Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 6 mjeseci


    1. hi

      alberta when its winter its hell

    2. Madison Hunt

      I live in Canada and it gets crazy cold out. Like it starts snowing in October where I am but I don’t mind the snow, actually I find it comforting

    3. Elizabeth Russell

      James: am I dying If your where dying you would be doing all your make up everday and hanging out with your freinds and i live in Mississippi and we get snow every 2 years or just never

    4. MattockMoments

      I live in England but wee only sometimes get a little bit of snow in winter

    5. Mackenzie Mitchell

      I live in England there is a lot of snow 😃😃❤️♥️ love you James

    6. Tina Still

      No and I'm from. Australia

    7. Jaynee Valadez

      No we don't have snow here because I live in Dallas Texas

    8. Samin Alikhani

      You posted it on my sisters birthday

    9. Argentina Rostas

      I from Romania and yeh it's hot

    10. bball

      yess and i do love the winter i love all seasons tbh

    11. Ami House

      I don't have snow here Dubai oscillating from Charlotte

    12. TheYeopauline

      I am from Singapore

    13. Ma.Loraine Cao

      im from philippines tho-

    14. :p

      we have snow sometimes but this year we had almost 2 feet - washington

    15. Sara Den Kule

      I am from the north of Norway and when its winter its alot of snow and I love it and I can ski and I love to ski.

    16. Layla Prior

      Hi sister! I live in Australia in NSW it doesn’t snow where I am but it does snow in my state 🌨🌨🌨

    17. Eden Gebb

      ok so i live in hawaii there is snow sometimes but its like 2 inches deep

    18. Happy PawZ

      Beautiful with makeup on, but absolutely adorable without any!

    19. Sammy Love

      From colorado. Hate the heat love the winter!!!!

    20. Shamma Aldarmaki

      No there is no snow in the UAE cause it’s a desert 🏜 but in the winter it cold but no snow

    21. Aminath Jaufar

      I am from Maldives male

    22. Nathan Dub ois

      I’m from Utah

      1. Nathan Dub ois


    23. Maisha Marzan

      Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    24. Sophie Levesque

      Like a SmOoTtTy

    25. Rebecca Chaviano

      Miami no snow and also hate winter I never gets cold hardly and also it is sweater weather


      I love winter there is snow where I live

    27. Gracie Mcclellan

      "brain freeze"/%>

    28. Olivia Edwards

      (Texas) I dont normally get snow but this year we had like a blizzard!!!!! (we usually get like a powder)

    29. Ugne Orzekauskaite

      im from lithuuania

    30. Sofia Shickler

      I live in PA and it is so fricken cold in the winter! It snows a lot, and one winter it got up too 5 ft. Also I hate the cold

    31. harry potter fan girl

      I live in Ireland and I love winter because my birthday is in that season since Its in December soooo yeah

    32. Dakota Clarke

      James: Am I dying?? ☹️ Me: wow, you have a headache cause it's cold, so that's why you have a headache cause. You're putting cold things on your head.

    33. madison Montanino

      There is no snow where I live I'm from Boston I live in South Carolina

    34. afiya afrah Shaik

      India and we hate winter because of cold

    35. Mr. Lalnon

      The frozen eyeshadow palette probably had more fallout because things expand when they're cold, so it became looser.

    36. Abby Roberts

      I live in North Dakota

    37. Sheron Carolissen

      No 🇿🇦

    38. kitty lover

      I do live in a place with winter and I love it but my house like freezers

    39. Ross Lynch

      James had 25 million now it's 24.9M subscribers 🤔

    40. cheese

      let it gOoO

    41. David Theriot

      i live in louisianna and we get at least 3 inches of snow but i love winter

    42. Unati Nagvekar

      We don't have snow in where I live it's cause I live in indai

      1. Unati Nagvekar

        I mean india

    43. Ashley Nicole Nichols

      Arkansas & yes duck hunting

    44. Hanouf Alabdulla

      I live in Qatar and it is so hot we we literally live in a desert 🇶🇦


      No in my country there is no snow and 6:32 I am from Pakistan a Muslim country and I love your videos and from your videos I learned how to put a eyeshadow

    46. Ashley Leeder

      I live in Perry so yeah of course just know I love it and yeah I don’t have any

    47. Wows Incredible and lot


    48. Mille Martine Almvang

      I have a love hate relationship with the winter but I like the summer more then is my birtheday

    49. Hehethats.me❤️‍🔥

      How the hell does James remember all of the colors in the pallets names-like does he study them

      1. Fell Sans

        i don' even knowww maybe???

