Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to try out a full face using only the WORST RATED makeup products! Most of them lived up to their awful ratings but a few of them surprised me! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. soapygrande


    2. Alice Clw

      So James cares about more on the look more than the hurt he get when the brow pencil scratches his skin 😂

    3. Sahara Webb

      Not me having the magnetic lashes 🤫😅🥲

    4. Chessurr Rose

      Who gave that rating? THE POOR PEOPLEEEEE ~ Signed, a poor person.

    5. Fidget_tiktok

      In the start of the video I thought he was his brother I swear

    6. Emma Johnson

      Btw love the earings


      Jamse girl

    8. Laura Oliver


    9. Laura Oliver

      these are my favourite videos

    10. Lauren Ehmke

      Can sombody tell me why people where hating on him for and he stoped posting?

    11. jlwoodin

      The eyeshadow makes your eyes look kind of bloodshot

    12. Brelluah

      2:57 yes because its name is Dream :)))

    13. Galaxy Gameplays & Edits

      James: Uses worst products but still looks good Me: uses best products and looks terrible

    14. The Aussie kids

      cHuG jUg wIth YOu 0:24

    15. Dandelion Stars

      he may just be surprised at everything!

    16. katerinaf97

      The refrigerator one, I'm dead 😭😂

    17. Kaveri Sreekumar

      the number one song lmaooooooo

    18. Liberty and her pets

      I love his jacket when he moves his arms his jacket makes a swish noise

    19. Navbir

      He has red eyes now… allergy, allergies?…

    20. Nobody tehe

      Why does the end result look actually really good I mean besides the yellow its so pretty James can just make anything werk

    21. Alyssa Ben Mansour

      Go to the time 7:15 and just look at james hair

    22. お姉さん


    23. chit chat with umme

      I am your very big fan James pls give me heart and show love towards your fans 🥰🥰😉

    24. Sophie Bou

      Definitely or me owning the violet edition of the eyeshadow palette 👀 👄 The thing is I have a Mac one too so I use that one like a lot more but I use the violet pallets for my eyeliner because I’m not bothered to leave my house to get more

    25. Dema alzamel

      Have have a video idea we should do the best rated Make up !

    26. Caroline

      My Makeup Routine: slash some blush and eyeshadow on 💀

    27. N.

      When your first language isn’t English and you understand literally nothing ⚰️

    28. Liv Augendre


    29. Strwaberriez

      Products LOL

    30. Strwaberriez

      You make the worst makeup projects outstanding!

    31. Anzhella Davidova

      You are so pretty James can you do a video of the names of the makeup you use and how to use them I really want to learn from you

    32. Xxsimply_cutexX

      Random stranger: James how many siblings do you have? James: I have 1 brother and 24.7M sisters.

    33. Artist

      Ok but like I can imagine some high school girls about to fight and just taking off their lashes like that 😂 I

    34. Monda Dodge


    35. Rip :3

      Bae you're so beautiful

    36. Ashley Clarke

      My friend texted you on Instagram okay her

    37. Emily Posson

      James "this is probably the ugliest eyeshadow ive ever worn" Me "beats what mine looks like" looks in the mirror and freaks out because she thinks she has a black eye

    38. Emily Posson

      he made this video on my birthday

    39. apex lex

      i wish he would try lower rated products from higher end brands, most of this was drug store and kinda expected

    40. Melvin6754

      Why u look like a boy

      1. Rip :3

        @Inky err0r 💀

      2. Inky err0r

        Cuz he is…

    41. Hailey1130

      How come every video that you use bad products or you don’t like what you do with it you always look amazing .FR in jealous.btw I love your videos and your palette ❤️❤️

    42. Gary Lells

      I am a massive fan

    43. team diamond


    44. Graham Wolfie

      James… It was the Cody Airspun Powder that caused flashback Mary

    45. Sunflowergirl_cookie lizzy

      The eye looks like Dory from finding memo

    46. NotLaara

      PLS DO PART 2222!!!

    47. Mason James

      The fact you chose Green, Yellow, and Blue for eye shadow is so satisfying because those are my high school colors and they always looked so cool. Especially Blue & Yellow or Green & Blue, NOT Yellow & Green tho

    48. Laila Hansen

      His face looked like a complete different person in the thumbnail

    49. Cara Day

      James you are supposed to use a lighter for those old school brow pencil

    50. Marie

      What about mascara?

