EXPOSING Ridiculous Viral 5 Minute Craft Makeup Hacks

James Charles

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    Hi Sisters! In today's video, I wanted to try out and expose a ton of ridiculous scam 5 minute craft "makeup hacks". Most of them turned out to be EPIC fails but watch and see if any hacks actually help! Enjoy!

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    1. Rach Willis

      8:20 : *headphone warning* Me: *rips earphones out immediately. . . then puts them back in and risks deafness*

    2. Padmashree. S

      U look like tanned

    3. ⊙Fake Bones⊙

      Do a video with dr.mike

    4. Kelly Wood

      Why can’t girls and boys jus be confident without wearing make up xx it’s sad the world we live in x people thinking they have to wear make up to look pretty or to change facial features 😢

      1. Itz Riya the feminist

        They are confident..they wear it for themselves

    5. Amir Hamzah

      I just want James Minecraft videos please upload


      Can you do makeup with Indian makeup brands?

    7. •DA̸NIELADU̶CK•

      Go james Charles we support u!!!❤🤩🤭🥺👍

    8. Scarlett Clark

      8:20 Killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. Sidak

      Such a good video!!

    10. -simplyxElsie-

      2:44 he looks like Donald trump🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Scarlett Clark


    11. nelluStyle JEB

      yall crazy

    12. Afshana Haque Shanta

      I love you videos and I have your makeup palette

    13. Florentius Chana

      Loved this video and your reactions were hilarious 🤣

    14. GARIMA RAI

      How did I miss this video 😭😭

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      James looks so beautiful without makeup

    16. Princess Ariyaunna

      Hi sister

    17. *ᴀᴅᴏʀʙs𝑥sᴜᴋɪɪ*


    18. Isatou Joof

      Please stop swearing

    19. Kia Thomas

      it hurts ppl feelings

    20. Kia Thomas

      I dont like when you bully James Charles

    21. Eshaal Tariq


    22. Parveen

      5 minute craft:Natural highlighter with persimmon and honey James:.......... Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

    23. Offlinetv & Friends Edits

      5 minute be like

    24. 🙂layla🙂

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    27. RosePlayzYT

      STOP YOUR MAKING ME MAD >:( really me at the same time: XD

    28. McZac

      James just roasted Donald Trump lol

      1. Kendall Edits


    29. A person

      HEY SISTERS makes my day

    30. Annette!!

      8:23 should have get my headphones

    31. Veronica Boggs

      omg im literally dying from the “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME OH MY GOD” and from the last video “FIRST OF ALL CHAMPAGNE IS SO EXPENSIVE LIKE RIGHT?! omg bub ilysm

    32. Cattitude

      "Sometimes our favourite is not our best" I swear to god I love his friends so much 🤣✋🏻✨✨ I love how they're wise and funny at the same time

    33. Isabella’s world🌏

      Do not make fun of Donald Trump

    34. XIOMARA

      Me encantaría que James ponga subtítulos en Español 🙁

    35. Relatable Rouguie

      James: Headphone warning Me w headphones: “can’t b that bad” James: Screams like a manic Me: Now has a severe (i dont even know at this point) 😂

    36. Adolphus Teah

      Who is your sister

    37. Benedicta Zivanya Rawen

      James charles can you pls do not try that

    38. Julie Eide Dreyer


    39. June Jones

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    40. natyzha scriven

      james hear me out.. what if you do a makeup look from the hacks of of 5 min hacks

    41. Flower Baby Beyond

      I love how your always your self

    42. Iniyal Ramamoorthy

      has anyone realized that he doesn’t get monetized anymore w ads

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      lol I’m literally cracking up

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    48. A

      Notice me please😭💜im your biggest fanss🥰

    49. Kailee Richard

      James you look great in glasses


      ✨The Perfect Lip✨…(cough)

    51. nevaeh sandoval

      i love your hair and hoodies

    52. Jennifer Simons

      You are mean to mackenzie i hated you after this

    53. minahil  gaming

      I hate you

      1. Babi Cutie

        @FloralCore! Awe sweetie we didn’t ask what your name was

      2. FloralCore!


    54. Ibuki Mioda

      "And like our last president" LMAOOO

    55. April Emery

      But yet he still can’t find his foundation color properly no hate James love you

    56. Amanda Dickson

      At 8:09 I yelled “ omg she and her dang crooked teeth are killing me mentally “

    57. Jorge Calderon


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      Try Blossom's hacks!

    59. LmfaO


    60. Shoegirl825

      A potato is not a vegetable it is a starch 😂

    61. e

      Ok but like I'm in love with videos about 5 minute crafts

    62. MaddiTheBaddi

      You got to use a magazine for it

    63. vadlani sravani

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      Screaming was the bestest part... And you were looking so fuckin cute while eating marshmallows god damn it I am dying 😪😪😚😚😚

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      Love you sis! But please do another video trying 5minute craft hacks No sis just kidding dont be angry

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      Wy do u bulie Mackenzie ziegler

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      5 minute craft i know it’s not true but it’s just entertaining 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      hi! so I have a question. I like joined sisters apparel but like I cant see any of the clothes and stuff. what do I do?

    73. Kaylen Hively

      2:47 omg he's trump

    74. Savannah Friend

      HEY JAMES I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Caroline Smith

      James picking out his regular foundation color: 2:16

    76. Avibhashi Rawat

      I am so much in love with you and your videos ❤

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      0:48 I love that laugh

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    82. TTXY14

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