2020 Deleted Footage & Bloopers!!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so excited to finally move on from 2020 and start a new year together! Before the year starts though, I wanted to show you guys some behind the scenes footage and bloopers from my favorite videos this year! Enjoy!!

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    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Nicole Osterman

      Please read this comment that I'm gonna say please James

    2. Lippy LouLou

      I love how james says he wants chick fa la in almost every blooper 😂😂😂

    3. Yoana Davidkova


    4. Polly Bird

      He really just said 2021 would be a good year for him... sis just wait

    5. Sinalo Jaca

      loved the bloopers. we need more and more behind the scenes love. and maybe some vlogs too love❤❤❤

    6. Lydia Becker


    7. Somia876 Akter linda745**

      The momentous hurricane cytopathologically hop because pike briefly instruct following a helpless rotate. real, spiritual imprisonment

    8. jane jasper

      This is how many times James burped 👇👇

    9. CLEO'S TV

      James is always sneeze or burp in a vid😂😂

    10. Evanator Pro

      What’s your favourite colour

    11. Corinthia Johnson

      James's poor nail artist

    12. Rylan Nellett

      the editing make this a much more beautiful master piece

    13. Jasmine Fritz


    14. hooman

      when james got a notification, i picked my phone up. anyone else?

    15. • かわいい •

      7:56 wait he did the help sign signal

    16. Za Ne


    17. Coco

      Just jumped out of my hand like that 😍😩😍

    18. Kirsty Wood

      You should do a vid of where Trevor does your makeup

    19. NickNopoVlogs

      Ur a man

    20. pretty little swiftie 87

      You really inspire me

    21. Beatrice Keay

      The one with Addison 😂

    22. butter my biscuits till you fry my corners

      5:19 ☠️☠️

    23. Kyle Bradford

      Sup iris

    24. Iris Bartels

      Kyle you will never find this comment

    25. Katelyn Khan

      Happy New year and 2021

      1. Ava

        It’s been 2021 for 6 months

    26. LoNeLy pUp GaChA

      My favorite was 11:28

    27. Felicia Osmolinski

      I love your vids and I want to meat you live in dowagiac I'm moving back to Grand rapids but I know you probably can't come there so but I really just want to meet you I love your makeup you know I can't wear makeup cuz I'm only 8 years old but I love your videos I watch all of them especially when you're with Addison Ray but my favorite ones are the one where you took shots every time you did part of your makeup

    28. Omizzy

      Ok soo Addison first opp don’t do that is it filming ya opp😂😂😂

    29. Gaming With Reine

      Omg I am in love with they larray sences I was lmao

    30. Kaykay Cail

      Me when James was finna sneaz-👁👄👁

    31. Rachel Nguyen

      lol larry: … james: make sure to hit that bluhsusbgsg- larry queen:THIS BITCH BE LIKE HDHDBJDNDNFJFNFNFJ

    32. Pikel

      This year?

    33. Paige Sutterfield

      9:17 adison rae is a savage😂

    34. Paige Sutterfield

      6:42 That scream just made my day😂😂

    35. dylsbby

      0:21 yeah that didn’t age well🕺🏻

    36. Amatullah Mamujee

      Me watching this bc JAMES HASNT UPLOADED FOR A MONTH NOW in 2021

      1. Clitoria

        Right😂 I am rewatching his videos and even videos from his 2 older HRaero channels, elijah h and JaysCoding. You should check them out if you haven't already, younger James is so cute and sometimes cringy😂.

    37. Ihty's writes

      7:58 look and James hand is the help sign😦😦

    38. Britney Johnson

      I miss you🥺

    39. Amber Army

      5:27 next channel by James will be his ASMR channel😂

    40. Kiara Watkins

      its funny how addison was like do you post blupers liitle does she know she is in one

    41. Tyler Ellsworth

      larray: this bich labalblablablabablalablalalabalbaala

    42. peppa pooper

      good choice jmes

    43. Khloe Marie

      Shore 🖼🚢🪝🚤

    44. Us The Newmans

      Not doja cat tryna fight the smoke

    45. TwistedPixels

      2:09 Is me trying to be social.

    46. Lily Round

      People watching this in 2021 be like.

    47. Mia Dickson

      doja cat: 🌬💨💨🤛🤛

    48. Amiah Nedd

      James is so freaking cool

    49. shxdow_swagZZ

      comparing Elf Cosmetics and Kylie Cosmetics.

