SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy!! 🐶

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! Today's video is a vlog of our journey getting a new puppy and best friend for Finn! We've been thinking about it for months now and we finally found the right addition to the family. Enjoy and suggest us names down below!!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Fadwa ALBalushi

      ssssssssssoooo cute gosh💕💕💕💕

    2. Mario Carmona

      If you like get a treat and lead him to u wile he’s swimming you wells

    3. Deanna 123

      The puppy is so adorable😍😍😍😍

    4. Jenae' Surrey

      The dog name is James

    5. Jennifer Tombeno

      Little tip on getting him used to the water. Maybe hold one of his toys and see if he swims to you to get the toy

    6. HellyJelly

      Pff wow no wow

    7. Nicole The Gamer


    8. Nadar Boparai


    9. billy billy

      also maybe try puppie swiming lesson's that might warm him up to the water.

    10. billy billy

      James+Larri=besties forevsies

    11. bysleydi martinez

      i think ummm putting the pupper in the water more would help (hopefully

    12. Kimberly Arriola


    13. Kimberly Arriola

      SO CUTE

    14. Manuels

      Finn very emozioneted ❤️

    15. Manuels


    16. Manuels

      Minute 2:36 Very cuteeeeee ❤️❤️❤️😍😍 it's a adorable, funny dog

    17. Ana Castaneda


    18. Damien Briones

      At 12 minutes and 1 seconds james sed thrised

    19. Pragnya S.S.Poruri B'Day is coming in another 11 days{Thats on 21st of june} and we are adopting 2 new baby huskies and im soooooooo excited. Its a male and a female. My dog is the female and my bro's is a male{obvy}. I'm naming my dog Luna and my bro's dog is Pepper/ Clover {he still didnt decide}

    20. Megan Bong

      are you my new sister?

    21. Kimiko Alexandria Tandapranata

      james maybe try this, u put the treat in front of the dog and path it to the pool maybe try that.

    22. Fak mue

      Finn is taking a parent roll he knows that when he becomes the Omaga (what comes after Alfa) the puppy will become the Alfa and he needs to learn and be trained for that.

    23. Paige

      Am I the only one who noticed that there was a truck in the background about dogs

    24. Raider

      When Finn gets between u and the puppy that it him basically telling the pup to not do that and stop

    25. Ileana Cernuda

      Soooooo cuteeeee😘😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜

    26. Vanya Griffith

      When I here the name Finn I think of my golden retriever who passed away 😵🥺😭😭😭

    27. Minty Giraffe

      James: We will definitely update you on the swimming. *Never said anything about the puppy swimming 🤣*

    28. Freya Unzy

      Can anyone tell me his name I’m here in 2021 please tell me his name

    29. dipulanzarote

      He is soooooo cutttttte he looooks like a oreoooo

    30. Joshua Helman

      Do what he said and if you do it everyday it should help the dog like get used to swimming do it to Finn and he'll definitely he will definitely swim that's how I teach my dog and now he wants to go swimming everyday or she must go swimming everyday

    31. Rae Pacquette Dorsett

      James' hair always matches the puppy he gets when he got a white puppy his hair was white now his hair is black

    32. Samantha Rahm

      YES QUEEN 👸🏻

    33. Samantha Rahm

      Hi i love you so much James ❤️ and you have a CUTEEEEEE OUTFIT

    34. Mily anime


    35. Amin Hashemi

    36. Malmal

      To get them use to the poll hold them while your in the pool and occasionally let them swim between you and someone else!!

    37. Malmal

      I love frenchies i have one they are very low key and the stairs they don’t like stairs!

    38. Vridhi_army_BTS

      I just lost my dog yesterday😭 (2 june) and watching these two little puppers makes me cry sooooooo hard . Love u james you are a great daddy 💜💜

    39. Shinn Coogie

      Cute dog🥺

    40. Shinn Coogie

      Jamescharles: Hi sisters

    41. Jennifer Donlucas

      YAY 🙃🤜🤛❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    42. Anna Thompson

      I’m so exited for you James and I love your intro and your my favourite youtuber

    43. bear chapman

      just thaow the dog in the pool

    44. Acappella Artist

      My pup was barking all day every day when he is in his crate

    45. Temperance Hayden

      I’m still rilly good with animals and I’m not scared of eny dogs there all just sweet little babies to me even snakes

    46. Temperance Hayden

      One time when I was little I was playing with a ball then the ball went nere the dog and it was a pitbull and it attacked me and I have two scars behind both of my ears and on my legs

    47. Shiromi N


    48. Siri's Art

      what about naming him puppr?

