How I Used To Do My Makeup vs. Now

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and do the then vs. now makeup challenge. I've only been doing makeup for 3 years now, but my techniques and skills have changed dramatically. Let's compare how they've changed!!

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    EDITOR: Louis \u0026 Anthony Gargiula


    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Maya Sidney

      I never noticed but one of your eyes is blue and the other is brown

    2. David Dominguez


    3. Eriella Pullen

      Both his eyz different colors

    4. Angel_XQ

      This was literally two years ago and he really just said that I need somebody to show him this video am I the only person that’s watching this in 2021

    5. Grace Gill

      Not being rude at all but as a boy what made you want to do makeup

    6. Me T

      So Satisfying Makes Me Want To Eat

    7. Me T

      Look Like A GIRL

    8. Me T


    9. Me T


    10. Fantastic Milkshake

      The right side looking flawless tho

    11. Fantastic Milkshake

      Why one blue eye and one brown eye?? 😂

    12. Froggy

      Emojis I think some people don’t know about 💶💷🚨🧩🎭🪘🪕🎫🩰🎣🌫🐚🥽👓🪔🎚📟🧫🪅🎐📃🎎🪆📯📓📘📇📝💠❕❔👁‍🗨🃏🎴🀄️

    13. Alison Heffernan

      HRaero community: James why u eyes like 🧿👄👁

    14. Theresa Haun

      Does anybody else see that James's left eye is white and his right is brown? Just me?

    15. Anna Fritz

      your eyes James

    16. Carlos Arias

      His make up didn't changed that much, He only Upgrade to more expensive make-up

    17. Isa_kiwi._

      You were better before

    18. amani wright


    19. Anndrina Bremner

      Yes I literally just saw that

    20. 𝕊𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕫𝕖𝕖

      Oh my god one of your eyes is white and the other is brown, you look so slay with white eyes sista!!!

    21. anudheeba s

      what happend to youy eye

    22. Emma Urbanski

      why is your eyes like that?

    23. Stacy Ringland

      James:hi sisters. Me: James even tho I am not there lol

    24. amiya williams


    25. Maddy1 Zorko2

      Umm his eyes tho

    26. Bubble Playzzz

      he is so awesome and didnt neglect doing something he loved(makeup vids) just cuz its "girls" only thing. it is such stereo type that mkeup is a girl thing

    27. Karen Johnson

      Randomly just got the disease of other colored eyes because one gray and one brown I am a idiot

    28. Medea Endor

      Does a moisturizer even have any benefits after it is smothered by layers of make up?

    29. Jacob Soto


    30. zayn malik

      What happened to your eye

    31. Annie Cifuentes

      hiiii i love you and hope one day i can meet you

    32. Frankie Dennis Helvang

      Me: ummm Jame’s eye 🧿👄👁

    33. mallika rustagi

      rewatching old vids of james charles cuz he's not posting COZ of the incident

    34. none of your buisness

      Me realizing James is wearing a paper clip as a earring

    35. weeb12happy

      I saw with him with Blue eyes. This video blue and brown eyes. Recent videos has brown eyes. I am confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

    36. Irie Bahar

      Put the speed of this video on 0.75! James sounds slower and speaks in a “normal” speed.🤣

    37. Tanisha Tanu

      More 10 days to go 😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 real fans knew that 🤗🤗

    38. Pepsi Rainbizzle

      Did anyone notice the he has different coulered irises

    39. E_liw19

      Shawwttyyyyyy be looking finnneeeeeee!!! James looks good without makeup and with makeup. Like the hair is sooooooooo cute love it!

    40. Liz Carlson


    41. Liz Carlson


    42. Gummy Gal-Roblox

      James 2019: No color correcting James 2021: Color Correcting Lol!

    43. Daisy Boak

      :you saying ur makeup in 2016 or what ever is cringe and in a few years ur fonna say ur makeup in 2020-2021 is soooo cringe👉🏻👈🏻

    44. Gabby has no friends

      James: my favorite step is eyeshadow it’s always been Me: *whispering*uhm honestly my favorite part is lips... uhm yeah my fav part about makeup is eyeshadow yup 🤥



    46. Pearl Lopez Arroyo

      Why you look like my cousin

    47. Addison Jane

      Did anyone notice that one of his eyes was blue

    48. R Romereim

      James I watched you for a year an d I never knew you had different eye co paper

    49. Phoebe

      is it just me that thinks his eyes look 2 different colours1 brown and 1 blue/grey

    50. Sham al laham

      Blue eye looks good on you😌

    51. my lovely cookie

      I’m sorry but when you made your old style eyebrow I SCREAMED SO HARD

    52. Royal Rodents

      How did the spray not get in his mouth?

