Messy Makeup Trivia ft. Jeffree Star & Tati

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, we're playing MESSY MAKEUP TRIVIA with two very special guests, Jeffree Star \u0026 Tati Westbrook! Watch as we answer questions about the beauty community, drama, tea, fights, and more!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up \u0026 SUBSCRIBE!



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    EDITOR: Louis \u0026 Anthony Gargiula


    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 godina


    1. Destiny Swallow

      Back for no reason but the An I op-

    2. Meredith Dunn

      lmao they said 🐍🐍🐍

    3. Michelina Andræ

      They really sat: 🐍🐍👸

    4. haroon is here

      Who wants them to be friends together

    5. Brooke Joyce

      this aged well.

    6. Sarai Beltran

      I like Tati’s makeup look

    7. Gab Pantaleon

      The two legendary Gays.... People : WTF!!!

    8. Megan Hamlett

      her arguing about the shades should've shown us that she was sus

    9. Shambhavi Ramabhadran

      13:46 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    10. N S

      tati's makeup is boring... jeffree's look is the best

    11. there is an eyelash on your screen

      went from 💖💖💖 to 💖🐍💖 to 🐍💖🐍 to 🐍🐍🐍

    12. Dream


    13. Wolfie Chan

      Why is this on my recommendation 😳

    14. Amanda MALCOLM

      The wiggly child angiographically radiate because draw pharmacologically terrify qua a mean kilogram. laughable, splendid bongo

    15. Rachana Narayan

      Jeffree's skin is soo beautiful 😩

    16. Zenith

      32:36 lol

    17. Zenith

      I wish this friendship worked, they would've been so Iconic. Maybe in another dimension they're friends...

    18. Amiracle Garrison

      Why does Tati’s brush look like a American Girl brush LOL-

    19. Aaron Nathan

      You look good all the time James!

    20. Upen Naik


    21. Devi Rebecca

      This didn't age well

    22. Lyric D

      this might be a little ... sister sickening but definitely sister Jeffery!

    23. Inaya Syed

      Them be like 🐍😀🐍 two imposters

    24. Anonymous


      1. wHeN JiMiN hEiGhT wIlL gRoW hE wIlL fiNd hIs jAmS

        @Victoria Rowland did James did anything 😐

      2. Toga Himiko


      3. Victoria Rowland

        Sadly they all 🐍 now

    25. BenjaminFloyd

      We got two clowns on the left

    26. Leanne Matthews

      Well this didn’t age well

    27. emery nixdorff

      i think tatis or james were the best

    28. Daniel X

      MESSY definitely would be the word LOL

    29. lt's the reverb for me

      Lol imagine if he privated the video lol

    30. Lauren Sheesley

      This aged not very well tho 😂😂😂

    31. Jordana Inrig

      Is it just me but did Jeffrey have a vape

    32. Seham Henn

      Who is watching this 2021? --------->

    33. matt lol

      they b sittin like 🐍🐍🐍

    34. Melox Ralte

      Miss those day.... They're the best trio ever ...just My opinion

    35. Prashant Egbert

      Now they really said🐍🐍🐍

    36. Zoe Wray

      your gucci is in my way omigoshh

    37. Eva Bryant

      this didnt age well at all

    38. little melon

      James... 27:22

    39. eliz


    40. Gaby Belmonte

      Now it’s 🐍🐍🐍

    41. Lujza Tóth

      this was a fun vid but jeffreestar licking his teeth will haunt my nightmares also are we not gonna talk about sassy james?

    42. Mehgan justine

      this seriously did not age well lmao

    43. Aeronauttics Roblox


    44. GOBSTOP 666

      This didn’t age well

    45. Kevo & jessie

      They be like: 🐣🐣🐍

      1. matt lol

        what does the duck mean 🤙🙄

    46. Maria Dornbush Alfaro

      Tatis dream came true. She's not friends with anyone anymore... Becareful what you wish for....

