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    HI SISTERS! Art has always played a huge role in my life and I grew up drawing and painting. For today's video, I decided to try to get ready using ONLY art supplies!! Get ready as I use chalk pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint, and natural sponges to glam my face to the GODS! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

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    1. Neon Games

      The red lip is no way im not a hater like i love channel but lip is just no

    2. Ivy Bateman

      9:48 well I would hope face paint is body safe

    3. Cloudii Bunnii

      I need to learn how to do makeup for my cosplays but I have no makeup--

    4. Kassidy Wheeler

      why does he have so much eye lash glue on his eye lashes

    5. katherine bell

      James: I got this FACE PAINT and it says it is body safe me: it is face paint

    6. Rebecca Blair

      It's good

    7. Blossom Gamer

      is washable paint okay to put on your face?

    8. Barker Kids

      Can I please have a shout out

    9. rishika reddy

      whats that on his eyelashes...that white line...its bothering me.

      1. Eva Grant

        lash glue

    10. Sathya Prabha

      James to much of hand movements

    11. Stephanie Pineda

      We have to do that to make up you to.😀😂😅😍😘😋😇🤗

    12. Roslyn Parris

      James: Picasso is trembling in his grave Also James: Wait can I say that? Is that offensive?!

    13. Aarvee Patel

      He is soooooo good 😌

    14. Salena Naidoo

      Gorgeous as usual

    15. Umm

      James at 6:34: becomes your neighborhood white boy for 5 seconds

    16. Heather Winter

      Can we just count on how many times he clapped

    17. Minecraft Zero

      Is anyone watching this tree years later 0.0 ?

    18. ethanolodj_the_best

      Oh so your the canvas now


      Can we just appreciate her/him calling us sisters not guys or fans

    20. Watch Me

      4:09 That's literally a makeup brush

    21. Independence Alexander

      Willy Wonka wants you back in factory.

    22. The Moon

      Can you do make up with food like coffee for bronzer idk😂😂 myb🍒🍫🍨

    23. Sofia Herbert

      You know you can also use a splotching sponge and use it for freckles

    24. andrea ali

      i saw this on my home and rly thought u we’re back. i’m sad now

    25. Jackson Jeter


    26. Asteerz

      This seems kind of toxic for the skin....

    27. Sophie Walker

      sisterr you look peng @patrickstar could never

    28. Aranik Home

      I'm just learning English and when James starts talking faster, I sit with a face: 0_o

    29. Tsuyu Asui

      James your so right no other gurus could and your my idol I love you (not in a like Mwa way ya know? )

    30. Charlotte Meijer

      are you have a boyfriend

      1. Charlotte Meijer


      2. Charlotte Meijer

        or girlfriend i dont now

    31. Roshan Mahrajh

      You are way to good in make-up

    32. Roshan Mahrajh

      I am a super fan of you James love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much xoxo

    33. Ericka Lynn

      I use a small flat paintbrush for my eyebrows and it works 10xs better than any actual eyebrow or angled brush.

    34. Jennifer Bollinger

      Got this idea from @Naasir Void James: “innovative shishtar” Me: LAUGHING AT @NAASIR VOID’S comment🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Jennifer Bollinger

      Still has eyelash glue on his eyes


      This is ART!!!

    37. anna dowden

      sorry i maent makup sorry

    38. anna dowden

      hi i love your mack up

    39. Chloe Digiovine


      1. Chloe Digiovine


    40. Chloe Digiovine


    41. Chloe Digiovine


    42. AbedALRahman

      Bro what is your gender male or female ?

    43. Aadya Singh

      James :- says the chalk pastels colours morphe 35B palette 😂😂 Me :- heck yeah that's a 35B palette 😂🎨

    44. Rᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡ Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ☁︎

      1:47 'WAIT WAIT I'M AN ARTIST' is my favourite,love from India💚💫

    45. Grier Governale


      1. Eva Stigler

        Umm honey... do you know what he did

    46. Lisa Mallery

      I'm not being mean but James talk a lot faster than me.😟😟😟

    47. Lisa Mallery


    48. J3R3MY

      Out of all the YTers it has to be a boy, come on Charles

      1. Eva Stigler

        Woah there buddy keep being a misogynist stereotypical fort nite five year old

    49. Kayelee Fields

      I miss you so much

    50. Kayelee Fields

      I miss you so much

    51. Avinya

      Me : I have never seen boys do make-up Also me : watches James Charles and Instant influencer every time I open youtube

    52. Cassie Rosalina

      2021 anyone?

