Exposing "Makeup For Men"

James Charles

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    HI BROTHERS! In today's video, I'm trying out "Makeup For Men". I found a few different brands that all have products or lines specifically for men, so I wanted to test them out, see if they were worth the purchase or just a marketing scheme, and give my first impressions. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. kyle pittle

      Any trolls present....be honest?

    2. papaya shake

      Ok honestly before he added the lipstick this was his best makeup look ever

    3. bubble butt

      Their masculinity are so fragile, they labelled make-up as war paint

    4. Parmonov Saturn


    5. Isla Rattray

      lol the muscle arm🤣

    6. Oliver Ashford

      Mate how is your skin so clear?! I struggle big time.

    7. JustAlyssa

      omg when he put the face mask on in the beginning, the freckles were smudging and it looked like he had cuts and scratches on his face-

    8. Amber West




    10. JB Kattes

      As a girl I think I’d really like some of these because I like really natural looks and that foundation looked gorgeous 🤩


      It’s the smacking his face for me😂😂🤣🤣🙃😇

    12. Edina Abraham


    13. Lukas So2


    14. godzilla godzilla

      U are a man

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        Okay?? And?

    15. Shrekgettioski Memebigboi

      Okay I gotta say this now but James is super fucking cute

    16. Anna Billingham

      He looks so cute with freckles!

    17. sicc_playboys_13


    18. Queen Of fun

      Are you a girl or a boy

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        He’s a boy but I think the pronouns he referred to is her/she

      2. LavaCreeperPeople


    19. PHOENIX

      Make up is literally coloured dust made artificially for skin, it has no gender 🥰

    20. PHOENIX

      Omggggg sameeeee.... I hate chapstick and lip balms..... I too just put on moisturizer 🥰

    21. PHOENIX

      Omggggg sameeeee.... I hate chapstick and lip balms..... I too just put on moisturizer 🥰

    22. PHOENIX

      Omggggg sameeeee.... I hate chapstick and lip balms..... I too just put on moisturizer 🥰

    23. PHOENIX

      Omggggg sameeeee.... I hate chapstick and lip balms..... I too just put on moisturizer 🥰

    24. PHOENIX

      Omggggg sameeeee.... I hate chapstick and lip balms..... I too just put on moisturizer 🥰

    25. Isha Yadav

      Introduction is literally my fav part

    26. Royale Ruby

      his face when the mask is on- me: james ur breaking out stop!! *i was triggered bcuz i get allergic reactions from facemasks*

    27. Vedica Singh

      All black

    28. Chinemelum Louis

      I love you😊...I'm grateful for this video

    29. Psycho Wolf Gaming

      I don’t care what gender anyone is it doesn’t Chang you pr wonderful personality’s! And remember if your ever called names or dissrespected that showed that your better than them because you respect you!

    30. Lilshadymarshall

      You look like a girl 😐😐

      1. LavaCreeperPeople

        @Lilshadymarshall it is 2021 not 1952 lmao makeup will not deflate his muscles

      2. Lilshadymarshall

        @LavaCreeperPeople could you call him a man??

      3. LavaCreeperPeople

        cry about it, insecure fragile masculinity

    31. Kayleigh Robertson


    32. /~♡sadece_zeynep ♡~\

      Amm why you 💅👄💇‍♂️👠??

    33. Totally not a Todoroki

      Ok but...why does James look kinda hot with his hair up in a headband 😟😟😟

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥


    34. Funny memes

      Love how he said brothers

    35. Daily Insane Twitch Clips

      this is the gayest video i've seen for now😝

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥


    36. M. M

      ❤ this! So many guys out there need/luv makeup too but so nervous to approach it!

      1. Pump Spooky Month


    37. Franklin is Danklin

      You like like if lady gaga and jack black fell off a building together and the docters who put them together couldnt tell whos skin was whos

    38. Agent Galaxia

      I say there is no gender for clothes,toys and makeup but it’s amazing that they are doing this for inclusivity

      1. tommyplaysroblox

        Totally Agree.

    39. Lavin Angle

      I would love to see you with beard!😊💙✨

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        Never I imagined it and it looked OiGlY

    40. Kids Vellema

      Girlllll love the hairrrr😘

    41. Voltaire Light


    42. Mari Deliyannis

      James I luv u but when you say the lip hole is a bit small remember U GET LIP FILLERS AGHHHHHHHH

    43. C O V E N

      The first ever 'Hi brothers"

    44. Sharon Bennett

      Girls use makeup so why can't guys

    45. Sharon Bennett

      1:47 u look great

    46. The one

      oh my god, sometimes I think you're a girl and I'm not kidding it is crazy.

    47. Mrs Tori

      When you put the mask on I was like Hun your bleeding. THE HELL are u ok?! Theennn I found out they where freckles

    48. SpxcelyYT

      4:40 LETS TAKE OFF THIS LITTLE ✨MASC✨ 💀💀💀 (I swear if y’all don’t get it💀)

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        LMAOO ✨ *“M A S C”* ✨

    49. Suha Sini

      Hi James I had a doubt do you have freckles?

    50. krystal roblox slime roblox slime

      hi james love your vids and this helped my cousin

    51. Le monde de riad _Riad

      Bro you are a man why you want to be a girl love your self as a man say i'm a man because i'm a man two and i don't love to see like that please bro listen to me and you will be nice

    52. petra jakasa

      i love it

    53. Xxxbubblesxxx

      Those freckles

    54. Amaris M

      The price reveal for the brow pencil is a whole mood! James is telling the truth! 40 DOLLARS IS A SIN! We got student debts to pay!!!

