Reacting to James Charles Impressions!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I reacted to people doing James Charles Impressions. I announced a contest on Tik Tok asking my followers to do their best impression for $1000 and the chance to be in today's video and the responses were... interesting. Enjoy!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 6 mjeseci


    1. YUMISDA.


    2. Traviezo Vega

      I love you

    3. Sound Wave

      Hola Jaime

    4. FrenxhieGaming

      He think he can sing good two

    5. FrenxhieGaming

      I've never liked james Charles he's really annoying your so full of your yourself I just want him to go away

    6. Worlds Of Fun

      the thing with the ja sisters is offensive

    7. little Taylor


    8. betsabeb7

      And I saw your makeup palette

    9. betsabeb7

      Happy pride month James Charles

    10. jojo hiiii:3

      OMG I'm such a big fan I want to call you

    11. Vinex Clan

      He cheated

    12. Anjana Dawar

      How many is your age

    13. Beth Rollins

      I watched Dougmar make the impression-He had the right idea- Yall should watch it 😆



    15. Shaheeda Akter

      I came here from a youtube shorts oof -_-

      1. zavier cotter

        I came from the dougmarg shorts

    16. Baby rabbit

      Hi sisters

    17. Denki

      You inspire me a lot your the best

    18. Wasi an noor 3N Roll:44

      OK first of all I'm not a girl AND U GETTIN NO GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS for James BTW AMD U GOIN TO HELL BOI also for james

    19. ☆•Tofu player•☆

      Dougmar: faking James Charles: WOW:O

    20. Mei Fa

      Bruh why

    21. Lara in WONDERLAND

      Its supposed to be more like: oH mY gAwD hEy SiChSeRs YaSs SuB liKe AnD sHaRe

    22. Shayri Nwe

      Am not lying

    23. •death_dog•

      On the first one I couldn’t hear it

    24. Kevin Ruiz

      I saw a vid

    25. MintyyTiger シ

      The thumbnail tho

    26. Jasmine Damlo

      hi sis

    27. nicky lucky

      Pls trust me i saw him adit at no. Laste

    28. Jay's and Kay's channel jayden and kaydence

      Hello my name is James Charro

    29. Lia nunez ✌️😜

      I am so happy that the phone number worked but what is the point I. Having it if you don’t respond like at all

    30. Vibin alwaysx

      2:06 (me thinking there was smth wrong with my volume)

    31. Frances Braecklein

      I love you;!!

    32. ★enxara★

      Chestersh got me dying for the love of god 🤣🤣🤣

    33. Summus Saer

      What a world we live in...jeez what a specimen of a human being...

    34. Erin White arts

      Did anyone other know someone cheatedddddd

    35. Eren_BG

      James you at 3:00 you say hi sisters

    36. JD Walks

      I love your makeup girl

    37. Shahad M A Y AlThwaikh

      Bro like there is 7b ppl on the world and all of them are your sisters

    38. fazly 445 RB Battles

      It is true

    39. Cadence Fletcher

      Hi im cady

    40. Evelyn Harper


    41. hency george

      Doug mar is so good

    42. []Blue_ Blossom[]

      Did yall saw his video?? Lollll

    43. sohail bhatti

      Are you a tiktok r

    44. Rawan Tareq


    45. NZOcraft Shorts

      Who’s here after watching DOUGMAR

      1. Brandon Bryant


    46. Queen Luna Wolf

      OMG XD

    47. jsueueuejejekekekekeiwiwkjw

      Dough mart

    48. Galaxy arvey

      Maybe you are good

    49. Jamie Whaley

      Hi James I don't have to talk but I really think I can do your impression

      1. Jamie Whaley

        Tik tok

    50. Ibraheem Rio Lanasier

      these imitations are TERRIBLE AND HORENDOUSLY WRONG.

    51. SaLmA10 U_U

      Man this is ma first vid and I like YO ATTITUDE!!

    52. That_spoodermum


    53. huma ansari

      I am borther

    54. Lia nunez ✌️😜

      I am so glad the phone number worked cause usually when you tubers like say their phone numbers it doesn’t work

    55. Charles Phelps

      How do they do good at it lol

    56. Gurbaani Walia

      9.58 got me good lol

    57. Frost


    58. Frost


    59. Frost


    60. Frost


    61. Frost


    62. devil rose

      I don't see Doug mar

    63. Alyson Orsini


    64. Aseni Parte

      Say hii berther

    65. Ruby Heart Friends

      Years ago: James Charles:*very popular * Now: James Charles:*became memes* Me:TwT

    66. Lisandro Gutierrez


    67. Quinlan Donavin High

      I LOve Your Vids It Makes My Day So Much Better

    68. Da Kine

      Hey james my sis sand cut your........... you now what is that true?

    69. Karsyn North

      The way he did renagade

    70. •AestheticEdits•

      3:25 🤣🤣

    71. Diane Mackie

      I have 999M subscribers

      1. Diamond

        I can only see 5 😳🤐

    72. Rameen Kashif

      Go see the YT shorts video on dougmar cuz he made one too

    73. Amber Krontz

      Wow I think they are all good

    74. Bill Cipher is Cool

      Lol the sound wasn’t working for a minuite



    76. Elangbam Sushma


      1. Girlzin Ramjattan


      2. Girlzin Ramjattan


    77. Vanessa Werner

      JamesCharles are you sure they sound like you

    78. Riedo Edohtuw

      I'm Mr best

    79. Kenny Em Gibson

      I just realized James Charles has such white teeth

    80. Ellen belle

      Lol I saw it I saw his video

    81. daniel wu

      james charles are you male or female

    82. daniel wu

      i am a male so call me brother not sister

    83. Roj Enly

      Where Is KingChristian :(

    84. 🌈rainbow among us ❄️❤️

      Hi sister I love your videos

      1. Diamond

        Your name 😳

    85. Zasa Kwong

      when he is with ZHC he is going "wow"

      1. ♡Cotage Alison♡

        @Simon George James is a boy-

      2. Cadence Fletcher

        Not funny

      3. ZK.Bladez.10

        @Simon George …

      4. Simon George

        James charles is not a boy and a he she's a girl

    86. Maci P


    87. Bxcon Gamer

      James Charles saying "Hey Sisters" make James Charles a ✨legend✨

    88. aasha collado

      hi sisterss🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

      1. Diamond

        Hi 😊🙃

    89. 0Toasty_Breqd0

      I came here of the dougmar vid

    90. Excusah  Meh- 😂

      8:26 OMFG 😂

    91. Janet Norton

      Jame Charles you should watch a theory about you it's is James Charles marshmallow

    92. Kevin McNeill

      James Charles Loves Rainbows

    93. FunnEPlayz

      Why can’t I hear the first guys singing? Did the editor take it off bc of copyright?!

    94. Yuki's channel

      James charels in make up u look like a girl but without make up you look like a boy but u are a boy it's really confusing🧐

    95. Naruto Uzumaki

      There was HRaeror name doug something

    96. Lara Darknight

      I tried to do an impression of u in front of my sister but I didn't sound like u at all

    97. omniyaEisa Eisa

      You please Roblox before James Charles I mean I know we're talking about this talk and stuff like that but have you played Roblox before you should play it like totally like just like like literally literally just play it play it play it please please please