Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 5 mjeseci


    1. Dwauna-gae Boreland

      Some times I like the cold

    2. Jelanis Rivera

      I think when I was frozen you let it there and it was melting and then now you can spray it on your face James but you look really pretty

    3. Jelanis Rivera

      I thought that was a cabinet

    4. Simply xMiraculous!

      0:02 James what are u on-

    5. Johanny B.T.

      I live in florida

    6. Rain Cloud

      I’m in Idaho and it ✨SnOw✨

    7. Francisco Magos

      No I don’t have snow in my town but I love the snow

    8. Phillip Carden

      Do you reccomend this for little boys too?

    9. Alexie Amik

      I live in Alaska and my village is napaskiak...and winter fun because a can go hunting on the tundra but with deep snow and snowmachine

    10. Adele Tong

      I’m from the uk so no it’s just rain and 5% of sun and for snow it’s 2%

    11. Aphrodite

      I live in the USA in Elenoy

    12. Samantha Nappi

      It killed me how many times he said de-thawed it’s just thawed 😂

    13. Kyra Drake

      There was a big snow storm but usually it is just rain I’m from Princeton

    14. Jeffrey Herman

      I live in a place where we get ALL seasons and the snow and winter time in fun but it gets tiring at times but it’s fun for Christmas!❤️


      James Charles I am from New York and it's hot

    16. Jurgita Vaškeliene

      I live in Lithuania, and yes there is snow. I like it some times.

    17. MochiFrapucino

      Im in Indonesia

    18. Aakriti

      I live in Punjab, India and it doesn't snow here And I would love to visit somewhere it snows

    19. billy billy

      also yess there is snow where I live (it's currently summer now though so Ye)

    20. Jamie Whaley

      I live in Gillespie and we don't really get snow but this like before 2021 we got a lot of snow and me and my brother went snowboarding so it was really cool

    21. Lissa Ramirez

      i live in florida

    22. Itzalexis_orange

      Im from philipines theres no snow here qwq

    23. The Llama

      I live in Minnesota and it gets REALLY cold!

    24. Sarah Spitler

      WV and yes I have snow ❄

    25. Zoe Day

      With a fluffya blursh

    26. Foz Gamez

      I live in Oklahoma so yes sometimes but not all the time

    27. Andria Storring

      I live in Canada 😃👍🏻

    28. Megan Bong

      my place dont have snow and i live in Malaysia so ya that's it SISTER

    29. Hina Imran

      no pakistan

    30. Alysa

      ...... I live in Scotland and from Scotland but talk very British

    31. Dusty Guilbeau

      basically all the time i live in Colorado

    32. alyssaabdullah butt

      Stranger : asks James how many siblings do you have James : 1 brother and 25 .2 million sisters

      1. 💙Watercoco💙

        That's all of us. -.

    33. mMmMmM dInO nUgGiEs OwO

      I don’t get snow i live in Texas:D

    34. Hailey Irlbeck

      I'm from Minnesota

    35. Maddie Manucy

      I live in AZ so it does not snow here 🥵

    36. Sarah Adjei


    37. Amber Perry

      i am from gore in new zealand and there is no snow here but its not warm

    38. Roblox_ girl Roblox_Ayla


    39. Fandom Fire

      We get snow in the winter sad story I live in washington state Probably one of the most unpopular states in the world

    40. Smita Nair

      i live in india but in south so it doesn't snow here in bangalore...................... :'''''')))

    41. Jasmin Rivera

      ✨iCe sCrEaM✨

    42. Roocksy Abbi

      There is not snow

    43. Samantha Loera

      i love you James (:

    44. Gracie Caronna

      I live in lake havasu and it does not snow the last time it be snowed was 10 years ago I love the winters they are sooooooo cold

    45. Jessica Lp

      can u make a cow shot every where like the shot dear but make it a cow pls

    46. Samantha R Cody

      Yes I have snow where I live but it only in the winter like not in the summer like in some spots in cannada there is snow but not where im right now in feb jan and dec there snow but not any other month

    47. Lucy Pennings

      This was posted on my birthday!!

