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    HI SISTERS! Happy 2021, New Year new me... and apparently new hair too! I decided to give myself a perm for the first time ever and see what it would look like! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

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    1. Surinder SACHDEVA


    2. Daniah Wade

      Did it hurt

    3. London

      please please please do a collab with just kenzie zeigler

    4. Xxsmileyxx X100

      His dogs name if Theodore and Finn?! I didn’t know that was he second dogs name!

    5. im homeless

      I dont wanna get 1 now

    6. VJBang


    7. Miss flushable

      James: has a salon in his house Me: in my head WHAT thE FriCk

    8. Sususjs Sjsusjsisdjuduswj

      Litarly in every one in 2020 😂

    9. Stunt cake Plays

      Dude your shirt ses sisters

    10. Stunt cake Plays

      Why do you say hi sisters

    11. CantTurnBike

      Very good content james charles

      1. bluexo

        i agree

    12. CH4_R1IE

      James Charles regular hair looks like Vector from Despicable Me

    13. Himiko🔪

      Dude why he be SLAYIN as soon a he wake up though!😧

    14. Skies Trippin


      1. lucille

        🤮 to u too :)

    15. Christine Ruane


    16. Laura Hernandez

      He's so sweet and bubbly loved his perm💋👍lovely

    17. Itz Bronel ツ

      Jesus loves y’all

      1. lucille


    18. Adasha


    19. Kate sanchez

      I'm not ready to say goodbye to him

    20. BluSoul



      A perm aint that big of a deal rhe algorithm is just x L2 D2 L' U' L D2 L' U L'

    22. Sofa Studios

      James! Cannot believe you would do this with your hair! However you made it look AWESOME! Sisters, do you agree?

    23. Regullar Baller

      A-perms arent that bad

    24. Kzuna

      I'm searching for algorithms what the fuck

    25. Aidan

      7:26 the dog lmao

    26. laila

      James NEEDS to collab with brad mondo like if you agree

    27. Meg McKee & Mia Mckee

      You may have made a vid but at least it was not the girl who put gorilla glue in her hair

    28. Lucy Pennings

      He wanted to shave his head so he did🤭

    29. Oliver Zimmermann

      James hinting to us that he will "go bald" at 11:52

    30. Layla daisy Everly

      How am I just now seeing this? IM SO SORRY SISTER!

    31. Hugo Figueiredo

      The rolls were too big

    32. Dave

      He is irritating. You are irritating for valuing this.

    33. Leone

      This is relaxing to watch also i have a receding hairline so I like watching people with hair lol

    34. Gamer girl

      i would honestly be suprised if he ad expensive mallls in his house

    35. Jayda Cassanova

      I LOVE YOU

    36. Aadi

      You know some guy posted this video on reddit in like the r/cubers and thought it was a Cubing Term

    37. Krustyy Kay

      Voetsek sisters

    38. Blake Anderson

      You ain’t supposed to shower after you get the perm wait for like two days before you shower or you’ll get the spray stuff washed out

    39. YPC Slümp

      Ok let’s be honest if ur a boy u had to click on it to see what it would look like.

    40. Liv c. Lock

      My mom uses that shampoo and conditioner

    41. Cloudy Records

      Omg 5:15

    42. Merell Fetterhoff

      The lopsided lute genomically paddle because copper morphometrically copy out a toothsome shrimp. utter, limping join


      I have got a perm once and it looked good not as good as James perm but good then we cut my hair which I regret

    44. Miftahul Jannat

      Hi sisteeers!!!

    45. Madeline Brobst

      James it’s not good for you to wash your hair every day

    46. Allegra

      It looks no different 😂😂


      9:04 😂😂😂😂😂

    48. Lazaro Torres

      yo that shit be busin

    49. Aidan Banks

      I like that rope!👘😆

    50. Emma Warren

      Omg James you have to do frost tips!!!!!! 😲😲😲😲

    51. Blake Dohle

      Sister shuck

    52. iamneverfound

      When you accidentally miss watching James Charles for 2 month=misses 10mil videos

    53. Trevortni Desserped

      This is the video that ruined it all.

