Best Friends Buy Each Other Christmas Gifts!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! Happy Holidays! Today's video is another massive collabs with my best friends, Charli \u0026 Dixie D'Amelio, Noah Beck, Larray, and Chase Hudson! We played Secret Santa and got each other super emotional gifts to celebrate an amazing year all together. We hope you enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!


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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
    OUTRO SONG: Earcandy

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    1. billy billy

      I know this comment is late. Don't judge me alright Anyway my song to James Charels. We wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!!! love you sister

    2. Donna Carrano


    3. Gene Simmonds

      Hi sh*tests btw no hate

    4. Em

      Does everyone in America wear shoes In There house

    5. Stella Waldorf

      This is the most boring and soul snatching video i've ever watched

    6. Harley Johnston

      James your the reason i want to be a makeup artist when im older you inspired me to push myself to my limit and i am practicing with makeup right now (im 12yrs old)

    7. Larveshaa Adelleyn Erik Rajg

      In this team they have 2 couples and gays

    8. Rama Raid


    9. Vianca Garcia

      Dude bit Noah's gift to charli was so cute I never seen someone boyfriend care so much of there girlfriend sister like that 🥺🥺 but Larry's gift is funny and cute 😂😩

    10. Maite UwU

      0:13 dixie y noha, 0:16 charli y larray, 0:20 chase, 2:08 jaja dixie, 2:26 EL REGALO DE NOHA ES EL MEJOR, 5:46 JAJAJAJAJJA LA UÑA DE JAMES TMB SE PUEDE USAR COMO KUTER AME.

    11. Ryd Justy

      Charlie is so kind even if she didn’t like the present

    12. Kelly Cuza

      Noah’s gift to char is so sweet

    13. Amelia and Bonnie Channel

      I wanted to cry the hole time

    14. Jada Newton

      These guys haven’t hung out since Christmas 🥺🥺🥺 I love them

    15. Sasha Blouse’s Girlfriend

      It’s pretty obvious Noah feels comfortable more with Charli than Dixie 💀

    16. Mimi

      I think it’s funny that Dixie got chase and Noah got charli

    17. Kimberly Perry

      I want to meet James Charles so bad

    18. emma joseph

      Aww noahs gift for charli

    19. Claire O'Connor

      When Ravon was dancing on James Dixie was saying no and pointing to Charli because she is her little sister hahahaha

    20. Destiny Barrita Lopez

      Love you JAMES Charles 💖💝😀

    21. olivera pancic

      Noax's gift

    22. Melody Tercero Orozco

      Y'all miss the sister squad

    23. Josefa Carvajal

      Puchaaa no entiendo inglés😩👊

    24. andy gall20

      Vieron el escritorio de james estaba lleno de brochas

    25. Fran Torighelli

      I need a noah in my life 🤍

    26. Zoe Rovaris

      James: to ho ho it up Larry: I'm not a hoe James: yea right

    27. Lylian Godwin

      Larry: I’m not a ho 🙄 James :sure😑

    28. Josselyn Summers

      Let’s just appreciate how sweet Noah is

    29. Mary

      The gift that Noah gave to Charlie was so cute 🥰

    30. Ava


    31. Morgan Rowlands

      Bitch your best friends are so cute

    32. Maddoxfunnyperson

      Omg is it just me look at charli in the intro 👉🏻👈🏻

    33. Odila Arellano

      I love you guys your so sweet and cute and nice l love Charli and Dixe

    34. iiLovelyNiqhtii


    35. Jaleeza Manisha Manisha

      itzz charli for me add the end😭

    36. KMqueen

      I think noah and charil kinda like each other but this was so cute

    37. Raivis Gaugers

      I love you charlie❤️❤️❤️❤️

    38. leah longfellow

      I love nightmare befor christmas to and that looks so cool I love it sister

    39. Xintong Lin

      Noah is SOOO SWEEET

    40. justenvii

      0:16 ayo..? We ain't gonna talk about lil hud when he looked at Larry and kicked em with his leg when Larry and Charlie shook hands?

    41. Abby Huong

      Am I the only person who saw noah kiss dixies hair at the beginning the video????? So cute and swetttttttt ✨

    42. Delina 1221

      Me favoritt is wen Larry give james

    43. Emmanuel Gallegos

      Love you James charles

    44. Emmanuel Gallegos

      That's so cute

    45. Laura Garcia

      It was so sweet what Noah said to charlie

    46. Anna M.C

      What happened to the LA squad 😔

    47. Lylianah Clemence

      My fav movie is nightmare befor Christmas too chase

    48. Ella

      15:30 charli and chase lmao-

    49. Ella

      so i’m the only one who noticed charli and chase leaning in like they’re going to kiss after everyone stops hugging?