    47. Kirby

      so it was 🐍🦋🐍 and now it is 🐍🐍🐍

    48. Constanza delgado

      Whos here in 2021

    49. Serafina Gazzoli

      I’m watching this in 2021 and like they are NOT your closest friends anymore

    50. Appy Fun

      Lol they really said: 🐍 🧑🏻‍🦱❤️👦🏼 🐍

      1. matt lol


      2. Sana Rosetta

        LMFAOO 😭😭

    51. Mr.Person

      *Inhale* this video kinda hurts me since it was in 2019 and it f-ed up my life aka it just traumatized me which was a great thing to happen literally 1 week after my uncle passed and i almost got hit by a car 1 day later.

    52. Flavio Henrique

      Not friends. Sisters.

    53. gene

      This didn’t age well

    54. Mckenna Smith

      Welp this aged like milk

    55. Rebecca Oickle


    56. Hannah Corey

      the way all three of them don’t have careers anymore LMAOOO. karma

    57. meko

      imagine James collabrating with Ashnikko tho...

    58. Lxa

      this video is cursed

    59. Halle Vidak

      well this did not age well

    60. GoldenEdits


    61. Ollycat 129

      Is Jeffrey star a boy or a girl

      1. V artist


    62. Leilani B.

      For some reason, I miss you 3😭😢😩

    63. Danielle Israelsen

      Jeffrey I'm sorry but man's was literally just checking himself out in the side monitor THE ENTIRE TIME

    64. Alondra Muniz

      Lmao this did not age well

    65. Christina Pasquini

      I was having a little moment && then it left 😂😂😂😂

    66. NashGammaCrush

      HRaero is bad for recommending this to me 😅

    67. Rens Bernal

      Heads up a year later their words are just hilarious in a sense that they can't do those things NOW

    68. ✨Karsyn Shaw✨


    69. ✨Karsyn Shaw✨

      Sorry James but this is just not it But..... At least you have a pretty face shape So that makes it better I’m not trying to be rude btw

    70. Caroline Rupprecht

      What kind of concealer do you guys use

    71. Regina Ruiz Carmona

      this didnt’ age well 💀

    72. ThiccPotatoBarb

      none of this aged well.

    73. KristinWays

      This aged well . Messy was a accurate prediction . Poor jamesy

    74. Taysia .7

      3 people you’ll never see in a video together again

      1. Gregory Nem


    75. V V vijayalakshmi

      The timing the shadyness oooh...

    76. A.E

      I don’t really like Jeffery star because.... he looks scary

    77. marlie kaye

      jefree: i think being honest and nice might be the next trend me: 🤔🧐🤨

    78. dani joy santana

      but can we get a part 2?

    79. Michael Jackson lover

      He has no eyebrows

      1. A.E


    80. iDaleVlogs

      This video literally aged like milk

    81. Maggie Weiss

      James Won By Far

    82. Channa Apfel

      To me its always been 🐍🤡🦋 and you can’t change my mind.

    83. kids Darsh show


    84. Brynn Cawthorne

      This video feels like mean girls😭🤚🏼

    85. Skincare by Chris A

      I hope someday we can see them all 3 together in one video as friends again :-)

    86. Raniyah Omar

      21:37 i-

    87. Abby

      This aged like warm cheese

    88. ¤•°buttercup°•¤

      he is kind he is sweet but he didnt know he was with the dangerous imposters I love you james😙

    89. Bonnie McManamey

      it is my dream to be a makeup artest but i am not good

    90. Beverley Kennedy

      I realy loved James the best

    91. Wayne Salmon

      How glam!

    92. wiggly woggly

      This didn’t age well huh

    93. Hephaestus    • 50 years ago

      This is beyond cursed

    94. Michele M

      i'm so amused by jeffrey's expressions lmao

    95. CookiiConfettii

      guys look it's the three terrible people that all hate each other now

      1. CookiiConfettii

        @// Nanouk // LMFAO FR

      2. // Nanouk //

        Yesss these people would be perfect for each other, such a shame they aren't friends anymore they could have been horrible together ):

    96. Alexia Carriere

      did anyone else see jeferees vape at the beginning

    97. Lezaiah

      When james said “left his eyebrows in 2018 and his freinds” I DIEDD😭✋🏾

    98. Afro Celts

      god this video aged like a fine wine

    99. Yolaine Coetzee

      James did the best and jeffrey did the worst

      1. ulik vaski

        They really did him dirty with the lipstick :D

    100. Chevelle Hoxworth

      this did not age well