    50. Heidi Littau

      o my word james LOVES larray

    51. Cecelia Bonnette


    52. SuperPiggies

      7:54 so funny

    53. Judeline Etienne

      2:37 has me dead

    54. Rheana Carty

      Can yu do one more with lilnasx

    55. Analeigh Menhenitt



      The fist cilp is really funny What it be like when you just but on make up and your nose gets ichy

    57. DarkWolfChole


    58. Moon_23

      Addi: 🖕🏻🙄🖕🏻 James: Oop- Don't do that! Addi: Wait, is it filming? 😳 James: Ya- Addi: 👁️👄👁️

    59. Triippsy

      Thumbnail be like

    60. Kayli Lesslar

      1:58 I feel you

      1. Kayli Lesslar

        @Sofia Cajas lmao oops got the time stamp wrong it was meant to be 1:40

      2. Sofia Cajas

        How? At 1:58 he was telling you to like😂

    61. Army Clan

      I can’t believe sister James doesn’t know that the people that own Chick-fil-A don’t support gays

    62. Helee Kunj Vora

      6:26 is that ashley strong who's fixing doja's choker!?!?!

    63. Garima Mehra

      2021 is worst than 2020

    64. Lane

      15. They were 15, James.

      1. Durgaa Patil


    65. Thotse Mzizi

      Love the frekels

    66. Mendy zwart

      5:43 its looks like ur high hahahahahahhahaha omg amazing

    67. Shekhinah Noubit

      More like sister GASSY 💜 u James

    68. The New Body Project

      is that a kardation!!!

    69. Sophie Paola

      6:47 thoooo james ur legit the cutest! period lysm sister! xoxo

    70. Sophie Paola

      7:53 be like....

    71. Estella’s Journey

      I mean 2:00

    72. Estella’s Journey

      2:01 bitch it’s my first day

    73. ashl1391 ashl1391


    74. Sofía Gutierrez

      7:58 OMG ok every body look at this

    75. Viv L-Y

      6:19 to 6:33 that’s strashme....... from instant influencer

    76. Bluer SP 100

      you should have put the bloopers of this intro

    77. Destiny Martin

      You and Lil Nas would be cute together js sister.. 👌🏽 😭

    78. Ishti Jorgeslr

      I have mastered the art of talking as fast as James

    79. WxflyyySquad

      *gasp* thats not very lady like 5:26

    80. tavishiシ

      when he said amazing things me: yeah luv shore amazing.

    81. Addie G

      "I thought it was a new term" hahaha

    82. Sawyer McDonald-Berry

      The “oop my sneeze just left me that was rude” and the whole just Bretman rock part was just a moment

    83. -aude-

      Will he like this comment? 👁👄👁

    84. Rylan Duke


    85. Jewel Sparkles

      I read this title as "KIDNAPPING LIL NAS X FOR 24 HOURS!" idk how though.

      1. strawberry.

        Same... strange

    86. Katherine Savoie

      (9:49) I'm A SaVaGe, ClAsSy, BoOgIe, RaChEt, SaSsY, MoOdY, naAAAaaAaaAAAaaaa

    87. lynette Adams

      yes were in 2021 april why

    88. Amanda Carrese

      2020 was just a trailer

      1. Amanda Carrese

        (movie trailer)

    89. Emma Stevens

      Everything Is chick-fila-a

    90. Zoe Beltran

      Lol how adiddison just flipped us off and james says oh don't do that lol btw I LOVE YOU JAEMS CHARLES can i say that????

    91. Lacey Horn

      8:54 just watch

    92. Antonella

      6:18 isnt that the girl from instant influencer

    93. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

      _7:00__ well_ *10:48**-**10:50** lmao larray*

    94. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

      _7:00__ well_ *10:48**-**10:50** lmao larray*

    95. Karsyn Borel

      James please start posting again we love you so much and give you all the support in the world

    96. Leah Molina

      1:58 what is the other dudes youtube plss tell me

      1. Nashmia Saad Khan

        @Leah Molina npp!

      2. Leah Molina

        @Nashmia Saad Khan tysm

      3. Nashmia Saad Khan

        Bretman Rock

    97. Aarushi Venkat

      James at least 100,000,000,000 times in 2020 : *add ‘sister’ before every SINGLE word* and when someone tells him that ,”oh SHORE”

    98. Zahraa Bashir

      Exposing addision LMAO

    99. soundarya karthikeyan

      6:45 You're such a cutie James and you don't even realize it.... Maybe he did...

    100. XxxortazzxxX

      hi sisters