One Dip Makeup Challenge!

James Charles

10 mil. pregleda6 800


    1. TTTcat 123

      He's face more orenge than the orenges he eats LOL

    2. Katie Arthur

      James: that was a nice juicy squirt. Me: THATS WHAT SHE SAID

    3. Demons Blu Little Crystal


    4. Beauty Vloggers

      I dare you to do that you can only use 1 product Edit

    5. Sarah Willig

      I love the way that James hears something from Phineas and Ferb And the way that he can just wrap it at the exact same time I love it.😝😝😝😝😝😍😍

    6. Mary Falls


    7. Mary Falls


    8. Miss Arabella


    9. {Dreamy_spot}

      If it’s a one dip challenge wouldn’t you only have to use one eyelash 👁👄👁 (joke)

    10. Ma Mi

      I love how in some of James videos, he sounds like Miranda Sings! 😂😂😂

    11. Pennavi Lege

      my sister:james charles is ded to me after what he did to kenzie my sister;still watching his videos me:🙄

    12. Aa O

      I love you sooo much you are soooo sweet😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤🤤🤤🤤


      The first makeup artist to rap🤣

    14. Zuzana Radfordová

      lol i couldent do this and do 1dp chalenge it was a disasterrrr

    15. Alien The queen

      I know I’m months late but anybody think james’ eye shadow look represents a sunset O-O (comment back to me saying if u agree or disagree)

    16. Rialynn Weaver

      Wow you look goood ☺️

    17. honeycakesjade

      James I like ur make up videos

    18. Aesthetic account

      Do your makeup backwards

    19. Meredith Wilson

      I love this it turned out so GOODDD

    20. Gidgett Pickett

      James charles is THE BEST

    21. Elio Elios

      I love when he says "HI SISTERS"!!

    22. xXgum_gachasXx

      I'm not hating on the makeup or anything but you do kind of look like Instagram

    23. Galina Viktor

      Hi James, I text you number and went to the link and put the year i was born in but it wouldnt let me in. I was hoping you could help me

    24. Beth Case


    25. Beth Case

      Good gob

    26. XxLilliPlxysxX

      Him at start before the intro: aHoOhOoHeE

    27. Miya Wilcox

      You inspire me you are amazing and you Look so good

    28. Taylor Ackerman

      Honestly James. Is the one dude who looks good without makeup

    29. sandra Salyer

      Let’s dip in 🥁

    30. Cloclolechat& Aesthetic_erduite

      Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my HRaero channel!

    31. Crazy Mukbang


    32. Solvej Dybkjær

      Is it just me ore does the yellow in his eyes look kinda like eye crust😂😅

    33. Gracie

      its so annoying how is he so good I try so much but never as good as his

    34. Erin Knight

      james should pick his morning makeup while being blindfolded and whatever he picks he has to use it like this comment if you agree

    35. Erin Knight

      james should pick his morning makeup while being blindfolded and whatever he picks he has to use it like this comment if you agree

    36. • Şăłèvîėą Ķěşhøő •

      Message: hi sisters! You should text me. me: ok my text: *go off sis*

    37. Erin Knight

      james should pick his morning makeup while being blindfolded and whatever he picks he has to use it like this comment if you agree

    38. Imogen Fowell

      hi james

    39. Aaliyah Parameswaran

      Can u show us all f your makeup and were you keep it please just a random question

    40. kkcx77

      I really have a question that u are a boy then why do you try to be a girl omg hate u sooo much because of this

    41. chxrry_flxwer

      “There’s a little vane on my forehead... that’s so manly of me” Who loves when James does this 😂

    42. Maja Łuszczyńska

      when I saw it, I entered the picture and I saw it, for example, Agnierka Grzelak from Poland because I'm from Poland and greetings from Poland and tp and ded

    43. Gareth lynch

      James : I don’t like my eyebrows Me: there always sisters not twins

    44. Chloe Smith

      umm when he was setting his eyes in place he used more concelar

    45. The Cool Channel

      I did the one dip challenge I have to met it’s kind of challenging it is kind of bulky and stuff but in the end it turns out OK I recommend for a lot of people to try and I really like my own product but I could do better

    46. yas kha

      Love you james

    47. Juuli Ristola

      I love you james!!❤️



    49. Moksha Mridini S A

      we could be saving so much makeup if we follow this everyday

    50. shoba chintada

      I can barely do my make-up with a 100 dips and she did such a good job with only I dip !!!!😮

