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James Charles

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    1. R.I.P Juice 999

      Me talking to my parents why I have Fs so that I don’t have to get spanked :

    2. Ahmed Saleh

      We miss you he want you to come back

    3. Hell blue fire Emo


    4. Hell blue fire Emo


    5. namelessXpostbox


      1. Natalie Heidke


    6. Jennifer Abi Aad

      He’s a boy ?,?

      1. Natalie Heidke


    7. khilee shea

      When is he going to post agin damit

    8. Isabelle Martinez

      Come back James. I miss your videos.

    9. Zooey Alevizos

      I am here 2 months later watching this

    10. dustiN9020


    11. Apple Genius

      if I could get $1 dollar every time he tells a lie, I'd be richer than Jeff Bezos

    12. Aliya Schmidt

      Let’s just take a moment and appreciate his white teeth

    13. Aliya Schmidt


    14. Barbara

      i just randomly remembered him and searched up this video

    15. Ang gnalikaD Komento

      What's up to James Charles now?

    16. ♡Dafni Mou♡

      I was like hold up wait a minute is the sister alive? 😂

    17. Kiorii-Chan

      Is he just hiding out in his house or is he working at Mcdonalds or something-

    18. epic max

      damn i thought he would still be uploading HABHHBS

    19. alley williams

      you know its bad when he say bad words without the bleeps........

    20. Bhavika Bansal

      Missing my dose of "hi sisters" 🥺

    21. Cursed Playz

      Why did 336 thousand PEOPLE like this video

    22. Chelsea Warden

      dude i just came back and u havent posted since 2 month ago are u ok

    23. lexi and kai

      me explaining to my parents why i didn’t defrost the chicken

      1. Xxamie limelightxX


    24. Neil C

      not me wanting another video from him.. I’m embarrassed

      1. Xxamie limelightxX

        @Neil C yea- i just unsubed bcz i was subed before and now imma pretend he aint exsist anymore :P

      2. Neil C

        @Xxamie limelightxX right this is embarrassing

      3. Xxamie limelightxX

        i- Same

    25. RUOK 999

      You are not sorry cause Irlo

    26. Playmate tessi is bald and ugly

      He remind me of hisoka I-

    27. Sunshine Gibson

      People are just wanting money from these celebrities, HRaerors, til tokers, etc. Leave James Charles alone

    28. Liliana Gonzalez

      James come back!!!!

    29. Jayah Malik

      It's the eye contacts every video for me

    30. Chloe Hammonds

      3:45 ummm James you went from family friendly to idgaf 🤣

    31. Hailey Davis

      Okay thumbs up this if you have been checking his channel for content but there has not been any in the past 1-2 months

    32. eucxlptxs

      My stubborn self could neverrrrr

    33. aber bader

      Why are you similar to girls Xdddddddd I hate you

    34. 💕Epic Potato💞

      James: Hi officesisters

    35. Jessica Tydeman

      Yu but why cant he still make vid i been checking his page every day

    36. Mariah TheGay

      Me when I explain to my mother why I have 6969696969 missing assignment

    37. Karebear playzYT

      Will you make more vids

      1. Jose Juarez

        There no point

    38. Doreen Kamushinda

      We’re gonna see the same video of the same topic very soon 😝

    39. Jawan Sbeitan

      Yes I’m here checking if he posted or not 😏

      1. Ha n n ah

        same 😔

    40. kya alvarez

      Get it I guess jayscoding😃

    41. epicmann559

      Hay heres the 13 year old boy you ordered 👦

    42. Pikachu Pokemon

      Looking forward to part 3 next year..

    43. Serarii

      you know its serious when he doesnt say "hi sisters"

    44. 😐


    45. Alex Bell

      Wow thats nice sorry isn't anoth

    46. kailyn rp with chats!

      idk what he did hes like the best person ive everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr watch

    47. Mei

      Coming back a year later and seeing this and him retelling his story, I feel quite bad for him and how that happened, I do hope he comes back. I would give him a hug if I saw him.🥺🙏

    48. ツMilty

      GTA 6 Gonna Be Out By The Time He Returns

    49. Kailey’s Life

      James I love your videos but at this point, most people think it’s just dumb. Your fans want to support a creator that doesn’t get into these scandals and is always active. Most of us miss the old you! You where nice and more aware of everything. Your fandom is dying!!! I’m not trying to be rude but it’s true.

    50. raindaff923

      We miss you soooooooooooooo much

      1. Jose Juarez

        Who tf is we

      2. joco

        who’s we?

    51. Peppa Stephenson

      Manz haven't posted in 2 whole months🙈

      1. Jose Juarez


      2. Jay


    52. Char

      When is he coming back? Its been like 1 year :

      1. Kennedy Cornella


      2. Ava Hoeschen

        Its been two moth lol you're 10 months off

    53. Dolliebarbz


    54. Nick Frazier

      You cannot fill the desire we all have as humans to seek the Truth as Aquinas himself said. Nothing can replace the void that rejecting Christ creates. This goes for all of us, we must make the daily choice to accept Christ into our lives.

