10 Things James Charles Can't Live Without

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I share with you guys 10 random gadgets and products that I can't live without! This is a little bit of a different style of video for me, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

    🩹 Mario Badescu Pimple Cream amzn.to/32iWJDg
    💨 Portable Mini Fan amzn.to/3bVTHIn
    ⚡️ Anker Portable Charger amzn.to/3hkz4GT
    🔌 10FT Charging Cable amzn.to/3hnJQvU
    🧭 Tile Tracker amzn.to/35wLidd
    📱 Pop Socket Holder amzn.to/2FeQ7NM
    💡 Ring Light amzn.to/3hg4fmM
    💦 Pool Floaties amzn.to/35ruEvF
    ✨ Star light amzn.to/32nzyIe
    🔥 Electric lighter amzn.to/32jafHa
    🦟 Bug Zapper amzn.to/3ihqkCJ

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    1. James Charles

      omg sorry @skincarebyhryam for pronouncing your name wrong ily

      1. Isabelle Daoust


      2. ann neeley


      3. Jonald Jike

        @Mindful_ glass didnt age well 😭

      4. poppy greenbank


      5. Joshua Senft

        Haha that’s ok James mistakes happen!

    2. Chloe Rector

      7:21 😂😂😂

    3. Emely Rios

      You can’t survive without saying: hi sisters

    4. It’s_ Mila1322

      I just want to know DID YOU CATCH THE FLY

    5. Marianna Pawelczak

      I got a bug zaper

    6. Bipana Grg

      He can't live without "sisters"

    7. ann neeley

      James i text you

    8. glittercat

      In india, literally EVERYBODY has an electric fly swatter.

    9. snow kelly-heke

      hi James i love your vids.your so amazing. you inspire me so much.from snow

    10. Aesthetic trends

      No he can’t live without his sisters🥰

    11. arushi chauhan

      it will sound dumb but flies and all insects serve a lot of purpose in ecology so you dont have to *zap* for fun

    12. Ava Matley


    13. anime lover!

      In india we call that as musquito bat and every parents hit the flies during night😂

    14. cat land

      I hade this fly traper and have it and will have great work sister James

    15. Gabriela Sanchez

      James said "any way shape or form" like 29438209 times this video

    16. Danya Abraham

      Any way shape or form

    17. Ely Manore

      hi James I adore you I try to do your makeup all the time.

    18. Aashriti Yadav

      James Charles can definitely nor live without looking gorgeous❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️...😁

    19. Talia Hariri

      Now that I think about it James should do a Kalab with Shawn where Shawn puts make up on James that will be amazing

    20. Baby Club

      Not me thinking the Anker Portable Charger was a phone.

    21. Marissa Côté

      Did he forgot Coca Cola

    22. SaRah_12

      I use the racket for killing and scaring mosquito...🤣🤣

    23. Ava Lillard

      I love how he refers to us as family🥺🥺🥰

    24. Noah Ramirez


    25. Ava Verrilli

      James says hi-rom

    26. Beatrice Fowler

      OMG I have that EXACT one I have something that James Charles has yassss OMGGGGG

      1. Beatrice Fowler

        Oh I’m talking abt the light

    27. Itz_ Smallysmal

      i had an eletric tennis racket ting and I touched it XD

    28. Elīza Rubene

      my bestie has the star projector


      the thing that i would never leave is roblox B)

    30. Prateek Patel

      Every single indian person knows about the zapping racket because there are a lot of flies in india thats why girls dont even wear half tops because there are so many flies in india but still liiiiiiikkkkkkkkkeeee your videos sister james

    31. Toph Beyfong

      James said "in any way shape or from" sooooooooooooo many times in this vid

    32. Argentuxm -Roblox

      Hehe we have the electric fly swatter

    33. Felicia Souva

      Your fans LOVE you James. We don't care how you look!

    34. Sapnap Simp

      The candle lighter is like a taser lmao

    35. Megan Walker

      Take a shot every time James says “shape or form”

    36. Emma Warren

      He could be a comedian

    37. Vernetta Angelo

      I love how through The entire video James just has random dots on his face

    38. Nida Ahmed

      All I wanna know is did he ever catch that fly

    39. Livvy Marie

      is it just me who has had an electric bug zapper thing for ages 😅 like 7 if not more years lol (im not trying to hate on james i love him sooo much)

    40. TMStickslover

      James cant love without 51.4M eyes watching his vids If u dont get it then it means like he has 25.7M subs x2 is 51.4M unless someones eye got shot or something

    41. Isha Bhargava

      You should try to transform yourself into Ariana Grande... It would be sooooooooo epic

    42. Violette Swain

      good investments james has - a car a house make up+ studio james - this charger is the best investment I have EVER MADE.

    43. barbara daoud

      I dare u to count how many times james said “in any shape or form”

    44. Rajanya Sengupta

      you look amazing even without makeup on !!!!!

    45. Michaela KING2

      This is how many time james says "In any way shape or form 👇

    46. Sarah Dadajanova

      i love you sister)


      I swear Indians are really used to the electrical fly swatter


      12:47 sister what if lights are out I want to light a candle but the lighter isn't charged lol.


