Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to try out a full face using only the WORST RATED makeup products! Most of them lived up to their awful ratings but a few of them surprised me! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. Neža Lampret

      Am I the only one that thinks he kinda loked like kourtney kardashian after he put the lashes on?

    2. Isabel Gnädig

      can you do a FULL FACE OF ESSENCE MAKEUP

    3. Magdalena Riverson

      Dear Jane so hope you see this can you plz do a makeup brush review because I want to do makeup and what sponges you use for make up

    4. It’s Poppy

      Haha James is so funny

    5. Ella Otto

      How tf do you look so, so good literally even in worst rated makeup!? Lysm💞💞

    6. Gormen

      NO james you're not done, you forgot the spray..

    7. Depressed freak1_0🏳️‍🌈

      Use a lighter on the brow pencil and it soften it a bit

    8. 🐸f r o g g y🐸

      He used to say “HI SISTERS” loud now he is quite and shy

    9. 「 Rainy Boba 」

      15:38 LMAOOO

    10. Ivette Santiago

      am I the only one who actually loved how the foundation look?

    11. Royce Geiger

      That looks more like a dory look lol

    12. Ayesha Khan

      I don't know how he make look everything fine like waooow

    13. Machelle Cron

      You’re even pretty without makeup!

    14. xX•flora•Xx

      Bro the end result just made me think you look like a diamond pickaxe for some reason 🤠😔

    15. Apple pie

      James is looking soo good today

    16. Kenzi Post

      I really love it

    17. Kenzi Post

      It really helps if you have super pale skin, like me. And you definitely DONT have a full face of makeup on. I think if you tried it with nothing on, you would be surprised

    18. Kenzi Post

      Yk I have the elf stick blush thing and I usually use it when I don’t put foundation or concealer on. It helps give my cheeks a more natural rosy color. And it’s sparkly. So it’s blush and highlighter all in one

    19. Kayleigh Aldridge

      you don't need makeup your great as your self

    20. Isobel Mclaren

      Sharpie brow suppremacy

    21. Aashi

      Video: worst makeup products Me: Im sure he went to India to find em'

    22. Mya Nicole

      The only good magnetic lashes is from glamnetic

    23. Brichanise Terrell

      Romans 10:9, NIV: "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

      1. God's Daughter

        Amen Jesus is great May God bless u!

    24. Yagin Sayed

      sao good

    25. Brooklynn Donnelly

      James still looks good in the worst reviewed makeup

    26. Zivi Ward

      Is it just me or is his head a bit square today? No hate, just saying...

    27. Layla Dickerson

      I wasn’t alive I was Born in 2014

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        @God's Daughter how is it that rude that you needed to reply?

      2. God's Daughter

        @¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥ um ok no need to be rude like gosh

      3. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        Uhm… okay?? And?

    28. Lily Grace

      This is proof that James can pull off anything

    29. Moon_Child

      James: Using worst rated makeup Me: *clicks the video* Me again: "James your beautiful without makeup and with makeup on

    30. Funtime tommy Mission

      Am I the only one dying 😂 from the song that he like “number one boy yea “😂🤣🤣

    31. ruby pollard

      james dont go shaming other peoples eye shadow plaets because gurl ya see yours sheehs

    32. Brenda Opdyke

      Omg wow this came out interesting

    33. Yara El Safah

      10/10 for all your videos

    34. Emo

      NuMbEr OnE vIcToRy RoYaL 👑

    35. Aripra singh

      I like your videos alot It is not important for you to struggle for us as I like your videos more when you are not struggling

    36. Anjali Wakalkar

      He makes anything look good

    37. xuxmaxi

      I love whenever the bronzer pops out and he's like "ooOOo" lol

    38. Shanda White

      Omg he's my idol can I have a shout out please my name is justice

    39. Tina Grantham

      I love your videos! I got that same Makeup 10 Months ago

    40. Chandi Mahesa Dewi

      not the thick eyebrows 😭

    41. Janne Vervloesem

      I love this hair ❤️❤️❤️

    42. Toca family

      I don’t like nars because they do animal testing

    43. Cuteie 497 CUTIE

      I’m sorry but I don’t really like you that much cuz in you other video there was a girl who aid she gets BULLED ALOT AND THEN YOU SAID “you’ll never win “ I’m like omg

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        Wait was it the last video?

    44. TrUsTfRaTeD mOnGoOsE

      4:00 omg! great vocals James👍!!

    45. bts jimin

      2:02 and I was come out in 2009 lol lol lol 😲

    46. Raji Reddy

      I wanna touch your face so bad James. Blame it on the photo you put in the video.

      1. Nariuta


    47. My brother and little brother video 🧐

      Unknown: how many of these do you HRaerors have James Charles: 25m unknown: *slowly walks away* James Charles:I *grabs a gun and points it at the unknown*

    48. LeslieBow

      I am going to rate your hair a 1 out 10 because damn what were thinking coming on camera looking like you just rollled out of bed like that.

