Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to try out a full face using only the WORST RATED makeup products! Most of them lived up to their awful ratings but a few of them surprised me! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. Nickie Hodge

      I also have the browser

      1. Nickie Hodge

        It’s also really good

    2. Nickie Hodge

      I have the elf palette

    3. roblox_una_fp

      14:3 ahahahahah

    4. Lil Breezy

      girl boss 💪

    5. TwoDarkenedAngels

      You kind of looked real weird

    6. DIY

      who will he marry boy ir girl 🤣🤣🤣

    7. P1nkH4rmony

      My concealer is pretty rough.. 😬

    8. coolabroa plays

      İs he a gerl

      1. BTS

        No he a guy

    9. Jessica Torres

      But I’ll give you a A+

    10. Jessica Torres

      You are the marshmallow guy somebody has proof but I don’t think you’re the marshmallow guy and I’m seven and a girl

    11. Sarvente

      Story for everybody who uses makeup: research for makeup that does not test on animals and if you have any makeup that tests on animals THROW IS AWAY animals suffer for a lot of makeup and skin care please research skin care and makeup that tests on animals and does not test on animals

    12. bryanna duke


    13. UNO reverse card

      Every 5 seconds “I am so surprised to see this one on the list”

    14. Joy Talane


    15. Robert Delafuente

      James Charles. I’ve seen the prod cast vid how u were willing to accept a guy if he couldn’t afford a plane ticket you didn’t care he wasn’t on your level financially that’s VERY RARE with celebrities much respect ✊

    16. Pranita Sonavane

      It's really good ! I can't do a simple makeup because if I do.. I scared myself 😅😂🤣🤣

    17. Thidieu Duong


    18. Ilijana Malic

      i feel like if he did this look with better products, it would look really good

    19. Ivanski


    20. Lily Martin

      Y’all still watch him after all the sh!t he’s done???? Even poor Mackenzie???? Shameful…🤢

    21. Anna Turski

      HEy SiStErS haha

    22. Najiba Maqbulshoeva

      Even with these products he did a great job

    23. Jewel Almaznaai


    24. Jewel Almaznaai


    25. Jewel Almaznaai


    26. jennifer williams

      hey if u see dis games i have a question if u wanted to get plastic surgery to turn into a girl whould u?

      1. the child

        Its actually called gender ressasingnment surgery not plastic surgery 😊

    27. Chanelle22q Livingstone

      I will rate it a 4 out of 10

    28. L ø n d o n Nance

      I love the intro the fire the bumble bees and the blue butterflies Just Beautiful

    29. Teddy friends

      All the accessories to I'm a really big fan of you

    30. Teddy friends

      Memory span of you what are all the makeup products use all of it Heaven by all the clothes you wear

    31. I am creative

      I got that rimmel London eyeshadow but like darker edition and it's not bad, but it's dark

    32. elena maria

      Hiii James are u a Boy??

    33. 「 Avbunny uwu 」

      *ppl that r making fun of James, HES BETTER AT DOING MAKE UP THEN UR U WILL EVER BE*

    34. Coolsicle Gameing

      maybe check the back of the makeup pack

    35. Coolsicle Gameing

      James are you aware of animal testing ???

    36. lukey lovemade


    37. Bipin shah

      I don’t care about makeup but every thing looks really nice and very cute and good on you 👌🏻👍👍🙂❤️💘💖

    38. Isla Park

      I love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    39. Juliet Albano

      Aaah James when he feel concealer 2021

    40. Kamdyn Huff

      I don't hate the elf powder 🤣 I use that as a finishing powder that I lightly dust on after all my makeup is on before setting spray

    41. Slime it up!

      please do something with your hair you don't look good in it in makeup

    42. Slime it up!

      are you a girl or a boy?😕

      1. A Nerd.

        A Boy I Think

    43. Lyla Canney

      im going to get you makeup palit

    44. Oni BearX

      "hey sisters james charles here" never gets old 💖💞

    45. Lexi Morales

      Ok listen James just a heads up do u got the lisa frank pallet cause it has some BEATILFUL colors in it but ur pallet will always be the best

    46. Polly

      He is shocked to see everything bad rated, then he uses it and says its trash. IT ALL LOOKS GREAT ON HIM!!! I'm so confused...

    47. елена

      Ай как не привычно

    48. Kid Lovely

      "I'm gonna use this nice uhm.....uhmm...uhm...."

