay wedding people theres ur silver wedding band, procurer, ask kim kay for ur Gold bands

  64. Curls

    I wonder when his new boyfriend’s going to be born

  65. kankani simone

    I saw a Gold ipod, Nas looks like he can pick up who should have the silver plated ipods then lil Nas silver Bunny🐇

  66. Shana Dobi

    This video was so funny and watching it helped me cheer up after a sad week of my dog passing away. Thanks James for making me laugh. ❤️

  67. Aysh aina

    1:09 soo fuckin truee😩

  68. Ry Cotter

    I only watch your videos because I like seeing your face

  69. Avah Sandford

    we love u james

  70. Prosecco Mum

    Strangers: how many siblings do u got? James: 1 brother and 24.6m sister’s

  71. Esther Engu

    I loved quen’s attitude

  72. kankani simone

    Thats why i like james, no babies, no thank you, respectfully, no hate its just impossible🥺

  73. Dhruv Agarwal

    Which gender are you I think you are a girl but after I think you are a boy

  74. kankani simone

    Now that is better than a tattoo James thx

  75. • J Chan •

    Why are ppl acting as if nothing ever happened? 0.o

  76. Esther Engu

    Lil nas x feeling himself 11:49 😂

  77. Shen

    i would love to see the real egg Charles...SHAVE YOUR HEAD !!!!