    50. Hehethats.me❤️‍🔥

      James Charles is honestly the best out there he’s gives me SO much inspiration and getting me to start doing make up please continue doing make up James you’re my inspiration

    51. Elyssa Felix

      No I'm from ARIZONA there was snow one year

    52. Sarah Cim

      I’m from Canada and I’m kinda 50/50 on the winters. It’s gorgeous, but they don’t like to salt side walks where I’m from I have fallen so many times lol

    53. Haven Wabbit

      I had snow ones I live I north Carolina

    54. •Liya• Cøøkie

      Yes I live in belguim

    55. 317- Mariam Khan

      No I live india

    56. Laylagacha_uwu UwU

      Hey guys do not try this it will ruin your makeup stuff so if you want try it do it

    57. ashleigh greenley

      i like how james said he has got a head pains and then he is like am i dying

    58. ashleigh greenley

      it sows and i live in Eangland

    59. Seyanie Abaraya

      I am from Victoria Australian and it dose not snow at all lol by the way i’m from Melbourne

    60. Gabriella Neumann

      Janesville wi is a very cool place in the winter today it was a 100 degrees one time we has -64 degrees

    61. Mariya Wani

      Well, where I live there is a lot of snow obviously in winters

    62. Chloe Digiovine

      Quick story : I love the snow but one my birthday we were all snowed in

    63. Laken Bays

      Yes there is snow in west Virginia but sometimes I like it better than the summer time

    64. Neeran Khoon Khoon

      No but I live in cape Town

    65. Katherine Fabbri

      Live in California but I moved to Michigan Christmas because my grandma my grandpa live in MichiganChristmas and then after Christmas I go back to California

    66. §CLOWN§

      the thumbnail if u look closely on the pallet it says still has the "hi sisters" 💀

    67. Alexis Robertson

      It doesn’t snow in Florida and I have never seen snow before…

    68. gacham lover

      Yes i live in a place where it snows and I hate it the only time I like it is when I made a ice skating rink

    69. Amber Gregory

      I love you Jame Charles your the best can you please make a birthday youtube video

    70. Konvos With KK

      Me waiting for him to hit 100 million

    71. Rumaysa Surti

      I was setting ice creAm while watching it's videp

    72. °Arctic White°

      I’m in Malaysia and I have never ever felt snow ever ever before

    73. Rawdha Naqi

      No we don’t have snow ⛄️ because I live in the United Arab Emirates ❤️love you ♥️

    74. Vaishnavi Shrikanth

      I live in India and we dont have snow and I'm sad

    75. Mya Keith

      i live in alaska... THAT is nothing

    76. Anais E.luz


    77. Harper Williams

      It doesn't snow much in Brownsville TN

    78. AC - 04ZZ 834469 Willow Way PS

      Yes do you have snow where I live I hate the winter

    79. Sandra Un

      I live in a small small town in China called Macao and there has no snow

    80. Dan Mahgoub

      No snow in my place I'm in Saudi Arabia

    81. Kate Kate

      Me staring at James putting eyeshadow on… him saying am I dying?

    82. Kate Kate

      It does not snow in Texas. But it did snow in the freeze.

    83. Jahzarah Bishop-Wiari

      No in WA there isnt

    84. Alani Santiago

      i live in a kind of cold but there is fall sring winter summer

    85. janeflamescookie2

      All you can agree james os awsam

    86. Infinity_ Eli

      Yea I like the winter

    87. Madelyn hellenbrand

      The waffles like Yas give me

    88. Leandro Joao

      it snows atleast 5 times a year

    89. Tara Anic

      James:Am i dying Me:omg nooo HAHHAHAHAHA

    90. Hudson Spindler

      Yes Minnesota

    91. Kassey Turton


    92. Raia curry

      I Live in Texas

    93. Study with Sayuri and Aaliya Ranju

      No,where I live there is no snow.I am an Indian,most places in India doesn't have snow.I am in the state Kerala.

    94. Farah Zaman

      YES I love it, I hate summer

    95. Amelia Mccabe

      No snow herein America

      1. •°•Dawn_Star Gacha Life•°•

        2019 i got 1 foot and 6 inches of snow. btw i live in red wing Minnesota

    96. Alice Holroyd


    97. Itz Kinz

      Texas lol

    98. Romali Swain