Exposing "Makeup For Men"

James Charles

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    HI BROTHERS! In today's video, I'm trying out "Makeup For Men". I found a few different brands that all have products or lines specifically for men, so I wanted to test them out, see if they were worth the purchase or just a marketing scheme, and give my first impressions. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. Lotte De bruyne

      I am a boy but i love to do make up on my face but i don’t dare to wear it in public

    2. Lil Breezy

      girl boss 💪

    3. ian reject


    4. AimPew Gaming

      Remember we all evolved from monkeys

    5. Selaima Smith

      james:"Dang thats dissapointing" also james:*doesnt care and just moves on*

    6. Stich✔️

      …u are man…

    7. eitan azulay

      I literally entered this video to see u flexing

    8. JiminsJams

      Love the look with the “bro mask” 😂

    9. Nature Girl

      Me: No james u r a WOO-man

    10. Kalonece O'Farrill

      Honestly make up has nothing to do with gender it’s just make up like James Charles he made it a thing for every gender to like do what they wanna do it shouldn’t be a privilege for boys to have make up like what’s the point in gender with make up like people say make up and boys don’t mix well but I think so…

    11. Sophia Yadav

      Boi you look good in everything period.

    12. 🍵MatchaBoBa🧋

      I agree

    13. Leo Trunzo

      James I am 10 and a boy and love you I want to try makeup but my parents are Cristina love you

      1. uh

        @Leo Trunzo options wdym?

      2. Leo Trunzo

        Btw stop hating on james

      3. Leo Trunzo

        @uh we all have our options and I think he is a great person

      4. uh

        @Leo Trunzo Yeah he is human but he isnt a good person 😐

      5. Leo Trunzo

        @SausinN I think James is a good person but he makes mistakes sometimes you just have to remember that we are all human

    14. Toni Teverbaugh

      I'm so happy that I saw this because will I knew there were many makeup I just didn't know how it looked it on you

    15. Caitlyn._. oof

      I'm 100% positive that some of u guys took a screenshot when James had the mask on and his hair was up 100% someone did that

    16. Carr-lee Beavers

      Omg I love your freckles

    17. Lightplaysroblox19

      I'm going to steal his makeup bc my face looks hideous U-U you ain't coming after me SISTER

    18. Lightplaysroblox19

      Hi broter, I- i mean- hi sistor

    19. Sebastian Del Valle

      James Charles sounds like badboyhalo

      1. uh

        Hahahhahahahah, no.

    20. efe the pro

      No offence but why do u act like a girl

    21. TeenyPi

      You're a man?🙄

      1. TeenyPi

        @Ealy Gutierrez Well you should ask your bf, and if you're a man ask yourself. Answer is within your reach 😉

      2. Ealy Gutierrez

        are you a man because you play video games?

    22. Naomi Neves

      1:51 lol that is real funny

    23. Mustafa khabbaz

      You are not a man

      1. uh

        Hes just testing

    24. ZenitsuXXX

      Woah the intro is 🔥🔥

    25. ZenitsuXXX

      Ur the best man ❤️❤️❤️

    26. alo familijo

      u make me happy

    27. Simply Cucomi

      When the anti shine powder has more pigment then the foundation 😭✋

    28. DefenderCop101


    29. artorius castus

      Yes you are a male but No you are not a man anymore

    30. PandaZ


      1. Skitty Bee

        @Simply Cucomi 🧿👄🧿 my bad homie

      2. Simply Cucomi

        @Skitty Bee u def don’t watch twitch 👁👄👁 also I was talking to the other dude not you👁👄👁

      3. Skitty Bee

        @Simply Cucomi saying "poggers" is cringe 💅

      4. Simply Cucomi

        Your cringe and not poggers

      5. Skitty Bee

        Saying "dis" is cringy 😉

    31. Zakariye C/casis Mohamed

      I hate any gays because I am Muslim alx

      1. uh

        okay? But why did u comment

      2. MarsTM

        @Simply Cucomi why...its not funny.

      3. Simply Cucomi

        @MarsTM I’m dieing 😂

      4. MarsTM

        @Simply Cucomi its still not treating them right by casually viewing their existence as sinful lol

      5. Simply Cucomi

        Not all Muslims hate gays some just don’t support them but won’t show hate or treat them differently

    32. Robert Heller

      This used to be a funny bit on Smosh

    33. Arman Habibi

      Are you do that that’s our new tag her next though you with the pink bubblegum and a butterfly

    34. Joycelline Puteri Stanley

      Can you try Indonesia makeup product please?

      1. Durgaa Patil

        He is done with youtube lol

    35. Riley Snyder

      Warpaint 2011 Black Veil Brides

    36. iiiGraciee

      The thumbnail...

      1. Simply Cucomi

        BRO I THOUGHT HIS ARM WAS REAL FOR A SEC I WAS GONNA SAY “damn James has some nice arms”

    37. rssvzn

      The all black packaging is like making a pink razor for women and putting the shaving cream in a pink bottle or something

    38. wtorres1966


    39. Always Fun with Zoe!

      Love your videos when you put on makeup you look beautiful 😻

    40. Laura ._. Innit

      Real sisters in the intro:,,OOOoouUUUuOoOoOOOUUUuoo''!