    49. Roblox...game,s

      I am done whit you James of your old vid that is why you get hate and that was not okay she was talking to you and you just ignored like she wasn’t there😡🤬

    50. Kaylynn Millhollin

      My mom thinking that your concealer is supposed to be the same shade as your foundation

    51. Danielle Beech

      my mom gave me rimmel makeup is that bad

    52. Taylor Rose

      I miss you

    53. Fred RELIAT

      Even the worst rated makeup looks good on him...I’m confused

    54. Sarah Black

      Are you transe like just to know

    55. *Lemon Meringue Pie*

      3.20 “This.... IS ACTUALLY REALLY BAD” Well hun you didn’t notice that before you decided to do this challenge-

    56. Reese Kendrick

      i thought you were the worst youteber because you did makeup but now that im geting older i lover waching you vidoes

    57. Yahir Rodriguez

      When you have two rimel london palettes and James say is the worst palette😔✌🏻

    58. Radha Lakshmi

      James Charles is the marshmallow in now it

    59. Maryam Sharif

      James Wot is on your for Hede

    60. Debbie Virgen

      I’m sorry James but I’m unsubscribing because something I saw on TikTok and it was real i hate you sorry

    61. Leilani

      can you pls say hey brothers for a dare vid

    62. Dawid Gajos

      Im a new fan

    63. Alyssa Nelson

      You should do a product review of younique

    64. lilliana kakkar ♡

      Who would do this 🤭😂🤣🤣🤣

    65. Gaming ship

      Sister pls post

    66. Shel bel


    67. Teagan Hoss

      I have the elf cream blush stick and i love it. It is my fav blush. You just need a darker color

      1. Kamdyn Huff

        Same, I love a lot of these products

    68. Gabs Sibley

      The person who put that lipstick one before James bought it watching this video like 👁👄👁

    69. Megyn Camacho

      That burp just needs get the worst makeup out

    70. Black Death

      Get discord

    71. M Malik

      The skin at 5.51 in the video is kind of how my makeup looks. I'm kind of new to makeup was wondering if anyone had a my tips on what I could do about it. Idk if it's my products even though I'm using decent stuff like Loreal and that idk. Thanks xx

    72. Hind Rahmani

      man stop acting like girls

    73. Dua Saleem

      It was smelling like sunscreen because it is tinted sunscreen I have one too like this James

    74. Diyaa Ashwath

      I Loovveeee you're earings

    75. XxStupidgirl Online

      Do you use non animal testing products? Please try to if not

    76. kim samuel

      The fact that James looks AMAZING without makeup-

      1. Your average, person.

        Considering that you posted this a week ago.. I don’t think you’ve seen his latest video. Go watch it.

      2. L ø n d o n Nance

        Wtf- how is that possible

      3. Sara Cruz


    77. Joycelline Puteri Stanley

      Can you use Indonesian makeup product pliss💄💋👑🙏🙏🙏😆

    78. Kinslee White

      Pls notice me I'm a big fan i will freak out🥺❤

      1. kim samuel

        @Caden Harvey people can still be fans okay.... James must've learned his lesson and he wont repeat it again so stop hating

      2. Caden Harvey

        Why are you a big fan, he asked a child for horrible stuff

    79. ⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓

      bunnies they died because of you

    80. Haylee Allender


    81. Lego Friends City

      The eyes are actually pretty if I’m being honest!!!

    82. Alistar

      I just got ur make up pallet

    83. HiXvoMa

      Я настолько привыкла к русской озвучке и русскому голосу Джеймса, что просто не могу слушать его прекрасный голос 😂 Мой мозг просто не понимает что это разговаривает один и тот же человек

    84. Madison Lucero

      Omg I miss your videos so much today I graduated 8th grade and my parents got me my dream makeup pallet “you morphe pallet and I literally cried I do sfx makeup and normal makeup and this is my dream

      1. kim samuel

        So?? Can't he do makeup?

    85. Baby Yoda_2468

      Hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters

    86. The World

      Hi James I just want to say you a gorge and don't let anyone bring you down.❤️ U

    87. MrRainbowDoge

      James wasn't THAT bad

    88. 20145766 RAJVI JAISWAL

      James just invented a new song it's is named as " PLUMPLING TINGLING"

    89. 🦊Kaylee🦄

      Your earrings look awesome

      1. Daniel Wallace

        They really do

    90. Lm Golden

      I really agreed with james at 11:10.

    91. Varjak Williams


    92. RobloxMoviesForFun

      HOW DOES JAMES STILL LOOK AMAZING??!!! (I mean... he always looks amazing)

    93. 𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕜𝕒 𝕞𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕣e

      3:56 janes screaming makes me laugh..... Not in an evil way

      1. kim samuel

        Same haha

    94. Darbylicious 10

      ... I use the positions formula concealer...

    95. シTɪᴘsʏTᴏᴀsᴛ

      when ur mom owns the maybelline contour pallet:

      1. kim samuel


    96. ali Elkady

      Let me OMG I watch your videos 1000 OMG

    97. Bell Eckstein

      The elf blush I use and I love it but I also use a darker shade

    98. Nagheen Tascefa

      He always says HI SISTERS in his intro a lot LOL