Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide My Makeup Routine

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I wanted to take on the Drive Thru challenge... but make it a Makeup Challenge! I went to Ulta and let The Person In Front Of Me Decide My Makeup! Stay tuned until the very end for a HUGE giveaway too!

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    EDITOR: Louis Gargiula

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije godine


    1. Ava

      Plz do this challenge again

    2. Bella Shoemaker

      Me when I looked at his eyeshadow:👁👄👁 how🙀😯

    3. Larry Gough

      James:in the shade BEAST Me:JOHN CENAAAAA

    4. Lilly x Stranger things

      JaMeS NeEdS tO TrY FlOrEnCe By MiLlS!!

    5. Akanksha Khajuria

      James is the prettiest man ever 🥺❤️ NO CAPS

    6. Courtney Mendenhall

      What I love about the eye colors is that they are the pan colors

    7. •B u n n y  •

      5:37 can somebody translate?

    8. :Reese:

      He should make a James Charles Skincare Line!

    9. Tiny Tokyo

      I have a challenge Go to Ulta and whatever color shirt he is wearing he had to buy makeup in the same color and do a full face of makeup only using that color (Only other color allowed is his shade in foundation)

    10. Rhyanna Alves

      My daughter and son would love to win

    11. Kylie Musenbrock

      I didn’t know you could use eyeshadow on your face

      1. 笑チキンラップ


    12. sinais james

      James! Please NOTICE me! Can you make a video of your make up pallets and make up products! Please! I’m 12 and I want to be a makeup artist

    13. City Kitty

      Is it just me or does the eye shadow look like the LIKEE colors?

    14. Bella Davila

      This is the actual first time ur neck matches ur face and it looks so good

    15. grace

      i love IT cream foundation

    16. Varsha

      James talking about a cream I forgot the name , helps to clear break outs Louis : needed And I thought , after the video Louis will be in his coffin ⚰️

    17. Brianna Cook

      Love your look

    18. Andley Pylate

      love the four million sprits of setting spray

    19. Coo coo the cockatiel

      The eyeshadow looks like the bi flag! See that

    20. Itzs waniya

      Who's watching this in 2021

    21. anapaula alvarez

      I was already scared because I didn't have a james mask

    22. RaveyRein


    23. Katrina McCarthy

      James secretly shading Kylie with the lipsticks

    24. Alyssa Don

      I just got a boyfriend 2 weeks ago and i just wanted to let you know

      1. Lily White-Charles

        Good for you!

    25. Victoria Peanutbuttercookie

      You so cool

    26. Blue Canyon Pools LLC

      Did anyone see his Tesla??

    27. Alexis Xtina Fierce Collinwood

      I love you James charles you are my role model

    28. Itz Jessie

      Anyone else watching this in 2021 and wondering why he didn't wear a mask then they realised this was in 2019

    29. Ahava Namutebi

      Yes Yes Yes yes Ahava

    30. Vanisha

      I wish I could get a picture with James too!!!✨💫💖❤😢

    31. Crystal Kincaid

      And he had pink purple blue in a row I was like yes bisexual

    32. Shania Peña

      I’m such a big fan

    33. Kaelyn van Antwerp

      Love the makup look

    34. izzy reed

      Lewis is a savage

    35. Monica Petre

      Me before he adds yellow 🥺 it's the bisexual flag 🥺

    36. Alicia Teaguw

      One of the shades in his palette should be “busted” or “pinkidy drinkity”

    37. Eliza Welsh

      I love you James

    38. Josephine Williams

      I looooove mia♡ she's so sweet♡

    39. Jill Persinger

      Jame's eye shadow be looking like the Instagram icon

    40. Iz Me

      You know it was a long time ago when their not wearing masks

    41. Brooke Langlands

      I always use out because that’s the only place that I can buy make up in my city and I really want to James Charles palate mum won’t get me one

    42. Hoang Katelyn

      Anyone here in 2021??

    43. Meagan Weaver

      The lying tomato ironically dance because trumpet customarily snow about a proud beautician. defiant, draconian field

    44. Sophia Dasilva

      I love this makeup look omggggggggg

    45. Olivia Prager

      why dose he look better than ever using other peoples products

    46. Lune et étoiles

      Me: about to enter the give away Also me: realizing this was filmed a year ago

    47. Allie Mazzio

      Ok wait this shade matches him I think he found his new shade

    48. Livia R

      To those who read this: You are loved You are worth more than anything You are beautiful without makeup it is just for fun You belong

    49. Tatiana Gonzalez

      So what happens to the makeup that you buy for these challenges?

