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    HI SISTERS! For today's video we're doing a REVIEW on the brand new CRAYOLA CRAYON makeup collection! It just launched with a ton of products and I put them to the test and give you guys the brutal honest truth... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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    1. James Charles

      I feel like the regular crayola crayons would have literally worked better... LMAO! hope u guys enjoy the video!

      1. BxnniMocxii

        I love unicorns tho...

      2. Sisira Bharadwaj

        A doubt are you a girl or a boy???

      3. Laken Pranker

        OMG James Hall I love your videos you should say hey sisters and every

      4. Emily Cooking

        No Thumbs Down. Wow

      5. Jennifer Dwyer

        You should review kids makeup!

    2. Margaux Isobel

      You !and it look good

    3. Margaux Isobel

      I love the eyes

    4. Rose M. Hathaway

      Me being red-green colorblind and not being able to see most of these colors, and still watching every video......

    5. Lillian Rexing

      my gosh, today is this vid's publishaversirey. June 8, 2021

    6. ⟭⟬ illVgirl ⟬⟭

      Before apply : ewhhh 🤧💔 After apply : ooh wow so good 🙂

    7. 匚ㄩ尺丂乇ᗪ


    8. Rita Summerlin

      My sister be like Uh! James put up the middle finger I'm telling mom!!!! ! Me be like He is an adult and he was just showing the color not drying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Avery Elizondo

      Omg 😳 that’s crazy like 14.00 for wow 😳 like I go to dollar store and I can get 13 crayons for 1.00

    10. Soumi Saha

      U r an awesome makeup artist.... I would be glad if I could make up as good as you did.... Loads of best wishes for your channel ❤️

    11. Alishaa

      CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE ME UNDERSTAND HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THIS DUDE USE SUCH SHITTY PRODUCTS YET MAKES HIMSELF LOOK SO GORGEOUS YET WHEN I USE SHIT IT LOOKS TERRIBLE! Like my brain hurts someone help. I've been watching him for 2 years and he's used like terrible products in at least 6-7 of his vids YET HE STILL LOOKS FLAWLESS IN FRICKING ALL OF THEM 👁️👄👁️

    12. Brylei Hillman

      I haven’t seen this video yet

    13. Brylei Hillman

      Why does he look like that

    14. Andrea Hardman

      James 😂😂😂😂😂

    15. SnowyVixen UwU

      I could never put anything on my lash line.😔

    16. PrettyBlxsoom

      James: look it swatches perfectly on the hand I don’t see any of this on my eye lid. Me: maybe because you’re using a brush and not the “creamy crayola pencil” on you’re eye

    17. Sunshine Schultz

      James’s contour 🟤 😅✋

    18. Jyla Gillespie


    19. Ava Renee

      Hey sister James I’m not trying to be mean but sometimes I can’t understanding what you mean when you talk so fast not trying to be mean love you gurl

    20. Zayri Galeana

      James talks too fast lol 😂

    21. Geneva Sanders

      It looks tf bad

    22. Liz Carlson

      James don't be so hard on your self it look good :) love you and your vids you make me sooo happy every day love you -Chloe

    23. Liubov Hutchinson

      James when I put powder on my forehead how do I stop it from getting on my eyelashes it literally drives me insane

    24. Trang Pham

      I graduated last year...FROM PRIMARY SCHOOL

    25. Pinky Blox

      noticing his foundation is not matcing

    26. Streamyjoker 105

      On 6:45 (you can see it more clearly on 7:50) if you look on his neck it kinda looks like a faded hickey >w

    27. fasia badji

      Me when he picked the desert island: I ONLY SEE SKIN

    28. Xochilt Ruiz

      James:and we're back did you miss me you know you did Me:this is relatable

    29. Crafty Donuts - Vlogging

      James: Kidding Subtitles: Kidi ng

    30. ucfix vlogs

      When this look is better then u could ever do makeup

    31. WITCHY princess


    32. Jenna Hyser

      The pigment sucked lol they should have had neon

    33. Jacinthia ong


    34. Alexa Hewitt

      hay sister

    35. Alexa Hewitt

      this video is so cool

    36. Danika Gauthier

      I love James. Keep doing your best and continue to be great. You help me with my makeup even when I suck really bad.

    37. Teresita Mercado

      James, the makeup that your using are getting tested by animals.

    38. Aadya Khazanchi

      After sister soft; sister spooked; sister shook; sister shopping; and sister stumped, there should be a sister thesaurus (sistersaurus?).