    50. Abby Martin


    51. Zoey Cronquist

      James: Plz wear your mask, also James: I have a little cold but that’s not going to stop me from having fun with my friends

    52. Rotsen_Gv

      hi I love your Vitor

    53. Samantha Razo

      Poor Noah he’s like get me out of here 😂😂😂😂

    54. Iqfan Official

      Guys Chase still love Charli! Chase doesn't let Larray touch Charli!

    55. Suhana Zaveri

      larray and noahs gift though

    56. ★Precious rain★¿

      Noah's gift is so sweet

    57. addison rae fan

      The way charil was so mad that dixie pickd chase charil was like little huddyyy?!?

    58. Mia Coleman

      i think noah and charlie are like bestiesssss now

    59. A

      I’m so glad I can still watch some of these without having to financially benefit you

    60. Jenna S

      I love Noah and Charlie’s relationship. He’s like her big brother

    61. I see you

      Noah is so sweet and kind and larrays was also so heartwarming I love those

    62. Ajna Ferhati

      Cool 😽

    63. Audrey Lou

      Larry: I'm the best friend!!

    64. Lorraine Teran

      Yes sir

    65. Rocio Alvarez

      someone else noticed that Chase kicked Larray after he greeted charli.

    66. Zosang Zote

      so sweet

    67. PotatoLuver🥔❤️‍🔥

      I swear Larray is a whole mood

    68. Joanna Arciniegas

      Love you James💕

    69. London Gordon

      We love u james

    70. London Gordon

      Raven is never in these vids with james and LARRI

    71. Gacha girl


    72. amelits0333

      this reminds me of the sister squad :( i miss them so much

    73. Arturo García

      James gift made me cry 😢

    74. Thy Le

      Their friendship is everything

    75. Jessica Traeger

      Noah has a crush on charli

    76. unicorn lover

      charli do be buying a 483.00 dollar bag for larray

    77. Anaya Kapur

      0:14 aww noah and dixie

    78. Elma Serhal

      i fell so bad for noah cause he got all of that for charli and he did not get any gift. :(

    79. Ekta Evan

      The wholesale blanket usually happen because dime simultaneously press after a awake fifth. deranged, auspicious bear

    80. Madddie Trader

      We love you James 💖💖💖💖💖

    81. Danielle Westrik

      Noah’s gift for Charli was so thoughtful and sweet 🥺🤍

    82. Rebeca Hernandez

      Yes it was so sweet

    83. Bella Hall

      Idk if Charli opened a present from Noah. Like I can't tell if she opened box 1 or a random present from Noah ???????

    84. ItsAis Yaaah

      0:15 When Larry and Charlie shared hands chase was jelly 🥺 Also noah gift for Charli was really sweet i think Charlie to noah is like a little sister to him

    85. Ocean And Diamond Gaming

      When this first came out I didn’t watch it and I went to rewatch the sister squad one

    86. SugarCookie plays

      Chase is lookin very jealous when she was reading the letter

    87. Kessah Trepanier

      ahhhh did you guys see chase got a little jealus lol

    88. Pooh Pryor

      The quixotic bun consquentially suit because pig compellingly stop across a exultant quill. phobic, nosy vinyl

    89. Raneau Perkins

      Mine's is on the 22nd

    90. Raneau Perkins

      Today is my birthday

    91. Inaya Syed

      Being good AMA bad b lollllll

    92. Inaya Syed

      Bruh Noah be like NOW I HAVE TO GTE LOTS FOR DIXIE lol bruh

    93. xxxAKAfirebroxxx

      At first I th ought chase gave Noah a hair tie

    94. lyza Asuncion

      do you get deja vu?

    95. Jaymie Reyes

      0:16 aww🥺 protective chase

    96. Alexia G.

      Dixie : So i got Chase Charli : Lil Huddy

    97. Daisy Scharlach

      The way that chase said “hi sisters” while smiling and looked sad right after

    98. Moksha Mridini S A

      this is so awkward and lame the sister squad was better

    99. Lili Elgebally

      Literally Dixie is sitting there wanting to choke herself because of that huge gift Noah gave to charli

    100. Rapunzel World

      omg the hand shake in the beging tho