James Charles Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! I recently found out that I was the THIRD most Googled person in the world this year... insane. 💀 I figured with that many searches, there must be a lot of questions too. Inspired by WIRED, I decided to answer the web's most search questions! Enjoy!

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    1. James Charles

      HERMANAS! Si quieres un otro video en español, dale un 👍🏼👍🏼 al video 👀

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      2. Aliana Martinez

        It’s basically saying if you want another video in Spanish give this video a like

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      4. Isaiah Thompson

        I LOVE YOU SO MUCH😁❤️❤️❤️

      5. Genbro Crackyt

        Why spanish

    2. SSSniperwolffan 123

      If your not trans why do you wear makeup and act like a girl 24/7

    3. SSSniperwolffan 123

      Are you trans?????

    4. Roberto

      I was like damn that's tough when James Charles neglected to answer one of the questions

    5. Claira Thompson

      Ayyyyy fellow gemini ❤️❤️❤️

    6. Madison Bonham

      He said 2019 has been quite the year- LITTLE DID HE KNOW

    7. Kaylee Czerniak

      Little did we know what was to come-

    8. Karen Wellington

      Hhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii and i love your eye shadow that you have on

    9. Cloudy gaming

      I feel like that intro difrent

    10. Gamer unicorn ♥︎

      Hi SiStErS I’d like to say thank you for keeping me and everyone entertained and thanks for everything. 😊☺️

    11. DecimalSaucer 53

      When wired doesn’t invite u so u do it urself

    12. Oliver Jones

      My birthday is may 25th!!!

    13. Emily Yau

      so this is where tommyinnit got "MUUUUUUUM, AM I ADOOOPTED????"

    14. dR YOBUtt

      Wow Tom Brady chad henny all dem athletes get out of the way James Charles be better than all y’all he just sees the field as his pallet and the ball as a beauty blender and the goal to be brushes glued together

    15. Hamsa


    16. Hamsa


    17. Taejin_BTS Army

      9:32 NOT ALLOWED in 2020 - 21

    18. Emmalyn Rush

      it’s crazy that he got 9 million subscribers in one year!!!

    19. Luis Rodriguez

      Are You Marshmello

    20. MaKayla West-Snider

      i googled his net worth he is worth $22 million

    21. Arusha's World

      Google most searched questions: why does James Charles wear a safety pin James: To.. keep my ears safe 😂😂😂❤

    22. Adam Wright

      My b-day is may 28th

    23. Grzegorz Witek

      Single pringer

    24. Jayah Malik

      That scream tho

    25. jay estep

      dont look forward to it wost year ever

    26. Jacki Gutowski

      James:2019 was quite a year Me: PLS TAKE ME BACK 2020/2021 WAS AND IS HELL SO PLS TAKE ME BACK

    27. Jacki Gutowski


    28. Punjabi Jatt

      Sup sisters!

    29. hailey morales


    30. Easter bunny 🐰

      If only he knew 🤧😷🤕

    31. Zoey Hutchins

      00:09 YA THINK

    32. The Cat Lover

      Ur eyeshadow looks gorgeous!

    33. Inspire the Mind

      even my birthday is on 23😁😁😁😁

    34. I. A.

      I click here cuz i thought he was Kai Havertz, but i'm wrong. Wrong video, sorry and goodbye

    35. pedro carvalho


    36. hi i am salma

      james challes dickinson My dirty ass mind

      1. Radiah Nawar Khan


    37. Joseph Banda

      The sarcasm in this video is just amazing 😂😂

    38. Demonic Wizard

      What about the guys that watch James Charles? Are they brothers?

    39. Squirtle Flower

      James: 2020 Will be amazing! Coronavirus: Or so u think..?

    40. GCB07 Burgoyne

      I keep gettting surprised that your a Gemini because u give no Gemini energy

    41. Alexis and Jacee Best friends

      We all prob wish we could go back to the normal world that we had 2 years ago.who is with me with me.