    39. Skunk


    40. Khloe Knows

      Love ur vids!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    41. Mrs Miza

      What is on his neck

    42. Laura Mitchell

      I love mermaids

    43. K'Mila Ramirez

      shcishter shook

    44. Takoda Stevens-Rogers

      I got a whole YUGIOH original title on my face from crayons

    45. wolf Schrom

      James to much bronzer try again

    46. Jackie Shines

      Say this: Hey Brothers

    47. 방탄 소년단ARMY

      THE EYE WAS SO PRETTY HE CAN LITERALLY USE MAYONASE AND IT'LL LOOK GOOD meanwhile le me who doesn't practice makes Morphe look bad 🤣😅😥

    48. Jennifer McCarthey

      I hate you

    49. Zodiac K.


    50. hi Meade

      I mean I have Crayola makeup and I don't think it's as bad as he made it seem

    51. venkatesh indupuru

      His face part was nice the blush was nice actually

    52. ria laguna

      Anyone here in 2021? Oh jus me

    53. Emma Kennelly

      his hand the hole time be like:🙌👐🤲🤚🤝🤏🤜👌🤛✌️👎👊👍✊👏

    54. Laney's Silly Vlogs

      I love how James says light sprits and dose like 7 Squirts LOL

    55. Keziah George

      bruh it was just a few day after my bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWD I NOT KNOW WTH!

    56. 2029 Sophie Bonneau

      is it just me or does james look different in then beginning TnT TnT

    57. Lynn hubbard

      James you make every makeup look look beautiful on you

    58. TikTok Mashup_XX

      do you still use them?

    59. Alex

      I got the makeup crayons before watching this video.....I think they were for lipstick........ It worked great for me....... Love u James

    60. Simran Bharadwaj

      I just love the way he says... Hi sisters.. love from India...

    61. Allie Woods

      Light spirits of setting spray more like a shower

    62. Gayle Mundie

      Sister your brows look sister snatched

    63. Jada

      the crayon company has been real quiet since this came out...

    64. Skylar Wexler

      The reason it looks good is because he is amazing at makeup

    65. PJ Khaled

      James really looks like Katy Perry in this thumbnail.

    66. Jennifer Gongora

      Not cear-lean cerulean

    67. Lira Jennifer

      what are you a girl or a boy

    68. Lilibeth Rodriguez

      2:36 James: 10 different shades Me: Counts 9 👁👄👁

    69. Lexi squad


    70. Lol L

      the lip situation was your fault

    71. amita gadkari

      James is the older sister I need in my life

    72. ava fegan

      is it werid that i am only 10 and i love watcing James lol :/ :)

    73. 2029 Sophie Bonneau

      james u look diffrent in the beginning

    74. Kristin Fox

      8:16 James u look crazy

    75. Madison McDannell

      Idk why but I feel like this is so memeable 💀

    76. Creepypasta Creepaypasta

      You look good I like but don’t love it

    77. mo xo

      james : not bad... not good

    78. CDxGLANX

      NO HATE JAMES: I think your foundation shade is a bit to light

    79. Alessandro Morri

      oddio ha detto quattro che ridere

    80. Sophia OLIVARES

      Wow 🤩

    81. 12- Harsha

      When james said hologrophic Christine the nail queen:Screeee that is iridescnet not holographic

    82. ýøúňğķïđ ëśä

      hi james i kew you sints i was 8

    83. ýøúňğķïđ ëśä

      this is old

    84. Unicorn Cat


      1. EMILY

        ok? so theyre bad at makeing makeup

    85. Lia S.

      what's under his sweater? 2:00 I don't know if it's from the camera or from the light or what it is. I haven't known him that long so I don't know if it's a disease or something. Would be very happy if anyone could answer that.

    86. Stephanie Duckling

      Love you

    87. Shadow 99

      I love the colour combination for the eyes it reminds me of a juicy mango

    88. Alli_Playz_Roblox

      What does lmao mean I’m confused

    89. Cocobean cheese

      Omg james!!! Your NEED to try imbrandonferis trying your pallet its zoo funny

    90. Cocobean cheese

      I am SISTER SHOKK!!!!

      1. Cocobean cheese

        Wow we have the same name

    91. Dax Chase

      Hun is ur neck ok?

    92. Bitch give me food


    93. Dakota Roesel

      Do flash back Mary again plsss🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😖🥺

    94. Melanie Olalde


    95. Luciana Vanauken

      Is it just me or am I starting to think that "Crayola Makeup" wasn't for adults....

    96. Rocco Reynoso

      Love your videos

    97. Ninabeanz

      2021 anyone 🧐🥺

      1. ur fav uncultured swine

        yes... all of us

    98. Halo

      The only good thing about it is that you can sneak it into school because they look like markers and crayons.

    99. Hello! I am Basil

      When I saw the picture of the video before watching it.... James Charles must not like *THAT.*

    100. Aaliyah Parbhoo

      James while breaking a red pencil like the colour of his red eye-shadow in his pallette:ur kidding Me:coincidence?! I think not👀