Exposing SCAM 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm testing and EXPOSING more 5 minute craft makeup hacks. Spoiler alert, most of these are a huge scam so sit back and enjoy the rage as I try to make these work! hahaha don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Margarito Cisneros

      the editing is insane

    2. Unicorn Cupcake

      Me most if the vid:how he get his nose so shiny

    3. Snailsies


    4. Salome Nmoka


      1. Salome Nmoka


    5. Bloody Cupcake

      Just wanted to say I love u...;) Slay it sister

    6. Myka Gerike

      There wasn't even foundation on the roller when it zoomed back out in the 5 minute crafts video

    7. Ranald Murray


    8. Skittle girl :D

      do more but no swearing

    9. tina the Paprika

      The Queen hats 5-Min Craft xDDD

    10. Andriyani Herawati

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      I feel like he’s the Gordon Ramsay of Makeup 🤣

    13. Spider Demon

      I wonder what would happen if 5 minute crafts went live🤔

    14. Deepak Dhiman

      In the spoon hack james said the b word NO CUSSING

    15. Ashia Holman

      turn it up james

    16. Blakely Deal

      *Title of Video* Makeup Hacks For Girls James: “Excuse me!!!”

    17. Hannah Rivera

      the "freckles" look like blood

    18. JiminsJams

      Not the eyeshadow one with the tissue being a trend now😂😂

    19. Kyra Drake

      OMG James I love your intro amazing and your editing is so good you’re amazing love you sister

    20. Pete Tetreault

      Name of the video, ''27 Beauty Hacks For Girls'', Ahhh...... i am so mad, i love makeup but have non, and you use makeup, and it says for girls, ya cause everone thinks makeup is for girls, LLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.......................................................................

    21. Sophia Dance

      thank you James you inspired me to do makeup ty so much

    22. Petra Radić

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      Do another one😅🤣🤣

    24. Sofia Juarez

      I need to see a part 3 your reactions are just sooo funny (lol)

    25. Monty Sealetsa

      it looks like you put glitter on your face

    26. Cali Callahan

      broccoli hater lol

    27. Kaytlyn Goggin

      You should do a challenge where you can’t use any brushes or sponges just your fingers and hands

    28. Shafi 678

      I really like your reactions love you from Pakistan 💜💜 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

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      the one with the brocklli,looks like you are bleeding

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      Part 3? :D

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      5 minute crafts: Makeup hacks for GIRLS James: Am i a joke to you?

    33. Aksha Desai

      Me seeing this knowing James is gonna rage like crazy James raging so many times Me : don't worry bro I will you A line from me : hahaha ha I am sorry I am sorry I just can't stop laughing against STUPIDITY

    34. Emily Yu

      Tip: if you have an old sponge, get a new one. *the more you know 💫*


      27 beauty and make up hacks for girls James: OH excuse me

    36. Nina Maguire

      When you rant you are very funny

    37. Nina Maguire

      You defenitely make me happy thank you

    38. Rylan Nellett

      everyone rembers one thing from the previous video of this series: fAtIth fUl lIkE A bLiND gUrLs dOg and the roomates the whole entire 6:31 hack was- BECAUSE CHAMPANE IS EXPENSIVE. "r-r-right?" plus the editing was just **chefs kiss**

    39. Sara Armstrong

      only real fans love to see james struggle

    40. Mochi bunni Gacha


      1. unicorniscoolgacha

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    42. Phclem Cole

      I love broccoli 🥦❤️

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    44. dana rincon

      You are so funny and i love your videos

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      Does anyone know where the hoodie that is wearing is from?

    46. Lego Friends City

      Do another one of these vids PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE

      1. Rehana cookie

        I like this video

    47. Addison Horsham

      Love ur videos

    48. gmgh kozlov

      James saying his freckles look like the worst sunbirm, while i think it looks like he killed someone. Lol😂

    49. Diya Setlur

      8:31 Makes me laugh so hard when he rages😂🤣

    50. Dace Kaprāne

      Come down Prince I'll bring you your pellet I meant James Charles palette of course for you Prince you're the best in the whole world

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      0:48 had me dead, ngl

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      More of these video please

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        No more videos from james lol

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      8:37 I DONT UNDERSTAND 8:39 * breaks into musical number *

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    60. oanh nguyen

      7:16 is the place where we all can just appreciate

    61. Hee Hui En

      I hate 5 minute craft is annoying

    62. Maria Rosa Scaglia Britos

      yes broccoli is discussing

    63. Ihjaaz Qureshi

      I bet 5 minute crafts lost a few mill subs because of this video 😆

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      Omg yess I just started watching you and I'M SO FRIKEN OBSESSED LIKE OMG I subscribed

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      Hello im german

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    70. vanessa martinez

      Get a telescope and take a piece of your makeup sponge and look at it closely

    71. vanessa martinez

      Pimples for you not normal for your beauty

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      You are horrible at editing

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