Exposing SCAM 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

James Charles

10 mil. pregleda10 000

    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm testing and EXPOSING more 5 minute craft makeup hacks. Spoiler alert, most of these are a huge scam so sit back and enjoy the rage as I try to make these work! hahaha don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. Not Thinuga


    2. Thick Nola

      I love that you put so much effort into your videos

    3. purplemermaid

      Did James murder someone??

    4. elle the potato

      I love broccili

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      Oh My GoD Oh mY gOd

    6. bakubaka

      the freckles look like he is cosplaying and he put blood on his face

    7. Natalia C. Acevedo

      I just love it when James Charles in minute 6:30 is screaming everywhere

    8. brianna reichert

      Anyone else notice the first girl had concealer before she blew the balloon up and at the side angle it was already blended

    9. Bacon the third

      Faithful like a blind girl’s dog -5 minute crafts

    10. Jesseditsharrypotter Jess

      yea we know the hacks suck but is fun watching you do it 🤣

    11. Myra Jain

      Faithful like a blind girl’s dog 😁

    12. Jessica Dees

      Yep you do get very mad

    13. Matias Garcia

      7:07 When Trevor said:

    14. Sonja Baker

      I cant belive your friends with doja cat im her biggest fan and i love your vids have a good day!

    15. Payton Heyward


    16. Šimun Nakić

      Girl makeup vs boy makeup

    17. Arleen Rai

      You are super fun!

    18. Drewmeister77

      8:15 me after summer break:

    19. Isatou Joof

      I love the editing editing is insane

    20. iiCloudyii Plays

      am i the only one who's obsessed with the intro.

    21. R.P.G Gaming

      At 13:37 it looks like James has done a murder and got blood on his nose.

    22. Shinali Dutt

      Bo if I am being honest you looked like you got beat up at the nose when you did the freckles with the broccoli

    23. nerdygachaperson

      3:45 it would also look cakey because the paint roller would carry to much foundation and it would not blend!

    24. Landiwe Mngxuma

      When james sings the song from the video made me laugh 😂😂😂😹

    25. Sybil Felix

      James is literally gonna cry😹😹😹

    26. Kelly Bobb

      I love you

    27. Duc Truong

      f***k you want to do 3 hacks or I guess what you are this is what you get for these facts are so dumb and the shopping cost so money money so many

    28. Duc Truong

      f***k what's 3 ft this is what you get for

    29. Duc Truong

      What the hell

    30. Duc Truong

      A shop and get out of here want to 34 hacks

    31. Duc Truong

      I mean we do

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      Queensland rural this place

    33. Duc Truong

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    39. ·BunNEROOS·


    40. Gabi Mayes

      I love this and the edits

    41. ~ImaniPlayz~

      Them:HAPPY NEW YEARS You:*just being annoyed*

    42. XxDragonCrystalxX

      Just the “Well five minute crafts to help your fix it isn’t hard!”

    43. XxDragonCrystalxX

      The occasional “Faithful like a blind girls dog-“

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      Lol I love the noises he makes when he reacts lol 😂😂😂

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      7:05 I love champagne 🥂

    47. kiki edits stuff

      I was scared the balloon was gonna pop for the first hack 😭

    48. Wolf Gig

      مقرف ومصطنع جدا

    49. Rose_ Wolf

      On the foundation paint roller in the 5 min crafts when it jump cutted there was no foundation on the roller

    50. Kamaljit singh

      I absolutely LOVE his roomates and his vibe together

    51. Squishy Cookie

      It looks like he was bleeding freckles

    52. Serinia Taylor

      Me and my aunty have the James Charles pallet

    53. Peach the bean

      5:59 Miss girl it’s either Troom Troom, 123 Go! Or 5 minute crafts, PICK ONE GOSH DANG VICKY

    54. Ryann Shannon


    55. Brandon Blackmon

      Why did you say hi girls

    56. Audrey Liu

      "Is that you're first time ever touching one?" Me laughing so hard I almost chocked

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      I just watched a five minute crafts for makeup and I agree with James they are horrible

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