    49. Force_art101

      just- ok, listen- JAMES. CHARLES. SHOUD. CALL HIS. HATERS. *STEP- SISTERS!!!!* tell me I’m wrong.. Cus I’m not 😂🤚🏻

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥


    50. Ava Love

      When james was conturing i thught he was going to put the brush in his ear

    51. Tuli Pramanik

      hi james your makeup is so beautiful keep it up all the best thanku so much

    52. Xx-TANEM-xX

      00:00 HAİİİİİ 😁

    53. Pooja Rasi

      "pumping and tingling" "pumping and tingling" "pumping and tinnnnnngling"

    54. Novie Kitty

      James:OK TIME TO DO BAD MAKEUP me: Man oh man hurting ya FACE??

    55. caretonotcare_

      Still looks better than mine

    56. Sammyzorz

      Does anyone know the shade of the lipstick

    57. Oumoya noch-i


    58. Gummy Gamer

      How do you do this beatiful makeup!😱🤯

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥

        I mean it’s the camera that’s making it look good but

    59. Iᒪᑌᐯ Yᗩ

      He still looks good even though I did wear the makeup.

    60. Frog Gamz

      The nose got me😭

    61. Anver Wayanad

      Isn't anyone going to talk about the picture he put up..?

      1. ¥xo Mahlee :p ox¥


    62. Salatte Mariya

      That eye makeup was much better without the yellow.... The yellow made it a disaster 🤧

    63. dawn allsup

      Maybelline dream matte mousse is what i have been using for years. I love it

    64. queen bees

      James rock every single make-up look🤘🏿

    65. i am not a human

      James intro be like /j : ☝️✊✋✌️✍️👆👇👈👉👊👋👌👍👎👏🖐️🖕👐🖖🤘🙌🤙🤚🤝🤞🤟🤲

    66. Mama

      What the frick

    67. Abigail

      the fact that those are the products i use

    68. mark kinakin

      Love your nails, their awesome 😍😄😊

    69. Caroline Devantier

      Can you make a youtube video where you guess how much the products is rated✨

    70. Hanlon Family

      I love that he’s just Like “I’ll make more videos of me struggleing

      1. Denika Moirangthem


      2. Mariii

        @《Axterism》 THANK YOU i was about to correct them

      3. 《Axterism》

        Struggling* :)

    71. litle dianka

      hi sis james can i recommend if you can make up a rainbow version then on the side you can decorate your face with a cute cloud picture i beg you 🙏🏻😇

    72. kennedy giza

      Not James breaking the makeup lol

    73. The Avxhiu Sisters

      I am from Albania

    74. The Avxhiu Sisters

      Sorry for the mistakes I made in the word foundashin if I made any

    75. The Avxhiu Sisters

      But my has tried really bad make up which is expired foundashin

    76. The Avxhiu Sisters

      You look "cool and beautiful"

    77. Ainsley Blake

      It still looks good because James is so talented

    78. Saucie Angie

      Okay tell me why that eyeshadow look is actually a look for me it looks good

    79. Martha-Lisa Nikita Tendo

      James I think you should wear more brushes under your eyes 🥰

    80. Cravens Boughner

      I'm pretty sure you can still buy CBD products from the Weedborn CBD Store.

    81. Joci Witt

      You should totally try glamnetic lashes!!!

    82. phoebe kaczmarek

      Hi Woooo

    83. Pipes tea room

      Tingling 😭

    84. Chill House

      I'm here to boost my confidence. BECAUSE!! Somebody gave me an eye shadow palette which also my first palette and the worst ever. (Saving money to get makeup so that I can practice with good products) but whenever I feel like practicing a look it just sucks. My whole face turns great accept the eye. HATE THAT FEELING. I'm here to know is that me who's in fault or the palette..

    85. B.xxtoga _

      JAMES! you are being so ungrateful this makeup look is gorgeous I would be blessed to have this skill and you look amazing your eyeshadow is amazing I would be so happy to do makeup and it turns out like that

    86. ליה סיון

      נננ נ

    87. Brayon McDowell



      Even while using these products you look more that amazing and super 🌸😉. Way to go bro🎀🎀

    89. pUNshi TangkAK

      So overacting.. As always

    90. LilyFoFilly

      **Realizing I use all of these**

    91. Stella Reed

      When I was watching this I was so focused on James that I spilled spicy ramen broth in my eye lol

    92. клубничка с кремом

      his hairstyle is just falling apart and that's funny

    93. sophie pegram

      i love his editerr

    94. Maira Maqsood

      His worst eye shadow look is my best

    95. Samantha Waller

      i think you finally found your skin color in foundation 😂

    96. Milla Miranda

      Makeup Brazilian. Green, yellow and blue 🇧🇷

    97. Tailed Fox

      I like how he talks meanwhile his doing make-up, he never fails to bored me

      1. Tailed Fox

        @•Fłôrâł• what first like this is a new account

      2. •Fłôrâł•

        I’m ur first like remember me when ur comment becomes famous have a great night/ day

    98. Gracie Mercer 79 (STUDENT)

      Um ok……….

    99. Hello Kitty

      wait- the foundation is low-key his shade

    100. bunny Scott

      Your good at the make up!