Playing Among Us In Real Life 2!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! I played Among Us In Real Life with Charli \u0026 Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Nas X, Vinnie Hacker, Larray, Lil Huddy, Quen Blackwell, Nailea, \u0026 Mario! Watch as we competed to see if we could figure out who the impostors were among us. Enjoy!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
    INTRO ARRANGEMENT: Anthony Gargiula

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    1. Lil Nas X

      that was fun lol

      1. Mini Jonathan

        Lol 😂 nas be like I would do me

      2. Callme Jessica

        OMGGG I didn’t even know you where in the vid lol love your music

      3. Anna . news


      4. King Bugs

        Lol hi

      5. Silly little pig Gaming

        @Kandy Kat oop-

    2. Tasianna Woods

      I’ma live but I’m dead

    3. Kira Wong

      ok noah and dixie are so cute

    4. Roses None yo Business Gromoll

      I love this

    5. A

      where did dix go in the last 2 games

    6. qastillo

      why are y'all not talking about how noah asked dixie to make out at cams HAHAHAHA

    7. Adela Gutierrez

      Aubrey hi

    8. Stawberrytoca

      Noah:Hey that’s my baby Chase:hey charli Charli:dOnT tAlk To mE iM oN a MiSSon

    9. •gachalove•

      Do you like cats

    10. Gibrunks Gibrunks

      22:07 Nai eu vi

    11. aviena

      nai and charli the pretty impostors

    12. •Simply Genesis•

      Noah and Dixie: *watching cameras* Noah: should we make out? Dixie: what??? Noah: I wasn’t joking. I ship them

    13. ItsAlor

      Do another one James!

    14. Cookies Dough

      Me the whole time: poor Nas he was so chill the whole time and nothing wrong

    15. Canadian Bacon

      Imagine if this was a livestream

    16. Ms. T

      I have to wait until I am 15

    17. Ms. T

      But I am only 6

    18. Ms. T

      I wish I played this in life

    19. Ms. T

      That’s seems fun

    20. Mona Moberly

      Larry: back up babe

    21. DAVID pro Vlogs


    22. Pipers Channel

      I need a part 3

    23. Eriy Vlogs

      3:38 Larry I’m dead 😂😂😂

    24. Selma Carma

      I absolutely love how detailed this is

    25. Selma Carma

      Chase: hey Charli Charli: dOnT talk to ✨mEh✨ I’m on a mission🙄

    26. ▪︎the Mika▪︎

      When the impostor is sus

    27. Shamira_May

      Anyone here after vinnie won?

    28. Ashley Richard

      I love chase hudson

    29. 24knayy

      Larry:shut yo big a** up

    30. Elani Robinson

      I love larray

    31. Kiki van Tiggelen

      Chase:hey charli, charli: don’t talk to me

    32. fan_dixie

      Omg charli : don't talk too me bravo 😂lol


      Video: The first two rounds James Charles getting killed first third round James Charles getting imposter




      Info Chan in among us always in the security room singing I’ll be watching you

    36. Asky Johnson

      Crewmate vibes perioddd

    37. SuqarCmbqs 📍💗

      Lilnasx on montero : 😈😈😈😈 Lilnasx on among us : 😍💗

    38. Leah Jackson

      Lil nas x????!

    39. Mbasa D

      ✨ aWw tHaTs mY bAbY ✨

    40. Platinum Clan

      Dababy, Tararontenten LESS GOOO Tararontententententen

    41. Alina Kim

      Why does Charlie said don't talk to me

    42. •Angel•

      Plssss can you do another oneee!!!

    43. Sister beregoi fp🍯Charli Chase fp🧋


    44. Sister beregoi fp🍯Charli Chase fp🧋


    45. Sister beregoi fp🍯Charli Chase fp🧋


    46. Dieudnnēe Smith

      You guys have to make Among us3

    47. h.i

      Can we talk about how nai was singing Dixies song "one dAy OnE dAy"

    48. Karjila Jase

      The upset aluminum chiefly dance because michelle totally shop for a necessary burma. quick, obtainable emery

    49. Julia Saavedra

      No likes you lilnasx

    50. Selene Saenz

      3:40 AWWW I LOVE NAS’S AWH

    51. Nicole Adams

      You can kill other impostors

    52. yungbasedjedi

      Let me iiiinnnnnn pllleeeeeaaaasse

    53. alex_kawaiipotato

      Yoo lil nas is in it

    54. Isaibella Bishop

      i love viterwe

    55. Aubriella Bishop

      You guys are nice imposter you guys are not good at recording.