    51. Katara Stems

      I love Louis added " It is the hot cheeto lips for me" hehe😂

    52. Perla Hany

      I think you should do a video when you only do your makeup with one color

    53. Skyler Greenwood

      Yeah James this definitely is not the best look nothing can beat flashback Mary

    54. trampusa11

      You should do the skittles chose your makeup. 😂

    55. Maddie_ Editz

      My little sister who LOVES makeup: MiNiTuRE DoNaLd TrUmP?! DaT YoU? My mom: Oh hunny no- Me & my brother: Bro he looks good though,,, I don't get it

    56. Unicorn Fan Club

      I- Whaaaaat why is James sooooooooooooooooo good at makeup like I know you've been doing this for 5 years which is, HELLO insane but uh do you mind ya know sparing a sister some talent...?

    57. Disha Sharma

      James plz try indian type make up plzzzzz

    58. Dog_treats🥣

      James Charles James Charles James Charles

    59. Melany Hansen

      my name is kylie

    60. Ashley

      My sister called you dumb

    61. SumYugDude Yt

      Love you James

    62. The Legendary Wolves

      James: this is a disaster Me: right, how to you apply this foundation?????

    63. Aesthetic gamer!


    64. Ronke Chalmers

      His forehead is orange 🍊 🤣🧡🏀🎃☢


      You are a queen 👑 100 present 💝 oh my gosh you are so good I am you number one ☝️ fan 🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱

    66. Alice Kirk

      This make-up-look looks a bit like when he did charli damelios make up

    67. Lori AMPM

      Hi sisters will never get old yasss boiiiiissss anddd gurllllssss

    68. Katherine Savoie

      The look James did was kinda gorgeous O:

    69. jabeen bagnikar

      💸💸u r damn rich james


      Heyyyy James!

    71. Adrianna Luchtefeld

      The face is a little to dark for his real skin tone

    72. Rainbow Girl

      Anyone else notice when James was putting his primer on his skin looked WAY LESS dry than before.

    73. Bishesh Hyoju

      The red color looks like God hanuman

    74. Skipi

      That's so good makeup for one dip!! 😯😯 Like wth

    75. Jelly beans Queens fidgets

      James Charles should do24 hours in the pool

    76. Shweta Awasthi

      who does the editing of these vids ,soooo funnny 😂😂😂

    77. Liz B

      Bbg how can u say this is horrible I can’t even put foundation on

    78. 69atesta

      His forehead is red

    79. RynDeer

      “That’s so mAnLY of me” lmao

    80. Neelah Van de Walle

      Your hair haha

    81. Apple Hendrix

      I thought you texted me💀

    82. Brynn Groneck

      Even though it was not the best and your are better then what I could ever do I would love to have that many skills with makeup.

    83. Fan del Misterio

      No entiendo una mierda los comentarios ✋😞

    84. Random Rabbit

      Hey James! My name is MacKenzie, I am a girl and I like girls. My parents are very christian and told me "it is against the bible". What should I do?

    85. Girl Gamer

      Nikki said such bad word to james but so nice of him he still looked so calm and was acting nice

      1. Madeleine M

        ye ikr lol

    86. Reva Patil

      You should do a maleficent transformation

    87. Layla A

      i want you to know you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented

    88. Avery Wolfe

      4 times he said challenge in the intro

    89. Cora Miller

      I looks so good thow

    90. Monet Clark

      I wish there was one thousand like buttons I would click them all for you 🙏😘 like if you would do the same!!

    91. OMG ME! ANAM

      Why does James's bad makeup looks .ike my good makeup

    92. reem gaming

      Love you!

    93. Kamrul hussain

      Jame should do a Q&A And here is my question, what is your favorite makeup look .

    94. Pinzie Oatmeal

      Make a no mirror challenge video pls

    95. Pinzie Oatmeal

      Want to show you my makeup

    96. Wise_dice

      you are so funny that I love you ❤👼

    97. Kookookensie b

      Even with 1 dip James can pull it off... It's absolutely gorgeous

    98. Braelynn Abrams

      I am surprised why why am I surprised anyways he's gorgeous and he's gorgeous no I'm hideous

    99. Berens Family


    100. Olivia Simone

      James you don't need any makeup you are beautiful the way you are ! :)