Going To Work With My Dad For A Day (we demolished a bathroom 🤮)

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! After teaching my parents Tik Tok Dances, my dad wanted to take over my channel and bring me to work with him for a day. My job is filled with glitz and glam, but his involves demolition, building, power tools, nasty spaces, and a whole lot more. In today's video, I go to work with him for a day and we demolish a bathroom. Enjoy as things get real messy.

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije godine


    1. Zul Filee

      When james said put some more and patted the toilet i could not stop laughing and my mother said whos that dying rat lol 🤣😂

    2. Charles Hanlin

      it brings back memories of my son coming to work with me when I was a General Contractor and the first time I had him pull a toilet. lol

    3. Mel Murray

      This is so cute

    4. Tatonka Peach

      This is actually James best video! It’s wholesome

    5. amaya

      James is beautiful in any situation

    6. amaya

      How cute are they

    7. Tyra

      Omg toilet removel nearly made me throw up!!

    8. katie fair

      Your videos are so good

    9. Roxann Irion

      You really demolished a bathroom

    10. Alessandra Guzman

      this is fascinating

    11. Kiarra Vlaming

      omg please we need another one of these

    12. ఫదమవటి padmavati

      He is handsome,👌

    13. Aileen Suero

      this is also a tutorial

    14. shruti francis

      Amazing JC ♥️ Really you are humble and loving person bless you and your family 😊

    15. Day In The Life Of Lulu

      Alternate Title: James Charles Being not so James Charles and being satisficed with everything he does for 15 min

    16. Logan Wheeler

      10:41 Hiiiii

    17. Phoenix Whyte

      James saying you have a tool for this uses hand Thanoas well use my hand to kill people that a tool

    18. reese hallis

      I really hope nothing ~tRiCkLeS~ down to me in my future

    19. Lana Bherani

      Couldnt save the sink? Ahhh 😟

    20. Lana Bherani

      I like ure out fit and parents💕💋💞💝💘

    21. Jon Doe

      Shouldn’t haved watch the toilet part while eating

    22. Longtemps Family

      For second I thought I clicked on the wrong video😂

    23. Fruit_Twisty

      James, you inspire me so much idk why ppl hate you lol your amazing

    24. Yana Lobutova

      It is nice how mr. Charles talks wen he is laughing ....................

    25. Chanii

      before 1 year ago is here, I'd like to say James Charles.

    26. itsLunaRaven

      the day this vid came out didn't age well did it :/

    27. Nina V

      Papa Charles I changed the toilet at my house. With this video:) please make more

    28. Valentina Playz


    29. Valentina Playz



      james' blow to the bottoms really hurt we're giving you another toilet for that

    31. rug fan

      When its 3 am and you are scared of ghosts and first thing you hear is hi sisters and you freak out and wake every one up its 2:30 am btw

    32. BTS Fan

      11:53 that's sooooooooooo cuteeeeeee ❤️️😍

    33. Nate Perez

      March 13, ha, one day before my B-Day

    34. Kalani Stennis 🤣 roblox videos

      Smart James smart James.

    35. Kalani Stennis 🤣 roblox videos

      It's not didn't even notice it's day and night and u no the rest

    36. Boris


    37. Ayden Kaye

      Slay sister

    38. Rainbow love

      did papa charles think it was revenge for james to do this cause i think james is kinda liking it secretly

    39. John Oliver Catipon

      The pink tools are the sweetest thing I've seen today. 🥺

    40. Charlotte Morlock

      OMG, James, you could be a contractor because you are so good at it. But come to think about it you should probably stay as a professional makeup artist.

    41. Metl Sis

      I love how papa Charles said you ok squirt

      1. Metl Sis

        Even tho he’s 21

    42. Sneha Kumari

      Wifey Material 😊

    43. yass lava

      James should do more videos where he tries things out

    44. Pretty Boy

      poke diger is now cleaning bathroooomss??!! huhuhu

    45. Sarah Parker

      I feel bad for James because my mums friend knows how it is it sucks😭🤣

    46. Remi Green

      We Love A Couple Of Tall Sisters

    47. BoTayTy Tv

      James Charles:I’m so beautiful James:I like to destroy stuff

    48. Lettie Tarkington

      “Mmmmm looks like caramel”

    49. Abigail Perumal

      6:15 How the FRICK can he NOT use GLOVES and NOT VOMIT 🤮🤯🤯

    50. 디노❤️

      me a trans mtf: James: *hi sisters!* me:😊

      1. 디노❤️

        @Chile Anyways your so nice. THANK YOU!