    55. Rstvcash

      James Charles I know you’re marshmallow

      1. Kennedy Cornella


    56. FED5 SQUAD

      Could u get to the point pls

      1. O.O

        Fr 😒✋

      2. Mixed Feelings about Turning 18 soon


    57. Dumb kid

      More dislikes than likes lol

      1. O.O


      2. Mixed Feelings about Turning 18 soon


    58. Dumb kid

      Me explaining to my teachers why I have fs in all classes

      1. O.O


      2. Mixed Feelings about Turning 18 soon


    59. Corey Hughes

      I love you

      1. Green Green


    60. °•Bakugay•°

      I wonder what your doing with your life now

      1. O.O


      2. Green Green


    61. Vawn R

      Is anyone else 2 months late to the circus? What a mess😬

      1. Red Red


    62. _hello_

      The fact that he just hasn’t posted in 2 months after this is like✋🏻

      1. O.O


      2. _hello_

        @Fallyn🥰 lol

      3. Fallyn🥰

        Ikr he Scared asf🤚

      4. _hello_

        @Black Black ?

      5. Black Black


    63. Horaja Jum

      Damnnn two Months 💀👋🏾

      1. O.O


      2. Black Black


    64. Patreon Kim


      1. Black Black


    65. Aqua

      Poor guy 😔

      1. O.O


      2. Mixed Feelings about Turning 18 soon


      3. James Whitcomb Riley

        Just no

      4. White White


      5. R&R Do stuff


    66. iiAngxlicStarrs

      Me trying to explain to my teachers why my internet keeps disconnecting during zoom

      1. O.O

        XD tho

      2. Black Black


    67. Natalie S.

      anyone just checking on him? like it has been two months......... James, are you okay? we are here for you ❤️

      1. Black Black


    68. sophia carvalho

      Algum BR traduz aí?

      1. Black Black


    69. queenarealll roblox


      1. Black Black


    70. Sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴛʏ Xox

      Is he quitting ?

      1. Black Black


    71. Kids Sadeqi

      Canadiens when they say “frick”:

      1. Green Green

        castles always have a dragon 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

      2. Fallyn🥰

        @Black Black ????

      3. Black Black

        @M0TH! keyliss2012treasurechest though

      4. M0TH!

        As a Canadian this made me chuckle 🤭

    72. jehonor Allwood

      I hate him

      1. Black Black


    73. Aqriii_

      Damn u good

      1. Black Black


    74. 9.3 Ace

      come back!!!!

      1. White White


      2. R&R Do stuff

        Heck nah

      3. reagan l

        god please no

      4. Sama


    75. yiit


      1. Black Black


    76. yiit


      1. Green Green

        Keyless 2012 treasure chest

    77. ganiu

      Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? I legit had to turn my volume to max

      1. Black Black



      I love how most of us only found out this week

      1. Black Black

        @Makayla Burton keyliss2012treasure chest is true though

      2. Makayla Burton

        I found out rn 😭💀

    79. Nasema Nusrath

      We are missing you please start uploading your videos 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 love you James and Miss you 😭😭

      1. White White


    80. Herbert Nerslly

      april 1st Edit: oh wait i just watched more he said its not a joke even tho its april fools day

      1. Green Green

        Keyless 2012 treasure chest

    81. Nathalien

      I don't believe him

      1. Green Green

        Keyless 2012 treasure chest

    82. Nathalien

      La la la

      1. Red Red

        keyliss entry 2012treasure chest

    83. Liza Otto

      Please post again

      1. White White


      2. R&R Do stuff


    84. Neha S Biju

      What happened?

      1. abiimv

        He was texting teenage boys s!xual texts and and basically denying it

    85. Sarah Chandna

      Ummmm he is being serious

      1. White White

        keyliss2012treasurechest is true though

    86. that._one._idiot

      I'm here two months later :P idk if he's ok he hasn't posted since 😩🤚

      1. Red Red

        keyliss 2012treasure, chest

    87. Neha S Biju

      Why isn't he posting videos?

      1. White White


    88. bubblie

      Me trying to explain to my parents why I snuck out with my bestie to go skateboarding and get chips:

      1. Green Green

        Key less 2012 treasure chesr

    89. Swatantra

      Is anyone here after 2 months checking his page😅😂

      1. Red Red

        keyliss2012 treasure hest

    90. Rod

      You are a monster.

      1. Black Black


    91. Finn Meere


      1. White White


    92. Kiki Dear

      Like guys...omg....why hasn't he posted yet...it bothers me soo much...bcs he is like my inspiration...and people make mistakes...that's just how life is...and I'm sorry James Charles...and i just wanna say...we all love you soooo much..and we want you to post again...we all miss you😞❤❤

      1. ❤️Posiv❤️

        Why is there so many "." ?

    93. dog lover

      I know 100%you are marshmelo

      1. dog lover

        @Black Black what?

      2. Black Black

        keyliss intry 2012treasurechesr

    94. Mr. Gamer

      Am I the only one who wonders how he's gonna his come back?

      1. Green Green

        Keyless 2012 treasure chest then 2003 turtle neck

    95. Half-Blood Gryffindor

      Please post james...

      1. Green Green

        Keyless 2012 treasure chest after relic is shown

    96. Julisa Sutherland

      Guys I don't think he's coming back

      1. Red Red


      2. Ruairi D.

        That's a good thing

      3. Drex Samson


    97. Aubrey Burk

      Are you ever going to come back to HRaero?

      1. White White


    98. Nina Nina

      I'm just checking, where is he

      1. Green Green

        Keyless 2012 treasure chest after the relic is shown

    99. crumbify

      Who here 2 months later checking his page >33

      1. Red Red

        keyliss2012treasure after they play a relic on TV it goes into the keyliss2012treasurechest shown in the corner

    100. S I L E N C E D

      Okay, i'm sorry, but his hair is just too priceless💀✨

      1. White White