    51. Gabi Mayes

      The marskarar is just like why dose everyone dislike me

    52. Victoria Horton

      Your worst is better then my best

    53. ꧑oᥒᥒιᥱ

      am i the only one who has a crush on james??

      1. Rip :3

        *OH REALLY???!* he's mine okay?

    54. Grishma Adhikari

      Not me owning the matte mousse--

    55. debora pintox

      I love ur nails omg ur my fav youtuber love u hon

    56. Alaina Daniel

      I love ur nails!!

    57. Tiffany Fisher

      I don't mind when James talks fast, when people talk slow, it bothers me and it gives me the ability to zone out, when you talk really fast I'm forced to stay on task and follow what your saying

    58. Brooke Bilbrey


    59. _Black.Orchid_ 9714

      @James Charles I mean, unless someone throws their keys at your face, then it’s very unlikely that it would be taken off. 😂😂 PS - I don’t wear makeup very often these days, except eyebrows, lmao. Since my hair usually takes up all my time. Haha 😂 (naturally curly) 😭

    60. Under Pressure Divers

      Change tiles I meant this okay I was watching one of your old videos and you have blue eyes blue and brown eyes why do you only have two brown eyes now 😠😠

    61. Little_dino

      That foundation tone makes him look like every guy in high school these days.

    62. Adlede Wach

      Love this video

    63. It’s me viha

      WAIT WHATTT!!!!!! HER MOM IS 25!!!!


      How come he doesn't have paimples 🤨🤨

    65. ♡︎World of witchcraft♡︎

      Hi James

    66. Jasmine Green

      I love this channel it makes me so happy

    67. Savannah Emily

      James: uses worst rated makeup also james looks gorgeous asf


      Okay but whenever you Google the Maybelline contouring kit, it has 4 out of 5 stars and mostly good reviews?? I didn't like it myself, I thought the white should have been bigger than the blush and that you don't really need such a big pan for the pink color.


        Like if I want blush I'll buy blush, lol.

    69. Kim Denny

      I love wet and wild… it’s like mostly pretty good makeup on a budget but like- that wet n wild brow pencil gosh

    70. Mrflee


    71. Mrflee


    72. jesus

      Gordon Ramsey but makeup version

    73. chubby seal!

      can u do this again but best rated

    74. Dassyb B


    75. Luella Coley

      I want you do post more

    76. Madison Carlson

      I love the concealer

    77. Belles Fleurs By Shon

      Day 105 of trying to get James Charles to respond to me🥺🥺😭💕💕💕❤️❤️

    78. Lis

      You should put subtitles in Spanish because there are many followers who speak Spanish and English is difficult

    79. yogya khari

      Brooo 4:00 this is every thing 😂😂😂😂his scream lol

    80. SimplyErica

      "Hi Sisters!"Never gets old Love You!!!

    81. Sara Bh.

      do the most best rated makeup pls

    82. Fruity Juice

      James can never make any makeup look bad

    83. Mehek Agarwal

      Hey eyeshadow look was not that bad!!! (For me atleast)😅

    84. Kitt The cat

      Oh honey no ❤️ I am horrible at makeup and kind of ind to it and can put on a pound and i notice nothing so i cant really say anything but even i can tell these are not good makeups

    85. Tahira Hussain

      why does james look so handsome in this video

    86. Isha Unde

      Why did i like the eyes... Maybe it was just james' skills

    87. Ciara E

      Vote to put “pLuMpIn & TiNgLiNg” on Spotify 😂

      1. Gdfguh Tduu

        For real🤣

    88. Ruby Cantrill

      not me having the contour set

    89. blubble x gum

      my fav part of this video is that is funny lol

    90. ▪︎Neskuicøon▪︎

      Pinshi Hi sisters

    91. Joanne Ryer

      My grandma uses that brow pencil

    92. Tornado_apxcalyps_Lxver qwq


    93. ~ B R U H ~

      My nose hurts

    94. maddie rissinger

      😎 |

    95. Rosey the weirdo

      wow the eye shadow really brings out ur eyes

    96. Eva hager

      tbh that concealer applicator looked a little sus

    97. Daisy Smith

      The Maybelline master contour is my favorite for natural makeup looks

    98. K. Dawit

      Amazing video james

    99. Alexandra O'Brien

      Sister James, ur looking beautiful today

    100. Lola Maria Castillo

      He is the Simon Cowell of Makeup