      2. Chile Anyways

        Period you are a sister dont let anyone tell you your anything else

    51. Myna Mv

      I love u soo much U r soo kind U do have any show off

    52. danny pham

      The fat faulty occupation lastly trot because makeup specifically bow unto a knowledgeable furniture. undesirable, comfortable kevin

    53. kat sharkey

      Wow I like your outfit it’s Fab! Really high heels ...

    54. Daisy Lloyd

      James: puts on a mask so he doesn’t breath in dust Me: I thought this was an old video Checks date Oh it is

    55. Kimberly Benjamin24

      The owner must say guys james Charles made our bathroom yaaaaaasssssssss

    56. Maxy Maroon - Pawwi

      Imagine knowing the person who fixed your toilet is James Charles?😌🖐🏻✨

    57. Rachelle Hulst

      Absolutely loved this video ❤️😍

    58. dogs rule

      My mum: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BATHROOM Me: Ummm. James Charles?

    59. Siimply Adds

      Hey that’s offensive I have a English bulldog🤣😭😂😎

    60. Pedro Perez Hernandez

      Let’s tell about when he said AHHHHH 9:22

    61. •bakudeku shipper •

      5:30 to 5:33 chill james with the tools

    62. Karoline Hersleth

      Why is this my new favourite video ever😭

    63. El

      It’s about 6 am and I have like 20 assignments to do, I still haven’t cleaned, and here I am. Watching James Charles demolish a bathroom.

    64. Winifred Nana Arthur

      The wall's made of wood. I am super used to seeing cement and block walls.

    65. Sara Pero

      Awesome. Love how humble you are. Most of famous would never do this kind of things. You should make more videos like this one it was so funny. Tons of Love sis

    66. Lisa Brockway

      You don’t know. I do this stuff all the time and I’m 13

    67. Super Smiling Sisters

      I still cannot believe they are related haha

    68. Cerys Enders

      I love you James🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    69. Lakin Shaffer

      why dose papa charles job look so fun

    70. Toenails

      0:25 dirty ay?

    71. Riley Maritz

      Wow now i wanna be a builder ir whatever its called

    72. Anna Aponte

      James are you a girl or a boy

    73. Pier Lashbrook

      Me. Ahh my nails are dirty🤮 James.same🤮

    74. jessica castro

      Hi everyone

    75. wury Banjarnegara

      omg your dady is so hard worker

    76. Alisha Kazmierczak

      james charles the queen of demolishion

    77. xXÇRØWŃXx

      "We got some popcorn features on the ceiling" - James Charles

    78. Beng Ng

      The erect forgery molecularly jog because brown electrophysiologically hop past a flawless deficit. questionable, dazzling reminder

    79. Crunchy Peanut Butter Babe

      This was a really sweet and informative experience, I never knew how easy it was to mess up a bathroom! How fun and now I have to go talk to my landlord on why our toilet leaks!!!

    80. Katelyn Forschbach

      "When your child is better at doing makeup more than you mom.."

    81. Marisol Quezada

      The part that says the more you know made me laugh lol 😂😂😄👌👏😶😊😁😅☺

    82. Lulugamerpuppy

      The way he left a tiny bit of wallpaper😭

    83. Teri Townsend

      Omg pink tools I love it😍😍😍😍🥰

    84. Jayson Parsons

      11:19 you would know james

    85. Peyton Cosentino

      Can we talk about how everyone calls him Papa Charles 🥺🥺💖😭

    86. weird noodle


    87. Anime Weeb UwU

      This Came out on my birthday so will both be celebrating 1 year

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      I love this

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      The cabinet

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      Be Muslim if you want

    91. Mika uwu

      me : **gag**

    92. K.katelyn

      Me now thinking I can go and demolish a bathroom 💀

    93. Mwihaki Wanjithi

      Instead of hearing navy blue I heard baby blue

    94. Skylar Anne

      I love how supportive James's parents are!!!

    95. Imani and Family


    96. Marie Strassler

      dont be shy put SoMe MoRe

    97. kyla dixon

      the video is so nasty but interesting at the same time

    98. Morgan Lambert

      can we talk about how james charles mom looks like kevin's mom from home alone omg

    99. Seo Changbin

      9:42 you can see he made a heart with the hammer 😂

    100. Kyle Redden

      Your a professional