I Shaved My Head Bald

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! I’M BALD! In today’s video, I decided to try out being bald for 24 hours as a hilarious prank on my friends and followers! It was so cool to see myself in a different way and I gained a new confidence too… enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up!

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    1. Cuticular gaming


    2. Alicia Hinton

      Weave been snatched Literally

    3. Demons Blu Little Crystal

      james charles if you see this comment can you please try out my suggestion can you do a video of a normal day in your life but with a disabillity like one leg or one arm please do try out my suggestion love you!

    4. beans beans

      Charli reay said "i like your hair"

    5. Marco Banda

      Omg i thought you were really bald its look wheird

    6. Danae Bruyninckx

      Mr clean

    7. katherine bell

      he actually looks good and should shave his head like if you agree

    8. INSERT TITLE gaming

      Why when James Shaves his hair of he looks like a elf

    9. Rasean Jordan


    10. Rasean Jordan

      I love video

    11. CRAIGY ROO

      You look like baldi

    12. Evangeline cruz

      De pelos

    13. Ashley

      bald james 😩✨

    14. Apricot Butterfly

      your hands is so cute

    15. Linus Thor

      no you so pretty baby

    16. sabi yas


    17. Ze Bald Bandit


    18. Coco Gaming

      He looks like Salvia so pretty

    19. .°Eππe¥uex™ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

      He actually looks like a woman

    20. Braelen Brown

      Soiyon jinyeon jina sajun hyoyeon hina kiyeong midori

    21. xxchrryfrry

      Charlie: i love ur hair! James: i am bald i dont have hair 😬

    22. Cee Cee

      Lips are beautiful Your beautiful balled😻


      me too sister

    24. Katie Rodopoulos

      what the fuck is going on with james i

    25. Harry Potter

      I wonder if this is what james charles looked like when he was a baby lol

    26. Arusha's World

      He looked totally like Sophia the Robot💕 Lol so cute 😆

    27. Arusha's World

      Ok.. interesting video!❤ But kinda click bait.😆

    28. Austin Sweeney

      My friend wants to hire u to make her look like captain jack Sparrow from pare to the carrabean for halloween

    29. Alice Meerkat

      Hi I Love you’re videos

    30. Disha

      9:42 to the Editor 🤐😂😂🙌🏻

    31. please don't read my ac picture

      omg you are killing the new due sister!

    32. Davon Serrant

      Still pretty 😍😍😘🌹

    33. Aesthetic Hailey

      I like yah cut, J. *Smack* |~| Death by smack |~|

    34. raccoon overlord

      Egg charles

    35. Marilyn Chellew

      Don't shave your hair I lava it

    36. Marija Estrella

      Noooo don't do it 👀

    37. EmaDo Draws

      Man this is so click bait

    38. Maryann Joyce

      Each day I grow some more I like exploring it✨ jAmEs cHaRlEs✨

    39. Keti Manjavidze

      😂😂 i Love you

    40. Galaxy2.0

      I kinda like it!! 🥰🤩👑

    41. Shannon Dombkowski

      Why do you wear makeup 💄

    42. All Might

      SpongeBob must be saying bald

    43. Lorik Rexhbogaj

      U look like la cat MEOW

    44. Lorik Rexhbogaj


    45. Mya Mya

      Mr. Clean is typing....

    46. Mariana Pacheco

      9:05 why did he say excited like that😳

    47. Debora Alvarez


    48. Tiana Gordon

      Even with a bald head you still look good 😍

    49. Fanatic.

      james u cute asf hmu

    50. Justin Thegreat

      U look like that Frick Vape Guy

    51. Amatullah Mamujee

      Charli:i can see the bald cap James :bi

    52. Stall

      mr clean

    53. Joanie Carr

      James Charles is Marshmello

    54. Mocraft 124

      I like your cut g

    55. Maja Dike

      0:25 You are beautiful

    56. HalaAngel123

      No hate but wtf does this guy post?

    57. Pumpkin

      Form the back it all wrinkles and...hot😅

    58. Keze

      James with his hair down is just 😍❤

    59. Laura T

      i like your cut g ;D

    60. Laura T

      honestly he needs to actually go bald rn-

    61. Jennifer holmes

      Yeah like bish nowww no hair

    62. Mousy UwU 335

      Are you really a girl or a boy

    63. llamanade

      well. This aged horribly.

    64. Emma's bedtime stories for children

      By the tik toks I thought u rlly were but I'm happy u are not

    65. beanmom18

      Wow you look bald wow lol

    66. Diyaa Ashwath

      U look pretty every time no matter what u do (pls reply iam ur young fan)

      1. Nicki Minaj


    67. Valentina plays

      Caillou is that you lol

    68. kaydence day

      Hi James I luv u so so so mUch but what de heak happened to your hair in this intro

    69. cookie swirls

      this got me wanting to shave my head

    70. Rina V.

      You look better bald

    71. Deanna 123


    72. Deanna 123


    73. Deanna 123


    74. Gabriel E. Benson

      why does he literally look better without makeup doe?

    75. Jessica Thurston

      Have you done rainbow hair?

    76. Payton Dowdell

      OMG Their reactions had me crying laughing my husband was looking at me like bitch whats your problem lol

    77. Caitlyn Branch

      no camp bland

    78. pastel clouds

      7:31 my fave part

    79. Twix 5000

      1:55-2:00 is the same for me

    80. Mage Vuitton

      Professor Charles is that you 😅😅😅😅😘🌷

    81. Lfc fan and proud to be

      W T F D I D I S E E A T T H E S T A R T

    82. David Treagus

      C your comment is the funnyest

    83. Cal 99ers

      Guessing he saw how much attention you get after Grasce VanderWaal cut her hair

    84. Nidhina Nikhitha

      James it look so realistic OMG


      Why he acts like girls 🤢🤢

      1. boom boom boy

        Uhm- are you homophobic ? And no he doesn't acts like a girl ;-;?

    86. Alybelle graham

      This is so funny 😆

    87. QueenVanilla Chai

      I should have known better to think he would really shave his head.

    88. Blxberry Tea

      Roses are red Violets are blue I got click bated And you did to

    89. Hamish Barrett

      0:29 bal😛d

    90. Aryan Gunadi

      If saitama do it make up for fun

    91. abu Nada

      Empty life, no purpose

    92. Gulshaid Azram

      He doesn't even look like James

    93. Gulshaid Azram

      Hell nah he looks way different

    94. Ender ZX

      first time I saw this I was thinking it was really real omg I like your make up

    95. Roxster Army

      He has a hickey

    96. David Blake

      Just put a wig on.

    97. Alien

      😂😂😂😂😂 Bald

    98. Shenays Dabasol

      gwapo sad iyang pudra oi huhue 😍🥺❤️

    99. Shenays Dabasol

      shyytt apakaaa gwapaaa niyaaaa tlgaa huhuhur🥺😍😍❤️

    100. Saskia Bentz

      This looks nothing other than Baldi except Baldi now is wearing boutiful jewelry to match his shiny head