Using VIRAL Face Filters To Do My Makeup

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I thought it would be hilarious to challenge myself to do my full face of makeup, but using ONLY used viral tiktok face distorting filters instead of my mirror! This was so much fun to film, I hope you enjoy!

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    CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 4 mjeseci


    1. GG's Life!

      James omg it’s soo good

    2. Jay Jones

      Me trying not to laugh and get caught with my iPad. Also me:🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤫🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤫🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂😆

    3. Emalynn Grace

      Honestly the finished look isn’t that bad, he can pretty take anything and make it look stunning ❤️

    4. Angel Constantino

      Adorable 💚

    5. Légit gàmíng

      Y this guy getting so many likes🥲👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

    6. Story-times and more

      We have the same beauty blender 😱

    7. DKILOD

      قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم . { يآتي في آخر الزمان رجال وما هم برجال يتشبهون بنساء آذا رأيتهم فأعلم بأن الساعه قد أقتربت صدقت یا رسول الله

    8. Park Lolo

      i love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥👑👑

    9. فاطمه

      WOW LOL

    10. Amanda Walker


    11. ツ

      Hi sisters

    12. Natalie Sliger

      Even though I hate James charles, I really love this video, because it is so hilarious to see him struggle.

    13. Aylin Hansoy

      “beautifull!” you cant even see the eye shadow

    14. Emma Kittens&Puppies

      I was giggling the entire video I love you James!!!

    15. Miwa Yasuda

      He does it better than my normal makeup 😭

    16. Dar Chh

      James I am laughing 2:00

    17. Taylor

      James: I loook like a stale jawbreaker Me: how the heck can you tell if a jawbreaker is stale?!?!?!

    18. BłãçkŠhãdøw

      You made my day I’m no to Happy to go on Vacation but u made my day!

    19. BłãçkŠhãdøw


    20. Potato Demals

      not sister james laughing at the filters like a 3 year old:

    21. Filiz_hnvr


    22. Filiz_hnvr


    23. bailey

      Nah nah nah oh oh oh PUT ON MAKEUP 😡hahaha

    24. Kylah Collier

      I wish I could do makeup as good as James-

    25. Lady Tyzu

      7:11 Hamster song 🎵

    26. -W O O L F I I-

      i never really liked james untill today cuz he's funny

    27. Brooklyn Taylor

      Oh my God James Charles your TickTock it’s gonna look so great

    28. Sunset angel

      Did you bully that they say Iam the main chactar James

    29. Adrienna Hamblin


    30. ami디비야

      Sorry tiktok is banned in India but i like you a lot borahae

    31. meryem Fars

      5:10 OMG!! 😂😂

    32. Amillia Crawford

      James I know you will probably never see this but you should do a challenge where you cant look at your reflection in anything and have to do you make up!!!!!

    33. The Adventure Family

      Why you so mean to my friend Kenizie

    34. MISOOK KIM

      Why you like acting like a girl but your a boy?

    35. Anna Green

      Watching him play with the filters made me think of myself

    36. Mahsa Gamer


    37. Daina Yumnam

      Ur smile is so charming 😍😍😍

    38. Megster ❤️

      Ryan makes everything just that bit more entertaining 😂

    39. Carly Immen

      James I know your not going to see this but I just wanted to say that I thought this video was so funny and I really enjoyed it

    40. Brianna Sage

      “Follow me on TikTok” *me going and remembering he blocked me*…

    41. l-u-n-a

      I hate u

    42. Ilinca Naftanaila

      Sisters... I think we need to see a behind the scenes...

    43. Ilinca Naftanaila

      Always nails it no matter what... love it!

