2020 Deleted Footage & Bloopers!!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so excited to finally move on from 2020 and start a new year together! Before the year starts though, I wanted to show you guys some behind the scenes footage and bloopers from my favorite videos this year! Enjoy!!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Dena McVay

      1:40 that face reminds me from the drunk makeup video

    2. Trey Blevins

      I’d only he new what was coming his way in the upcoming months

    3. Ha Sa


    4. Bella Cullen Avakin

      11:01 11:08 I was actually wheezing

    5. Zeppelin Sulzbach

      If it's deleted footage then how do you have it

    6. Ananya Arya

      Lol i jumped when addison attacked james lol lol lol 🤣😂

    7. Pavin fan

      6:50 james litteraly being a doc

    8. Sofija Rangelov

      Why is STRASHME fixing doja cat???

    9. Jenifer Repreza

      super funny

    10. angel scotland carey

      this is so funny!

    11. Nerd E Ryan

      James: oH tHe MiRrOrS sTiLl In ThE fRaMe us: iT wAs NeVeR tHeRe

    12. Jaywhypeee1

      Bts collaboration💜

    13. Otaku Assia


    14. mica’s

      2:10 James literally rapped Godzilla of eminem and Juice WRLD

    15. Hannah Partington

      In all of james makeup videos in 2020 “lets add some nice bit of this” he says it about 100000000 times in a video.

    16. Rosie Greenburg


    17. Grace Neil

      This is my new fav video also love you sister (please respond)❤️❤️

    18. girl_on_fire 123


    19. Elenor Fisher


    20. Mayshar Ding Hkawng

      when james was singing savge it the part where it says naaaaaastyyyy he sounded like a hourse or somthing

    21. Judith Bruder

      colab with olivia Rodrigo

    22. Helen Y

      i think nauseated is actually a word tho

    23. Ina Lam

      Uhh guys….. 7:57 his hand…

    24. Wendy's Daycare

      8:40 got me laughing

    25. Wendy's Daycare

      Kylie:we killed that sh t

    26. TALLY MORA

      The clip where James was talking to fast all I heard was “hdhjhdjdhdmsbnsgdndgdndfcndhjdhdjdgdnd” lol

    27. melisa mosqueda

      I miss 2020

    28. Jasmine CHO [5W]

      him in every clip : I want chick fil a me: what does it taste like also him: it gives me explosive diarrhea me:😳 Wow

    29. Honey_crisp

      The fact that she just pulled out a vape I mean did you see his face 😂😂😂😂

    30. Mia games  Official

      James:lol Addson mind:oh shit

    31. Mackenzie Welle

      my favorite part 4:11 😂🤣😂

    32. oliviyuh

      james: "tell me what you want to see in 2021." lawsuit: "heyyyyyy"

    33. Harry Stan

      I didn’t know Doja vapes

    34. ToryTravers21


    35. Ariah Deming

      People watching in almost 2022

    36. LynnFilms!

      Have you ever thought of Larray and James dating! OMG!

      1. Heidi Schwendinger

        no because larry has a boyfriend

    37. MessyMali


    38. kristine laygo

      She be vibing and dancing 😚

    39. kristine laygo

      Charli looks so cute when she was in the Halloween makeups videos background 🤪

    40. kristine laygo

      At new year’s my mom drank 19 beers and smoked ty 😐😐😐

    41. Jackie Ramsey

      I'm a savage classie bouhgie raaaaaaaaaaaa

    42. Midnight Galaxy.

      when Addison threw that brush it was hilarious

    43. OPNEP

      Thanks for the birthday present!