    48. Claire Anne Y. Ngo

      philippines is the hottest country

    49. katelyn bookhout

      where i live it snows from december to march - IT SNOWS A BUNCH IT COVERED MY HOUSE

    50. 1SS music Joe Pol

      I live in New Zealand and there is no Snow

    51. maia derouiche

      Yep there is snow where I live but it snows in march the fuck I live in belgium by the way but im american

    52. Agnes Olsen Fyhr

      I'm from Sweden

    53. Golden Heart 1026

      Well ya but is really rare because I live in Louisiana

    54. Hi bye

      I live an LA an I get snow... . . . . . When I add water to that powered stuff

    55. Jordan Perez

      Literally gen a when something unusual is happening to them “😳 Am I dying?”

    56. Dos Kids

      Yes snow and a lot of it

    57. Kaitlyn Johnson

      I love how James is always fitting comedy into his videos. 🤣😂🤗

    58. Lendel John Roy Nifras

      I live in the Philippines and it feels like summer all year lol. I wanna experience snow so bad...

    59. Pool cleaner

      8:44 is like asmr

    60. The Clowaters

      I live in canada and I love the winter

    61. Tab Cummins


    62. Jersey and Kenzi

      I live in Elkhart and I sometimes like the snow

    63. Sara Laing

      James sup sister you do be looking cold

    64. Fun time with Vivian And Kale

      I am from Kansas and so we get snow during winter timeIt’s not my favorite

    65. Aby sarahi

      I live in the hottest place on earth phoenix

    66. Ashley Abrams

      I live in Arizona and no snow

    67. Liz Minellie Vargas

      I live in Puerto Rico no snow

    68. Dog Stars

      I actually live in New York for about nine years of my life and we just moved to Arizona and it’s totally different

    69. Bekka

      I'm in a love-hate relationship with winter

    70. Brianna Santana Sosa

      No I live in Florida but I wish it snowed

    71. Michaela fun Bella

      yes we have snow here sometimes

    72. Averie Nahorney

      Omg Hi James! I love you so much but I like in Saskatchewan Canada so there is lots of snow💕😘

    73. Møchi_Bërry _Sīsters

      Australia Perth = No snow

    74. Karen Deery

      Canada and yes there is snow it better then summer because I don’t like Bess 🐝

    75. Bay’s Arts

      AZ babe

    76. Isla Park

      U are amazing

    77. Isla Park

      Love u 😍

    78. Phebemaree

      I live in Utah and it is so hot rn but during the winter it’s so cold!

    79. Mini charms 2000s

      Montana 🥶🥶🥶

    80. BrooklynVlogs!

      No snow! I live in florida. I do love the winter though😁😁😁

    81. BrooklynVlogs!

      NO! I live in florida

    82. Meerna Loreen

      So many Coca-Cola im gonna to steal them lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. Meerna Loreen

      I love the meukup with those hearts en srar is so cute 💖💖💖

    84. Gold Crown Gangs

      I hate snow

    85. Carla Bulgaru

      Because my birthday is in January ❄️♑😇

    86. Carla Bulgaru

      And i like the winter ❄️

    87. Carla Bulgaru

      I am from Romania

    88. Squeek Charlotte

      I live in England and I hate the winter

    89. Sophia Marie

      Wait do you like girls or boys ??

    90. Lexie Jimenez

      I’m from Kauai

    91. Linda Lawson

      no ohio

    92. Imad Elhaiti

      Sister...i hope u come back ❤️❤️

    93. Jordyn Broady

      I love the snow I just hate that it cold

    94. XenP77

      I live in England Preston! Barley any snow in the year we only have 1/2 days of snow but in 2020 on a month we had a blast full of snow!

    95. Aliyah Scott

      no im from san jose but i moved to san deigo

    96. 0nly Mitsuha

      No snow,indonesia,hate it

    97. Brenda Farmer

      It looks so good

    98. Brenda Farmer

      He said damn

    99. Lacey Mae

      I live in South Georgia so NO..sadly there is no snow

    100. kylocloud

      we do not get very much snow because i live in texas but when we do i get happy because winter is my favorite season