    44. Emma Langley

      it was live ur life song

    45. Emma Langley

      its form michel faimly

    46. Emma Langley

      omg i know the song in 9.37 part

    47. Emma Langley


    48. Abigail Pedroza

      I like the First tiktok Filter

    49. Somya Sehrawat

      2:58 omggggg his jaw line btw I was laughing throughout the whole video

    50. Kim Moulton

      Me re-watching this trying to do better like actually

    51. Sadly sad.

      💞🥺🧚✨I thought everyone was born with a talent😍⚡️💞🥺🥺 Clearly not everyone 😍🧚🥺💫

    52. FOXEX

      james charles lol the effects are CRAZY omg

    53. Alixane Cottiels

      2:25 why he look like larray

    54. Pearl the rebel

      When will James find a matching foundation 😂

    55. 𓆉︎𝙰𝚡𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚕𓆉︎


    56. xpensiveshxt

      UR SETUP LOOKS Difficult

    57. ArceusXian Lim

      Look on tt

    58. ArceusXian Lim


    59. ArceusXian Lim

      He told his makaper that shes a guru

    60. ArceusXian Lim

      Your mean

    61. Hiba Hdaib

      James Charles my cousin thanking about you being my true because one time any sound

    62. Madelyn Vail

      ur make-up looks r very inspiring 2 me I always wanna do em after I c u do em u make em look so easy! >:DDDD

    63. AMELIA

      James can you do Follow the make-up filter on tiktok and make it into real life make-up, can you?😘🥺

    64. Wewe ni furaha yangu

      James Charles laughing at himself with filters for 13 minutes:

    65. Hannah Harper


    66. Sakkeer hussain Madathilkuth

      The filter look like old art of Egyptian

    67. Artzip

      I love this filter. HAHAHAHA (I love it 🥰 😂

    68. Samantha Anderson

      4:40 oh gosh lmaoooo

    69. Lucia Moroux

      Did anyone else notice how he forgot eyeliner when he was supposed to do it with the brows

    70. ItzJana

      5:01 I could smell that 😳

    71. Idjdjdjje Djjdiejdje

      Uhh James are you good ? Not crazy?? Cuz I'm worried 😕

    72. Nawaf Alshoka


    73. Kyla Peio


    74. Kelly Spraggon

      Did anyone else not see that the TikTok was not filming?

    75. اخلاقي حياتي


    76. unknown girls1 Xxbots

      Your so funny 🤣

    77. Gacha Dreamy


    78. Evita markarian


    79. Nina Kirby

      Ok so I’ll be honest I’m not the best at makeup however I try and my 14 yr old let’s me practice in her. I’ve bought your palettes they are my favorite, the colors are so perfect but I had never knew what you looked like till today when my 14 yr old had me binge watching your videos. You are freaking gorgeous!!!!! I’m addicted to watching you now. I wish you could do my makeup. Do you have a video showing which brushes are what and are good for what exactly? Love your work

      1. Nina Kirby

        P.s could you do a tutorial or link me one you have done on someone with hooded lids??

    80. Chloe McMillan

      Alright this guy has the BEST talent in makeup 💄 your SO good at it just keep being talented 😂

    81. Kids Vellema

      🙃4:55 your'e nose looks so long🤣

    82. Toko Namko

      Please do indian makeup

    83. ♡PurplePoison♫

      sister the first filter must have been hard for you to put make up on

    84. I dunno some random guy

      Love u sis!!!!

    85. Unzila fatima

      This video was funny too.. Lots of love from India

    86. oarabile s family

      I love you

    87. Haki

      I am dieing now 😂😂

    88. addyson mcintosh

      stop acting like a girl

    89. Charlotte Jaamey

      I'm a circle

    90. Horselover123

      Lol I cracked up so much by your face expressions

    91. Osmat Al Beainy

      Lets try this James Charles James Charles James Charles Hope it works😃

    92. Noel & freinds

      Your so good at this your my idol ❤️❤️🤧👏👏👏

    93. Ilaiza Jahangir

      I love youre intro i am looking the whole time ❤️👏

    94. Bobyier wawu

      This was so funny

    95. Bhavaya Yadav

      I love James's editor, he makes the videos twice as funny

      1. Dakota Clarke

        Bhavaya Yadav: It's Louis.. He"s his boyfriend 🤗🤣

      2. Miranda Snyder

        Agreed!!! I’ve said this for a year now that if I everrrrr should need an editor … I want Ryan

    96. I C

      Literally the editor is amazing

    97. Kate Dardinger

      Okay but did any one get the jaw breaker shade

    98. Hdd Wgg

      the thing I don't like is how James Charles says "Hi sisters" It goes against pride and not everyone is a girl,

    99. Bardissan

      Fantastic video.. aroma from heaven

    100. evil robot