    53. Eda Eda

      Love you

    54. Emme

      12:51 / 12:50 Why did this scar me so much

    55. Sarah Parrington-Smyth

      Face paint and normal foundation isn’t art supplies!

    56. Ava-Jayne Smallbone

      Omg how are you so good at Mack up james

    57. Shriya Vallabhaneni

      you should have done half of your face with art stuff and the other half with normal makeup.

    58. Sara Delphonse Vital

      James so amazing and so beautiful

    59. Amelia's Art and Singing Blogs :D


    60. Tiara See


    61. Аня Алимова

      You're incredible🥺🥰

    62. Sakshi .P

      He is so different now

    63. Gabrielle Cook

      When you don’t have enough money to buy make up but art supplies

      1. Fariha  Hossain 🖤🖤


    64. Milania Litrell


    65. عازفت الصمت

      هل تتكلم العربي🤔🤭

    66. Bacon Frog

      The✨THICC✨ Brows 💀💀💀💀💀💀☠☠☠

    67. Taylor Baugh

      It’s like hellooo is any one else going to mention the it’s like go girl/sister

    68. Diya Suneer

      Really a fan

    69. Kevin Levin

      Honestly, thanks alot... I was just searching for a video like this for more than 15 mins... Ughh.... Thanks alot........ TT TT Can we just talk how the eyeshadow looks so amazing?

    70. The Kids

      When he did the never enough video James:sings like an angel Me:sings like a possessed demon on drugs choking on steroids

    71. Lara Moncrieff

      wee we I am an artist 😂

    72. Fahim Rahman

      You r the best makeup artist in the whole world

    73. Aileen Ali Shameem

      I love your makeup palette

    74. Lexie

      He is so amazing at like literally everything

    75. Charlotte MacGowan

      the amount of times he says "you know what?" lol

    76. Megan R

      I love your vids your so good at make up you a artist love you

    77. Rowyn Petersen

      the contour would have been good if he mixed both of the pastels!

    78. Fire Heart

      the face is really your canvas when you do makeup. Amazing look ❤️🧡💛💜💙

    79. no


      1. V artist


      2. no

        TELL ME NOW

      3. no


    80. David Moldovan-Falnicu

      That so sad you have to use paint;)((((

    81. Disteh /

      I am so jealous of your beautiful candle stick hands! Very pretty 🤩

    82. Aaliyah Jones

      Do you ever get to comfortable in your bed athen the phone drops on your face that’s me🤣🤣

    83. Bella Mardis

      I have your James Charles palet it works realy good

    84. Chloe Ellis

      OMG you are so talented and you are using paint

    85. Lara Moncrieff

      I am so late this came out 2yrs ago why me

    86. Estreya Flores

      OML!! You do make up so goodd!! and it's just art supplies wtf!??!

    87. K'Mila Ramirez

      sister shaking chalenge

    88. javeria abubakar

      who is here in 2021

    89. maya g

      yes yes james, face paint is not meant for your face lol

    90. avxcados


    91. Guest 2

      An Art student who forgot Her Makeup Be like :

    92. Fariha_ Zafrin

      I like him more than my own siblings, cause he is the sweetest guy and the sweetest sister I have seen.😘🙆💖

      1. •Ella Bella•

        Honey.... sweetie.....Um.....

    93. marshwello


    94. Ruby Mcdonagh

      Us watching: This looks amazing! James Charles: I look orange

    95. subhash chandra

      Ur the best ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    96. melena snider

      When James Charles actually finds his foundation color finally 🤦‍♀️ *Edit* sister shook but no hate James u look beautiful. Thanks for all the likes . ( sarcasm ) ( I have no likes )

      1. Alka Shinde Patekar

        Take my one like

    97. french roblox player

      HEEY!! James Charles make makeup out of school suppliess....plsss!

    98. Hamagaa


    99. Abigail Smith


    100. Dundermuffin Edits

      Yo why is this brow low key fire -Sister James