BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER OUTFITS ft. Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! The SISTER SQUAD is back! Me, the Dolan Twins, \u0026 Emma Chamberlain all decided to buy each other outfits and see who's the best stylist! We gave each other makeovers that totaled to over $10,000! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!


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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 godina


    1. Nuel Ramaj

      this is so sadddd

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    5. Zianna Pena

      can the sister squad reunite 😩

    6. jade

      James the richest but spent the least money

    7. jade

      James is very particular about fashion and his fashion lowkey such

    8. Marielena Banuelos


    9. Beth Balas

      If the fact that Ethan spent $460 on sunnies ISNT a sign they were a thing or liked each other ...

    10. Lejla Kovac

      whos here rn

    11. ella faretra

      30-5-21 beh

    12. aleksandra kimova

      why behind Ethan two times is cuptured james brother???

    13. يوميات عمار ابو غيث

      Very very beautiful and amazing Beautiful channel Your channel has been subscribed

    14. marlie kaye

      i hope I’m not the only one binging the sister squad videos ☺️😊

    15. mariethesizzler 9492

      I feel kinda bad for sister. Ethan kept mentioning that he did better and james seemed hurt

    16. sparkle jump rope queen


    17. Abby Chapple

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    18. destiny beckett

      anyone else notice that guy that said emma wasn’t talking into her phone

    19. Abby Cristal

      I watch this video so much it’s apart of my weekly routine 🥸🥸🥸

    20. Diverre

      19:27 lmao James correcting Emma’s way to pronounce Hermès by pronouncing it even more wrong

    21. Savana Playz

      Their outfits cost more than what i live on for a year

    22. karlijn tb

      im back again lmao

    23. Alizay Hernandez

      *pants the word “love”* James: you Grayson: thank you.

    24. __

      Emma’s breath stinks notice how whenever she laughs she looks away and when she talks towards the others they make a face ...

    25. Anja Wakefield

      It looks like Emma is the younger sister of 3 older brothers

    26. Hei Hei

      Pls, i miss them sm

    27. cindy lou

      james style was on another level of BASIC back thenn

    28. cindy lou

      weird but, seems like james is just moving on to the next most popular influencers. first, emma and the dolan twins, now, charli and dixie omg

    29. cindy lou

      just coming back to watch all of these to remember how happy i was back then

    30. Molly Louise

      Emma looks so happy here but if u look at her recent vids on her account she just looks so drained and unhappy

    31. Catherine D.


    32. Ashton Blake Kamahele

      who here in 2021?

    33. anita citterio

      maybe its the years since i've genuinely smile

    34. Saylor Spare

      looking back at these sister squad videos i forgot just how much you could tell that ethan and emma were def a thing.. like i thought we were just shipping them but it’s so clear that they def liked eachother.

    35. Patsy Urbaez

      wow that was kinda sus emma

    36. shreya sathish

      does gucci sponsor these people? ily guys!

    37. PandaBoop! BOOP!

      I got an add and the little icon that popped up looked like James’ head was floating because the jumper matched the background

    38. grace

      am i the only one who loves the new sister squad

    39. Kacper Babinski

      Garson Dolan once said, " a little sUs"

    40. Josie

      1:51 when you have to be partners with ur crush but don't want people to know that its ur crush

    41. Roblox With me

      I will never watch this video the same now...

    42. Lxzy_Dxziez

      whos here in 2021

    43. Ellen Nyamakura

      James you are g 😘😘

    44. Trisha Nieon

      emma looks so pretty in this video

    45. Macy Cox

      Emma: 🤌🏻 🤛🏼 : Ethan

    46. Mizli Salas

      maybe it’s the years since i’ve genuinely smiledddd

    47. Selome Alemu

      Ethan: smiling after buying 400$ worth of sunglasses me: sees 10$ glasses also me: walks away empty handed

    48. Ava Schneider

      anti mask kings and queens😍 (lol)

    49. mariela navarrete

      3:02 you can see the way emma looks at ethan omg

    50. Emma Emory

      okay but looking back at this ethan spoiled emma so much- like BOTH THE GLASSES AND BELT WERE EACH $600+ AND ALSO THINKING ABT IT THEY ALL SPENT SO MUCH MONEY ON EACH OTHER✋

    51. kookies and cream

      2018 James: hanging out with the besties who are Dolan twins and Emma 2020 James: hanging out with besties who are the damelios, Noah , larray and chase

      1. it is what is this


    52. Ogey Madubuike

      Not Emma saying Calvin Klein is overdone then modelling for them in the future

    53. Scarlett Southwick-Camp

      em is 20 next month on may 22nd.

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    55. Olivia Perez

      Emma saying she was gonna Uber to a Gucci on rodeo was like such a LA thing to say

    56. Mirha Ahmad

      They need to come back

    57. Fendi Akashah

      ethandolan did a great job. love ❤️

    58. your fav bad bleep

      sister dead friendship.

    59. Michael Wartman24


    60. MissMia_08

      No offence but Emma looks 11

    61. Cardi is Queen

      Cardi is queen of rap

    62. Madhavi

      Can we talk about the montage at the end???? Everyone looks SOOOO GOOOD

    63. liverpool8775

      lol at 4:13 the man singing said "shes talking to her phone yeah she is" I think he was talking about emma cause she was vlogging HAHAH. That's why she said the music was "rude"

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    65. Kanye’s and Jeffree’s Child

      Why did this come on my recommendation noq

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    67. breathiiin

      i miss sister squad

    68. Lifewithsoph

      Emma was so grateful aw

    69. maggie may

      how much i miss this hurts

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      Did anyone else hear the “she’s talking to her phone” at 4:13?

    71. DarcyJoyce Reed

      Am I the only one that heard night changes

    72. Jessica Fernandez

      Come on guys lets make this the most popular video on his channel 👏👏👏

    73. Annie Driscoll

      hi Friday, March 26, 2021 5:18 pm


      Friday, March 26, 2021 1 : 20 pm

    75. Olivia Ariana

      It’s a little sad when you have to keep your hand on the Volume button the whole time😭🤣

    76. Alyssa Watt

      2:22 Ethan really said “I-“😂

    77. Anabell Molina

      Ughh I miss thisss

    78. nicholas cooley


    79. nicholas cooley


    80. Christopher Olvera

      Haha are they even all friends anymore lol

    81. Victoria Kaxe

      I am living for the outfit James got. Those boots are everything, and the whole outfit just works!

    82. Olajoke Aro

      How did he go from this to tiktokers i feel sad but i still like james

    83. Olajoke Aro

      Omg this is in my reccomend 2 and a half years later wtf

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      All james charles friends are rich and youtubers just like him🙄

      1. E. C.

        Ok? And now

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      They all would be great models

    89. Enola Homles


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      Am i the only one who saw Courtney from neighbours

    92. Okktaz


    93. Isabella Mathie

      James in the back being squashed with the nervous laughter before it was his go tho

    94. Lola

      Please do a collab with all of u guys together

    95. Minty Mint

      Come back pls

    96. James Kong

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    97. Adorable Medhashree

      Watching this 3 years later I miss the sister squad

    98. 地獄の守護者

      You are so beautiful

    99. Diana Di

      I love how they hype each other up so much

    100. Eleanor Allen

      “I can’t just wear sun glasses that’s public nudity” lmfao