    54. camila zazueta

      Perm looks great!

    55. camila zazueta

      His friends are hella annoying 🥴

    56. Saaransh Gupta

      looks the same

    57. Leah Tortilla

      at 0:31 when he screamed it sounded like fireboy dying in fireboy and watergirl

    58. Holly Easton-Lankester


    59. Natalie van Niekerk

      What is up with his hire

    60. Piriyaa Tharshini

      Lmfao for the creative angle

    61. Laura Morrison

      The wacky rose accordingly float because rubber disturbingly look up a enchanted probation. magenta, tidy cicada

    62. Cole Harmon

      I pay respect for you but like bro look at this dude like hiii sisters omg my sister loves you but I’m kinda...... the opposite I could be friends with you but your style is not my style my guy and I do not want anything to do with makeup if I could take away anything in the world it would be makeup I’m a guy and I’m not changing that so scrue makeup and your little products!

    63. T-MUSTAFA 33

      It didn't look bad I wouldn't wear it really young

    64. T-MUSTAFA 33

      I straightened my hair when I was really young I like the way Al Sharpton wears his hair

    65. mmmdairy

      I have that same bread box..... BAHAHA not me constantly paying attention the background nooo

    66. Dino Senpai-

      Those wig have better hair than me 😭😅

    67. farmahouse decor


    68. Ka Boom

      A perm is pretty useless when you have hair that short, you can get the same effect with a curling iron very fast. Why is your hair that short all the time anyway? It really limits your hairstyle choices

    69. J A

      As an Asian ( 🇵🇭 ). Every Asian wish they have your hair bro lol

    70. Broken Trash

      0:32 I'm going to make that my alarm ringtone

    71. me los

      A wat

    72. Kinetic Studio

      Girl u r beautiful no matter what ur hair lewks like

    73. Marislynn Keith


    74. Marislynn Keith


    75. George Wheels

      Who the best hmmm it James Charles ily sooo much xx can I get a hiya x

    76. Kamyra Bridges

      Yes 👍 Queen

    77. Shambhavi Majumdar

      Little did he know that he was actually gonna go bald

    78. Allison Barnett

      alright dont hype him up too much 😭

    79. Brooklyn Stewart

      James: AHH I spilled my coffee... Its okay ill fix it Me: HOW DO U FIX A COFFE SPILL Lol🤣

    80. Hallo Debest

      Me: yay he finally wakes up we can see his hair The beard of james: what about me 👁👄👁 No this is the first time i see james with a FREAKING BEARD

    81. anya wyatt

      he permed him hair again looks soooooooo good edit i mean smaller tiny ones

    82. Marco Smith

      im speechless-

    83. Sosig

      It looks like you have a burger on your head

    84. Joseph Dinnocenti

      why is his barber sooooo fucking hot snap mee boo

    85. Michelle Yochem

      Loved the video, not so loving the perm. Glad it didn't last. I prefer the way u always do it. It looks way better.

    86. Vala Qattan

      this vid should be called: turning into a predetor!

    87. Jayda Lee

      Dear James Charles, i have a video request: React to Miraculous

    88. KOOLAIDBRO 92

      I love meb

    89. ASTR🌎 W💫RLD

      You Lil rodney son??

      1. Valou

        My fault og

    90. Or1ng3


    91. Addison Klaus


    92. Hibbins Family Adventures

      I heard if u say a youtuber name 3 times it gets pinned comment or liked so James Charles James Charles James Charles

    93. kagome

      Please do Bible study

    94. silah malone

      today my best friend came out as bi to me and I just wanna say thank you James! You honestly really helped her a lot with coming out and having this confidence as a person of the lgtbq+ community and I'm so thankful that you are who you want to be and you are always true and loving! Again thank you!!

    95. José Gonçalves Neto


    96. Angelina Guillen


    97. Emily Strawn

      Love the content but less ads would be lovely🙄👍🏼😂

    98. Zuri Dennison-Lane

      when you woke up youŕe hair looked kinda looked like nicadoavocados