    50. dog 101

      Imagine Just a grown man hiding in the corner of a store with a bunch of teenage girls.

    51. Desiree Alfaro

      james i haven’t washed my hair louis we can tell james LOUIS

    52. Madison Kirby

      Who’s here in 2021!! 👇🏻

    53. Arabella Swann

      Kind of looked like the bi flag for a second 🏳️‍🌈

    54. LunaEstrella Alma

      Red carpet look eyyy!

    55. LunaEstrella Alma


    56. LunaEstrella Alma

      Your dumb 1,000 oh hell no James wthell

    57. Reese Rowe

      I think that was so nice that he payed for everyone’s makeup

    58. Dog Lover *read channel description*

      I think I’m too late for the giveaway... Anyone else? ⬇️

    59. Adeline Garcia

      Bisexual Eyeshadow!

      1. Adeline Garcia

        and yellow

    60. Molly Robinson

      the bi flag on his eye at first with the pink blue and purple 😂

    61. Abigail Cottone

      I love how he spelled hoe 😂

    62. Unathi Unzzy Zwelibanzi

      I love the Anasasia palate🤩🤩💞💞💞

    63. Ash Issues

      It’s when James screamed because someone bought his pallet for me and was talking in jibberish! 😂😂😂😂

    64. Yuh

      I was gonna say... he isn’t wearing a mask

      1. Yuh

        Ik it was a year ago lmao

    65. Likho Jadezweni


    66. Jodie Goffrier

      Me:literally JUST found out there was an ulta beauty is meridian while sitting here with the money for the palette...😭🙄

    67. Lily Springer

      Ultra drive through that would be great

    68. Kelli Jones

      This is why my makeup routine consists of 2 things..chapstick and mascara

    69. Shoegirl825

      You should do a vid of you going to the store and the people there actually go and pick your makeup for what they would think would look good on you

    70. Ruth Calero

      Everybody in the line is like😎

      1. Ruth Calero

        Bruh I just realized that almost everything in the first bag was things he uses

    71. Leona Vedal Lindem

      The laughe in the backround

    72. Kpop_lover_baby_yuta


    73. Andrea Vintage

      You're such a generous beautiful person I love what you did for those people but you didn't feel the need to put that as your video title you didn't put paying for people in front of me makeup like so many have to do for views apparently instead of doing it like you so much respect right from the heart love you xx

    74. Emily Bishop

      I love your makeup

    75. Lisa Evans

      Love this vid!!! And nice burps! 🤣🤣

    76. Millie K

      Has anyone else noticed that James's eyes were greener 2years ago?

    77. Ang Ace

      I feel like james has magi habds bc he cab do anything fr

    78. Alka Naik


    79. Abigail Jolin

      Love you james

    80. sunny lewis

      The giant faucet pathogenetically crawl because flood laparoscopically invite amid a wealthy sheep. polite, able squash

    81. ItsRockySims

      lol i was just at my local ulta to get the cheapest thing of concealler and setting powder. also my mom just came to me to ask me for help with picking out some make up for her job as a cna

    82. Maritza Garcia

      James should make a palette called Louis

    83. Purple Alien


    84. Addison Johnson

      James’ foundation is trying to be opposite from Flashback Mary😂 (No hate just saying🤣)

    85. Lani Dimock

      This is like the first time ever that he has gotten makeup on his clothes

    86. Edward Levine

      Tell me it's not me that I see the Pan flag

    87. Isabella Antonellis

      Omg that looks good James I love the look! 🦋🐬🍎🍒

    88. dassi chesner


    89. tabob stick

      I'm getting pansexual vibes from the eye look anyone else ????

    90. Azu Torres


    91. Lexus Herring

      I would love to won because I never won anything before . I really would love to have your james charles pallet and other things.

    92. Lexie Mathews

      Thos burgers and nose hairs tho

    93. Can. You. Not.


    94. Kori Musick

      i love your vids

    95. gibby

      he sounded so different lol 🙃🙃

    96. • Gxcha• S e • n p • a i

      Am I the only one watching in 2021

    97. Debbie Ziemendorf


    98. Bella Montgomery

      Not James studdering every 5 seconds😙

    99. Ahnem Ahnem

      James, you look so excited You look so cute

    100. Brooklyn

      Imagine just going to Ulta just to get a bottle of mascara and James Charles walks in “I’M BUYING WHATEVER YOU BUY”