    41. Thewhitedevil2.0

      Hey James, If you are seeing this read this! Some chap sticks contain glass so if anything I recommend Burt’s Bees or something. Also I recommend mint!

    42. Royal Rodents

      All make-up should be make-up for everyone!

      1. Royal Rodents

        @Red Red Why

      2. Red Red


    43. POO POO kitten dog


    44. Kilana Gall


    45. Jose Ramos


    46. Paola Farhat

      I like James Charles because he is being his self

    47. Jimin's mochi cheeks🐣

      You are so handsome! Without makeup too!

    48. Super Geek Toys

      Can't we just can each other fellow humanoids and stop gender labeling everything. Or do we blame Big Marketing for years and years of beating that toxic masculinity and anti-feminism into everyone? I really can't believe we haven't moved past this yet.

    49. Muhatim 999

      I’m a boy and I want to try make up but idk what my family would think

      1. Kayla's Kohrner

        Only one way to find out is just to do it! 😊

    50. Melissa Flory


    51. Un Dominicano chévere


    52. Jimena Diaz

      I remember seeing this video in December

    53. Ayla H

      What in the sweet hell is this fucking haircut

    54. 2424 25

      I just want let everyone know that they r beautiful just the way they are no makeup 💄 needed

    55. Nelkad ja teised


    56. Nelkad ja teised

      What sisters??!!

    57. joselyn alanis

      Oh my God that's so good

    58. Emily smith Beauty blog


    59. Demetrius Cambridge


    60. TheBlankerColorblinder

      He's 2 genders

    61. Kara Guest

      That is true

    62. _crystal_ qwq


    63. Life with Alesha

      Sisterhood ❤️✌️

      1. _crystal_ qwq

        Groominghood 💕

    64. Anime Guy

      Hi sisters - James charles

    65. Iya's cosmos


    66. Dirt

      Love your opinion!

    67. Alisha S

      Saoirse and the family 👪❤

    68. Tyler J

      You look like you would lose an arm wrestle to my baby sister

    69. Rifat Rostam

      i love james charles i sub

    70. Rifat Rostam

      your so cool

    71. Yuyu Nesy

      I love this products and I want to buy them for my bf and then make up him

    72. Baby J

      Where do you buy them like what store

    73. JoseMarioSPlays !

      It does not matter how you are from the outside it just matters how you are from the inside! Love you James!!❤️

      1. shuichisf00t

        @JoseMarioSPlays ! have u been updated with wat happened to james?or i mean way james did.

      2. JoseMarioSPlays !

        @shuichisf00t what do you mean with oh no

      3. shuichisf00t

        uh no,,

      4. nicole lol

        baby no.

    74. Pixie Bear!

      People who made these products are really sexist. There should be no gender when it comes to makeup.

    75. Sammy Garcia

      Love the hair sister also love the freckles

    76. SophiaXD

      Girl: does the mask have a scent? James: no😐

    77. MadxIsCul


      1. SiimplySquishy


      2. The watermelon triplets

        James: 😍👦🏼

      3. shuichisf00t

        uh, no😃

    78. Slimelover Queen

      Ooh it’s nice and soft -James Charles 2021

    79. Matylda Stuhr

      I think that A lot of boys don't want to do crazy make up, but for exaple cover something. So In my opinion this is Great idea

    80. Sweetie Jane

      I don’t know if this is rude saying this but his face kept changing colors I wonder if he’s having allergic reaction or he’s just too rough on his face

    81. Dora Jana

      Odjednom je progovorila

    82. Jake Yems

      James is a man and he is a boy and hes strong

    83. weeb12happy

      I don’t think makeup should be assigned to a gender... they all work the same..

    84. what if fan


    85. REDIFY XD ➊

      *I think he is girl*

    86. Sister James

      what is that thumbnail- ❤️

    87. mariethesizzler 9492

      Hi! I'm not into the beauty community but I saw you and felix game and so now I started watching! Felix turned me into a sister fister

    88. Osa Ryan-Soderlund

      Ngl I’m just watching this because it has no ads…

    89. Osa Ryan-Soderlund


    90. Sahbeni Oumaima

      ok this is samthig i like🤣

    91. AnthonyGaming ;D

      I found your old channel it was so funny 😂

    92. Daniel Bautista

      The way you apply it is the opposite of what the brand wants to transmit

    93. Josh Vorpahl

      i just realized this might end him even more.... HE MAKES IT LOOK LIKE HE HAS FRECKLES ON HIS FACE LOOK ITS SMERED!!!!!

    94. Memes of life

      iconic outro lmao

    95. BirDMaN 120502

      Why can’t there just be one make up it’s all skin make up is for skin

    96. Zacharion Tab

      the only makeup I need that can rid of my oily face for a while

    97. AshRose

      It's not any different to normal makeup products lol 😆

    98. MreiHouse

      My hair after taking it out of a high pony tail 1:55

    99. Bibhu Singh

      Make up is make up, just like how cloths are clothes, there is no gender towards it, anybody can put anything that they want on their face Who agrees?

    100. icon. arisha

      заведи канал джеймс чарльс на русском . в россии не переводят все твои видео