    44. Isabella Schneider

      Please don’t point the middle finger up

    45. TikTok News

      5:21 I cant

    46. rasha dibo

      6:37 i couldn’t you we’re so funny

    47. Ciara Beirne

      Is it just me or does Doja Cat's assistant looks like Ashley from Instant Influencer Just me...........ok

    48. minor


    49. minor

      sister spoOoky - charli 2020

    50. minor


    51. bee

      Roses are red Violets are blue The video starts at 1:02

    52. Sari Bee

      Oh he didn’t know what was coming. Pls come back James

    53. Cadence Maier

      It's kinda sad cause only a few months into his "Amazing 2021" ... ...You know

    54. Bts army 4x4

      Hahaha dojo cat trying to punch the vape smoke

    55. Bts army 4x4

      4:14 you’re have to wet it 😂

    56. Addy

      Omg 😹love videos

    57. Sheepbaaaaaap

      We all mess up

    58. Sophie editz ツ

      5:41 I was dying so much 😭😭

    59. Esperanza Guardado

      These bloopers are my whole life all the time.

    60. Frédérique Gagnon

      He had an engagement ring

    61. Lety Delgado

      wow lil nas i love you so much

    62. Kathleen Tomczyk


    63. wababuweh

      I smell ship

    64. Torrent_Of_Illusions

      why is 8:11 so iconic tho😂😂

    65. Ellipsis Moon

      James Charles looks cute with or without makeup

    66. hojui fepii

      The ludicrous shirt alternatively play because click canonically post before a dead kitchen. entertaining, noiseless color

    67. Leah Huertas

      I'm sorry but I loved 2020

    68. ashley tulloch

      So in today’s video fhcgchcbfhfbxhdhjvjvjjv

    69. Sophia Molina


    70. Brooke New

      2:10 The new rap god

      1. {Gacha Hailey}


    71. Nicole Osterman

      Please read this comment that I'm gonna say please James

    72. Lippy LouLou

      I love how james says he wants chick fa la in almost every blooper 😂😂😂

    73. Yoana Davidkova


    74. Polly Bird

      He really just said 2021 would be a good year for him... sis just wait

    75. Sinalo Jaca

      loved the bloopers. we need more and more behind the scenes love. and maybe some vlogs too love❤❤❤

    76. Lydia Becker


    77. Somia876 Akter linda745**

      The momentous hurricane cytopathologically hop because pike briefly instruct following a helpless rotate. real, spiritual imprisonment

    78. jane jasper

      This is how many times James burped 👇👇

    79. CLEO'S TV

      James is always sneeze or burp in a vid😂😂

    80. Evanator Pro

      What’s your favourite colour

    81. Corinthia Johnson

      James's poor nail artist

    82. Rylan Nellett

      the editing make this a much more beautiful master piece

    83. Jasmine Fritz


    84. hooman

      when james got a notification, i picked my phone up. anyone else?

      1. Happy_Biirthday

        yikes- how late are your phones notifications??

    85. sunhliqht

      7:56 wait he did the help sign signal

    86. Za Ne


    87. Coco

      Just jumped out of my hand like that 😍😩😍

    88. Kirsty Wood

      You should do a vid of where Trevor does your makeup

    89. NickNopoVlogs

      Ur a man

    90. pretty little swiftie 87

      You really inspire me

    91. Beatrice Keay

      The one with Addison 😂

    92. butter my biscuits till you fry my corners

      5:19 ☠️☠️

    93. Kyle Bradford

      Sup iris

    94. Iris Bartels

      Kyle you will never find this comment

    95. Katelyn Khan

      Happy New year and 2021

      1. Ava

        It’s been 2021 for 6 months

    96. ♡LoNeLy pUp GaChA♡

      My favorite was 11:28

    97. Felicia Osmolinski

      I love your vids and I want to meat you live in dowagiac I'm moving back to Grand rapids but I know you probably can't come there so but I really just want to meet you I love your makeup you know I can't wear makeup cuz I'm only 8 years old but I love your videos I watch all of them especially when you're with Addison Ray but my favorite ones are the one where you took shots every time you did part of your makeup

    98. Omizzy

      Ok soo Addison first opp don’t do that is it filming ya opp😂😂😂

    99. Gaming with boca

      Omg I am in love with they larray sences I was lmao