    55. that's the girl Katie

      You NEED to do a mucbang with colleen

    56. Boba Tea

      What do you normally use for your foundation and concealer?


      Girl, you should do makeup w/ a hat :D

    58. trawlerman

      Soooo Camp GREAT !!!!!!

    59. wakano35

      Do that conga

    60. f͜͡r͜͡o͜͡g͜͡g͜͡y͜͡ Itz me

      Me having long nails and having so much hand movements 💅💅

    61. MoViews

      I think James Charles complains to much 😂

    62. Life -

      نفسي اعطيه كف 🙂💔

    63. Møon Embre

      The fact I don't even put cream on my face but watch so many make-up videos is honestly surprising

    64. Evdokios Johnson

      Its so sexistic and stereotype that like all the products packaging is black

    65. alien Gacha

      Love the hair


      FlAsHbAcK mArY pOwDeR!!!

    67. •Weekly Madness•

      Makeup is for any gender whether you're a girl, boy as long as you're happy what you're wearing that's all that matters!

      1. LavaCreeperPeople

        @•Weekly Madness• np :)

      2. •Weekly Madness•

        Thanks lol, I fixed that.

      3. LavaCreeperPeople

        you were doing good until you said "trans" "non binary" and "any" when it is both

    68. Trever ratti

      Hes stereotyping

      1. Flyingeggz1


    69. Cyber Lol


    70. Chloe Mac

      Hi james

    71. Kameron Jeter


    72. Simi Patel

      10:00 flashback Mary vibes

    73. x•Sleepy lexi•x

      "hi sisters" will never get old

      1. Rylee Martin


      2. Mariposa

        Hi 👋 sisters 👯‍♀️ is ✅ so 📈 old 👴 it 📌 makes 🎀 me 👩🏼 want 🥺 to ✌️cry 😭

      3. Valtteri Antila

        @Martina Vigore maturrrrr

      4. Martina Vigore

        it did

      5. Mariposa

        @Valtteri Antila yes hunny yesss 🛼🤟👄😭💅🎀

    74. Sahe

      As a man I would honestly love to see more videos like this from you... Especially just a simple basic tutorial. just please really dumb it down, because I have no idea what you're doing half the time, I usually just come for the comedy and art. Love you

    75. Ji Jee

      Dua lipa's doppelganger

    76. Niamh Coyle

      I honestly loved james definition of it. only thing that bothered me is the 'war paint for men'.I believe that being in the military is not gendered and i didn't like how that made it a masculine thing.

    77. Mason Y havertz lol

      Hace tiempo que no escuchaba “hi sisters” volví a ver esto 😹

    78. Star Gaming

      My brother needs this he wants to where my make up😂

      1. Flyingeggz1

        If he wants to wear your makeup you should get him some replicates of yours :)

    79. Rümeysa Yüksel

      I want to watch your videos but I don't understand what you are saying. Can you add Turkish subtitles?

    80. Selever_fukudad :]

      Hi James, im new to your channel and wanted to know what makeup you recommend for females that are 13 and have no money lol. You are a QUEEN WITH STYLE. I know km late with this vid but yeah.

      1. -žërø-

        @Blumo female people. it’s actually pretty clear

      2. Selever_fukudad :]

        @Blumo Sorry...

      3. Blumo

        female what? female cats?

    81. Jayda Cassanova


      1. Blumo


    82. CrazyCrafters!!

      Is it weird that I went to star bucks and asked for a pink drink and they responded "Okay, sister!!"

    83. Bro, my milk tastes like✨🌈CoLoRs🌈✨

      Ok so I watched your content when I was like 7 years old on my mom’s phone and when I found out your name was “James” because I thought you were a girl and I was SHOCKED when I found out you were a guy T_T :P

      1. LavaCreeperPeople


    84. Chilling with gaza dj

      James sweety slow down

    85. ch kumudini

      Where are you dear we are missing you a lot

      1. Blumo


    86. CK

      I thought the freckles were real

    87. Zeff Phillips

      50 shades of broncer I don't know how to spell types of makeup

    88. snack attack life ✓


    89. 💜BTS LAND💜

      Make up is for everyone. It doesn't see a gender

    90. SportExpertKnowsGod

      I’m sorry but since I see so many people come at James and make fun of him I just came to laugh at “hi sisters” but I’m realizing there’s more to him than that but I still am laughing at him

    91. Chanel R

      thats cool my name is chanel

    92. Magical Jael

      oh that was my sis sorry

    93. Annie Hunter

      You ligit look so good without makeup idk why everyone says u look red

    94. Vanessa Aguilar

      When you had that facemask on video that girl was laughing that little video box you looked like Leray your friend

    95. Vanessa Aguilar

      Bruh right there you look like a Larry

    96. Instrumentals Portal

      Watching a guy acting like a girl and vice versa is the most horrifying thing

    97. KOUSTUV

      You are not a man

      1. LavaCreeperPeople

        do you not know basic biology, insecure macho wannabe, he is a male, thats a fact, ll gender, cant be changed'

      2. Titan

        Ok what

      3. Matthew Macomber

        He's a woman?


      dont be mean to jame he did nothing

    99. soggy waffles yummy xx

      Makeup is for anyone ♥️