    49. You’re local Leonie

      I have an English bulldog and how we try and lead him to our pool is that we treat train him. Also to sooth dogs you can give them ice cubes :)

    50. Exo 365

      **sees title** Awww this is right up my alley **realize it's James who got a pup** no poor puppy..

      1. Nakshathra Jakkula

        WTF DO YOU MEAN?

    51. Betty

      Brings back memories of when I got my dog🐕🐩🐶🐾

    52. Sadie Popejoy

      no ace

    53. Sadie Popejoy


    54. Scary Vibes

      So cute

    55. Lydia McCormick

      0:00 ok lol

    56. Annabel Vasquez

      how to get ur dog to like the water: number 1: get a big flotie number 2: take the flotie and put ur puppy on it and let him go number 3: help them when they fall ;) number 4: ............ when they cry put them in the water number 5: help them swim pretty crazy huh! don't do it if u don't want to bec i just saw it in a video hehe

    57. Saslandscapes Saslandscapes

      ik i am late lol but he is sooooooo cute !!

    58. Dana Steward

      About 6 months ago I got a purebred Pitbull I named him Axle he is so cute😗🐶

    59. Presley Duran

      Give the pup a peace of turkey and in the middle put peanut butter and if you want that will be the dogs first favorite food.

    60. Dean Severance


    61. ramesh raj

      awesome bro

    62. ~blvshful~

      I know I'm way too late, but if you give the dog treats for being in the water they'll assosciate water with getting treats

    63. MacKenzie DeRubba


    64. MacKenzie DeRubba

      give him a chue toy it will help with the tething

    65. Dean Severance

      I love your puppy and I love you

    66. Jessica guidroz

      I have a lab

    67. Grace Amedee


    68. Ashley Daza

      I liked when he said pupper

    69. Katie Browne


    70. Leila Basta

      I think you should name the dog pepper

    71. gabr7280 gabr7280

      um james has the same hair as every dog he gets lol

      1. Clitoria

        Yeah, I remember when he got Finn, his hair was blond like the dog and now, his hair is dark like Theo(new dog).

    72. Olivya Reed

      i think you should name him James after you and how to make them to warm up to the water is hold them up in the water i have to dogs and one cat and even i love animals but i did that with my dog and it worked. I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Iasbel Armes

      James: talking Me just looking at Louis and having a panic attack because Louis doesn’t have his seatbelt on.

    74. Isabel Cristina

      theo is the name

    75. Isabel Cristina

      I think that you shuold put him to the water more often

    76. Avah Guerrera

      When they pee or poop on the floor pick them up and say did you do this no no

    77. Christie Smith

      Theodore Zipper Greg

    78. erica vanderveen

      omg!!!!! I HAVE THE SAME DOG!!!!!!!

    79. Omar Jamie

      You should name your new puppy Black Panther

    80. Alex Weldon

      he is so cute

    81. Marissa Thurman

      🐶boy 🐶girl 🐶boy 🐶girl 🐶boy 🐶girl 🐶twins

    82. wyonia pogue

      you have to swimm ahed of him so he will follow i trand my dog

    83. Jordan Thomson

      a tip is use pup treats

    84. XxluvDisxX XxluvDisxX

      You have to get in the pool with them and hold little treats so they have to swim to get them! Hope this helps!

    85. Moksha Mridini S A

      We want a pup update

    86. Minijack Poodle

      The way he’s running with a toy

    87. Surretta Dixon

      James you should meet Rachel fusaro she will tell you about alot of stuff about dogs really i watch her everyday to teach my dogs how to stop srying t night and everything.

    88. xd PsychoMantis

      i love the pupi

    89. LittleStars☆¿

      This dog is so lucky

    90. xd PsychoMantis

      omg i love the dog a lot its so cute


      If you give you dogs " BATHS " not showers more they will worm up to water :>

    92. Nigelle_ Dreamyskies


    93. Sophia Marie

      PUPPY'S 🥺

    94. Masal Hascan

      i had a lab but then we had to give him away it was one of the sadest days of my life we bought him in 2019 nd we gave him away a few weeks later D=

    95. SmileRB

      I think a good dog name that would last forever would be....... REX!

    96. its Leonie

      Normaly labradors want to protect

    97. Hakatadine Dela Cruz

      aww he is litterly teaching the dog like a brother dog to dog talk

    98. Hakatadine Dela Cruz

      wat is his name again?

    99. Charlotte Cavanaugh

      do you still have Theo?

    100. Ella Neves

      I made my parents get me one I got a black cacapooo