      All are gadgets ? 😕 . I thought there would be some things which you have emotional attachment .

    50. Addison Gill

      Sis you NEEDDDDDD a SKYLIGHT there is so many different modes

    51. Deborah Olumorin

      "Flies are demonic" haha. Cockroaches are beelzebub

    52. Aahna Garg

      James The number ten is so popular in india you can also get it for 1 dollar 2 dollar

    53. SushiBoi

      Why does he look so f***ing pretty even without makeup!?!

      1. m Kan

        He's super feminine as well. Lol he looks better than most women.

    54. Sanjeev Bhargava

      James can not live without saying shore and sisters

    55. eric muravsky

      James: i am going to take my louis Vuitton wallet and my tesla Me: God you are so lucky

    56. •Scooper Trooper•

      James can not live without saying “HI SISTERS!”

    57. 『 A z a m i 』

      Da fly is right on queue UwU

    58. Kirra Berton

      i honestly have like 20 tiles too lmao

    59. Joshua Senft

      I love that we can tell he really enjoys his job and he tries really hard on these videos and it pays off! Love ya sister James!

    60. jiya munjal


    61. Royale Jaz

      Boys hunting the fly

    62. Teresa RANA

      wait if you have a charger or powerbank then where is the electricity 😲

    63. Kaiulani Tingwell

      It's hard to take you seriously in this video with 100 white dot's on your face. 😌🤚✨

      1. Hobbes Arduo


    64. Kyungmi Binici

      1 thing james can't live without is problay Makeup

    65. Nitrox

      He said 'In any way shape or form' like 6 times throughout the video lol.

    66. Brookelynn H

      Yasss Jame my mom loses her keys every time and she has a tile and I thought you’re gonna say tile and you I was right


      its HI rum not HEE rum

    68. Victoria Ramos

      My volume right now after watching a ASMR video

    69. Chelsea Daley

      Bruh this guy talks hella fast 😂😂 I tried to talk this fast and bit my tongue 😑

    70. golfsensei

      is James Charles a girl???

    71. Zoe Dube

      And you no what the things at least once everyone has either lost broken (or both) their iphone charges And at my house if that happens then people claim chagers

    72. Richie Tozier

      I found a very good microphone on amozon for 40 dollars if anyone is interested

    73. Sophie Davidoff

      Hi James Charles I love your make up you’re the best makeover I wish you could do that for me

    74. Sophie Davidoff


    75. - Mocha Bear-


    76. AbdELaLi RhAnMia

      Im from England and can u go through are comments

    77. Shoegirl825

      Can we please get a part 2 and 3 🥺

    78. Shoegirl825

      James says be careful and don’t put it around things,.......... we see him/her waving it around his/her face 🤣😍

    79. Hello there!

      I have the exact same electric lighter and the fly swatter thingy, too! Like, they’re total lifesavers!

    80. Puppy Uniform

      Wow I only brought chargers from Amazon 😳

    81. Akshaya Billa

      JAMES ITS HYRAM😂 (hi - rum)

    82. Diya

      james hyping the tracker is a mood lol

    83. Black Rose

      So does that mean you can live without water....?

    84. Helena Carrig

      Not James showing us how to use a lighter 🤣😁

    85. Roshni Ali

      James forgot one thing to tell~this video is sponsored by AmAzOn..

    86. Dina Volkman

      The empty appliance bilaterally divide because custard interspecifically found towards a last yoke. swanky, workable donald

    87. Vivien Kasperska

      Hi James i love your love and your power and make up bye sister 😊💄

    88. bhavya

      I love the way James put his wallpaper the pic with the kardasians

    89. Star girl

      Who’s not American!?!?!✨💖✨💕

    90. Mila Geldenhuys

      I’m surprised he didn’t say makeup

      1. Macy Ligon

        He literally said he isn’t gonna do anything makeup related

    91. Avery Isenhour

      love it

    92. BananaBelle

      James if you see this you should do a video where you say 20 things you have learned while being famous. By the way love your vids

    93. Sarn Nadin

      you should do a video without saying the letter "s"

    94. Amanda Chellan

      OMG ! I love u so much❤❤

    95. 1131-ELL-Ishita

      I literally slapped my forehead when he took out the last item and then got excited when he saw a fly 😂😂

    96. Hanifa Saptanto

      raket nyamuk😌🖐🏻

    97. Illixna_daisy

      You should do a collab with Ariana

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      My day gets better when I hear hi sisters

    99. Sune Hansen

      I do have to say James Charles is maybe the one person would not spy in a fly body, he will do any thing to kill a fly😬

    100. emily fudge

      him using Mario badescu, Hyram be like AHHHHHHHHHH Hyram's subscribers be like AHHH James saying "im not haRum" no hate, if you didnt know mario badescu products have steroids in them and your skin can get addicted, so it isnt good for your skin, they also use a lot of fragrance and essential oils which isn't good for the skin, I'm not a dermatologist or a skincare expert but if you want to know more, subscribe to Hyram on youtube.