    56. Laura Esteves

      muito foda james me chame para seu procimo vifeo 😁😁

    57. Cherlyn Moreno

      Nai talking about charli while going to security: Larry hears her: Turns on flashlight: Larry panicks and gets killed by Nai: Lol

    58. Edris hill

      No rude but u toooooooooo toooooooooooo tooooooooo tooooooo toooooooooo toooooo tototototototot. Otototottogay

    59. rachel cruz contreras

      Chase:hey charli! Charli: dont ,talk to me

    60. Paolett Zarazua

      Among Us IRL PART 3 pls SISTER!!


      llu laik diqz offfff kharrliy dhamelllllllllllllllioh?

    62. Laina Veneroni

      I swear James is so lucky that he is friends with famous people

    63. Nevia

      Noah: hey honey chase: hey charl. Charli: don’t talk to me I’m on a mishion

    64. Katalin Csontos

      3:55 Chase: Hey Charli🥴😏 Charli: Don't talk to me🙄😐

    65. Eddeツ

      nai: “i think we won” nas: “who is we” nai: “umm.... what are u guys talking about?” i just love her HAHAHAHA

      1. Yaneliz Garciga

        Not you copying a comment

    66. Mariana Alves dos Santos


      1. Mariana Alves dos Santos


    67. Aadya Kapoor

      6:09 bahhahahha

    68. Jayden Bryant

      more pls

    69. Brynlee McKee

      LIL NAS X

    70. Olivia valery

      No no the green shirt with the little dog ears with a black dog ears ceased imposter

    71. Nice

      WE WANT 3 episodeeeee

    72. Silma Starogorac

      3:53 Awwww❤🦋 3:56 mood🙂 3:57 sheeeeeeeeeeesh

    73. Silma Starogorac

      3:53 Mood🤡🔫

    74. Hani

      but where is dixie at the end 22:11 and here 0:30

    75. Rama Raid


    76. Ccwqz

      Im just here for lil nas lol

    77. Skylar Lewis

      yuh ill tear ur acl no more renegade.. best comeback ever.

    78. kushina

      En el minato 3:57 dise no me hables

    79. Outdoor Woodsman

      Why is charli so pretty

    80. Mia Fredick

      Lil nas

    81. Maybelin valeria Mena aceituno

      Nadie absolutamente nadie!yo viendo esto en ingles y no entiendo nada😅😅

    82. Mamamia ASMR

      I think u should do Part 3 with Valkyrae, and Bella.

    83. rylee davis

      im dead but alive hahahahahahah

    84. Breeltoocool😎

      Me and the bestie:I hav Ethan bitch🤣

    85. Mohammed Hussein

      Can u do one more AMONG US

    86. CEO of cod niaaaa

      I love the boy in red he’s my role model

      1. Stacey X2

        hes not your role model if you dont even know hes name, hes name is not guyin red his name is Larray

    87. Manha Melli

      You are so cool

    88. 「 •Bau Gm ツ•」


    89. Carrie

      Nas is sus he said would you do me

    90. Carrie

      Lil Nas did you really sell your soul

    91. Sofia Ridao

      4:45 ✨las risas de charli✨

    92. huhia gumoo

      The kindhearted color neurally license because transmission dolly lie by a shut stepson. windy, successful trowel

    93. X2Excalibur X

      Yo James keeps on getting killed first

    94. Daxton Guy Hebert

      You can see who it is

    95. Mary

      Can you do the 3 part please?

    96. Isela M

      20:58 " y'all, it's twitching again 🙄✋🏼"

    97. Wayne Asher

      The wary chard immunochemically double because restaurant electronmicroscopically scatter unto a amusing mail. beautiful, tricky salt