    53. Error Sans

      Y'all like James Charles makeup. But I am amused by his eyes.

    54. SimplySimsie

      Honestly everything is good but the eybrows on his old half

    55. Emily Elliott

      era you a boy or a gel

      1. V artist


    56. animallover84

      your eyes are beautiful

    57. Cody Nehas


    58. Haylee Smith

      Did u notice James has one blue eye and one brown?

      1. Haylee Smith


    59. Blair white

      James sister I have one question. Why is one of your eyes blue and the other brown? It still looks beautiful. Love you

    60. Tessa Fournier

      My birthday is may 14 2012

    61. Agáta Dugátová

      why u have one eye blue and brown

    62. Lia Baxter

      is it just me or are his eyes diferent colors

    63. Lea Jaber

      2019 James eyebrow:okay not to thick 2016 James eyebrow :DoNT bE sHy puT SoMe mOrE

    64. Jazminah Minda

      I didn’t know James has one eye brown and r The other blue wow

    65. Olyviah Bramer

      I love ur eyes!

    66. Katarzyny Rosińska

      James has contacts on his eyes

    67. Teagan O

      one of his eye is blue and the other one is brown

    68. bobby mathew

      james you- your eyes- dumb af me realizing he used to wear blue contacts

    69. Kady Kelly

      Waittt does he have two different colored eyes?

    70. Cambria Chwang

      I clicked on the video and he has different colors eyes did he always have that!? or is it cuz he had that for the video

    71. Brain Ross

      Is one of your eyes blue and the other brown

    72. Alyssa Langley-S

      James has your eyes always been that pretty I have never really noticed until now one of your eyes is brown and the other is like a grey blue.

    73. Ellie Baird

      James I am sorry but your old half looks unholy af

    74. Anya kanade

      I can never imagine me bullying James

    75. Arielle adventures

      How do jams have blue and brown and not in other videos love u sistre

    76. True

      I never realized you have double color eyes

    77. Robyn Sarrat

      Who's here in 2021?

    78. sashi naik

      did anyone notice james eyes? anyone? come on! i guess its just me

    79. Vlatko Petrov

      has anybody noticed that he has one hazel eye and one blue eye

    80. Anjoa

      This guy talks like...really fast😃

    81. Melissa Baes

      oh i love the transformation so stunning !

    82. sydney solomon

      that's enmmbering

    83. Leah Teigan

      did anyon notic that he has a contact in whats blue and no contact in the outher?? LOLOL

    84. Brookelynn Wolf

      Why are your eyes two different colors in this video?

    85. D Raima Karanjit

      Why he has 2 different coloured eyes

    86. Meghan Owens

      So does him have colored Contacts ???? Like if yes respond if no

    87. aa_white UnU

      James gots a brown eye and greennn

    88. Debra Pierce

      Loved it. A makeup artist without sight. I watched in awe and the conversation was so engaging. Thank you for a great episode. 😘

    89. P x d d l e

      His eyes ♥

    90. Katherine Martin

      why are your eeyes like that there brown and blue

    91. Waffle Princess

      I didn’t know u had two different coloured eyes

    92. XxTheOriginal PlayerxX

      Wait you have 2 different eye colors?- or are those colored contacts?

    93. crystal dragon

      You still look pritty

    94. dreamland lizzy

      I literally thought he had a perfect life

    95. dreamland lizzy

      Let's just appreciate how he could handle such pain and humiliation during learning how to look so perfect that mean ppl don't bully him while slaying HRaero life and making videos for you. I do admire the effort he put into being an unbreakable sister queen.

      1. Devi Rebecca


    96. Ashley Medina

      ⬛️ ⬛️ 👁 👁 👄 :James Charles

    97. Genesis Salamanca

      what is your eye a diffrent color

    98. Tyler Rose Asmr

      Why do you have blue and brown eyeys

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    100. Nova Dorminy

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