    42. Ayesha Shaikh

      My birthday is also on 23 may

    43. Sisira Bharadwaj

      The reason behind people searching for you is that you're .....) glamour boy... 😍

    44. Martha Martin

      That Louis Vouitton eyeshadow is everything❤❤❤❤❤I love you by the way sister

    45. mallikarjun bannad

      My birthday is at may 25th

    46. Artsy Zoo

      For anyone wondering his net worth is 22mill

    47. Rainsford Kim

      oh james. 2019 was great. 2020 sucks

    48. May Ace

      OMGGGGGG WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

    49. Lewis Soderberg

      I lost 70 years of my life by watching this

    50. Oliver James morton

      Or a boy

    51. Oliver James morton

      Are you a girl

      1. Кристина Романова

        He's a boy

    52. Rebecca Berchtold


    53. Roblox gaming With lilly

      Wooooooooooo James you are a idol idk why people hate on you because you are like legit the best person and you make people feel that they can share things that embarrass them and I am very shy about my singing and you made me feel like I can do anything

    54. Eleanor Guimarin


    55. Koniec Yt

      oh my god he is half Polish, so he is half me 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Rubaida Rahman

      I am watching this vdo today, 23 may....and then realised that today is his birthdayyyy. Woahhh🥳🥳 Happy birthday James-y

    57. Mariam kachkachashvili

      Omg this was like 2 years ago

    58. gurpreet toor

      Omg see the coincidence...i saw this. Video today and when he answered what is james bday...23 may...thats today...it freaked me out

    59. Livy Liv :3

      Omg Happy birthday I am commenting this at 12:00 am May 23rd :). {happy birthday }

    60. Funny Cake

      mi cumpleanow es en julio 1

    61. Tech review

      James Charles:hI SiSTerS Me:But I don’t have sisters

    62. Chloe Leones

      Sister location? James Charles would like to know where that is Somebody said this before

    63. Funny Gang

      That what sister actually means

    64. Kridayraj zala

      In advance

    65. Kridayraj zala

      Happy birthday my man

    66. Kristy Clark

      my birthday is may 27 so close to yours

    67. Gacha Gamer321

      Please repent and turn to God before it’s too late. I don’t want you to go to hell neither does God. God loves you and so do I.

    68. Itz NeriYT

      When they said that 2020 would be the best but now as we are we cannot go out on the street :(

    69. Frankie's Funhouse

      Gemini people that are born in June not May

    70. Alina Arellano


    71. Olive MB

      This was made in 2019, then it was 2020, now it's 2021 and the video is saying that the video is only a 1 year old.

    72. Hello There

      0:11 If he only knew...

    73. shanayah bird


    74. shanayah bird


    75. shanayah bird


    76. shanayah bird

      James Charles my uncle is in love with you he is gey

    77. _FeArLess Nosis_


      1. Selma


    78. Ronald Marshall

      James comment said Sisters if you want another video in Spanish give the video a thumbs up

    79. BlueBerryy Faygo

      Omigod!!!! Me and james Charles have the same sign!!! AAH!

    80. ROSIE ELYA

      0:25 yes we Stan Ari 🤍

    81. Nevaeh Kimbrell

      james when you said your birthday was may 23 i was shocked because my bestfriends birthday is may 22

    82. Sheethal Reddy

      James your b day is on May 23rd my b day is May 28th. Omg 😲

    83. Bella Diaz

      um you don't wanna go into 2020 trust me...

    84. L. Malinka

      I from poland

    85. Chiara Spinnato

      lol i bet james wishes he never left 2019 now

    86. Sponge Bob


    87. Sponge Bob


    88. medina kafle

      bro my mum is of may 23 tooo

    89. Cammys.v1be

      Me watching this on 10 may 2021 i wish i could go back to 2019

    90. Maja Ja

      Omg I am from Poland xD

    91. Cutie

      "2019 has been quite the year"

    92. Marta Szuster

      Polacy łączymy się | | ↓

    93. Zaima Islam Shifa

      "2019 Has been quite the year" -James Charles(2019)

    94. just a normal person

      Mom am i adopted 2.0:)

    95. Ellen CherryFlower

      Heeeeeey another irsh is person! say hiiiii????

    96. Olivia Weigandt

      Little does he know 2020 was not much better.

    97. Trelby `

      Super Incredible Savage Talented Elegant Rad


      James: 2020 is gonna be upon us 2020: are you sure about that?

    99. Bhavya Doshi

      Me in 2021 cracking up about James referring to himself as an athlete. Sister sarcasm 😂😂🤷‍♀️

    100. •VickiiexFluffyx •

      Henlo my Polish folks B)