Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm doing the full face using only KIDS makeup challenge!! My team went to childrens stores and spent over $500 on glitter, bows, backpacks, and of course, makeup! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. abner tamarez

      Why does Claire make those type of make up😩

    2. •¥❤️Dark Comet•¥🖤✔️

      Someone tag Jojo Siwa-

    3. Itz Galaxy Squad

      I'm ten and I can't where makeup


      This is literally the same challenge as Using only neon stuff

    5. That slytherin larry boi with a bit of marvel

      This aged like fresh 100 year old wine

    6. Henry and sylvies Super world!

      I started make up when I was 2

    7. Lizzie Mq12

      I love that when James knows and hates something the back crew is like beautiful,wow,cute and ... 😂

    8. It's Avani

      i love ur vid

    9. Nova Unger


    10. carissa chapman

      Girl I am 23

    11. carissa chapman

      Put it in the back you can dress up for unicorn unicorn!

    12. Mythical

      ur a disgrace to ur family

    13. Laura ._. Innit

      I love how james is always flipping this hair clip😂

    14. Emily Whyman

      I love you daddy ❤️❤️

    15. Josslyn

      Kinda taking advantage of him being demonetized

      1. Caitlin Albers

        same tho

    16. Bananaxmilkshake

      This whole video I’m dying if laughter

    17. Lisa Yeager

      James Charles: talking about food me: I WANT ALL OF THE FOOD YOU JUST SAID *takes a car to get food**Crashes the car*

    18. Strawbxrry V x b e s

      Did anyone keep track of how many times James said so?..

    19. Amanda Shiver

      I see you have my merchandise

    20. GraceKittyGamer!

      So check! 12

    21. Jane Costigin

      When James says the word ‘COKE” me: running to the fridge and looking for coke my friends: Fanta is so bad me: speechless 😶

    22. Mimi Miles

      its the flick of the hair for me

    23. Fandom Fire

      (On camera it looks great) IN REALITY WALMARTS MAKEUP IS BETTER

    24. XxDonutBunnysXx

      hEy sIsTeRs ✨✨👋 it's James Charles 👁️👄👁️✨✨ UwU I am a fan of James Charles Are you a fan to??

      1. Caitlin Albers

        not at all

    25. Foxyy Liqht ••

      I have a glitter ✨ highlighter and I am 9 :3 -Sawyer

    26. Kali Welborn

      he is bigender

    27. lizzie Mcgrath

      james you dont need make up to be beautiful you already are sorry im really late

    28. G UC

      you get it sis

    29. Tiare Ugava

      Jojo Siwa has left the chat *jojo joins*

    30. Tanishka chavan

      the starting was too good!!!

    31. 8D AUDIO RADIO

      0:39 James Charles describing his ideal partner:

    32. Gotcha cringe girl💜🥰

      What is JoJo in LBGTQ+

      1. Caitlin Albers

        bisexual i think

    33. Leilani Walker


      1. Caitlin Albers

        Shut up..

    34. Rere plays Roblox


    35. Jan Chaves

      I love you James!!!❤️❤️❤️

    36. Demonic Rose

      *flips rainbow hair* SASSEEEEYYYY i wish he said that. COME OOONNN CLARES

    37. Nekø

      I wonder how jame charles look like when looking so boyish and manly

    38. Indigo Freer

      When ever James applies something to his face: YaAaaaASsSSs!!!!!!

    39. Zoya Shanavaz

    40. Ash G

      I started wearing make up at kind like five years old

    41. Noelle Huetig

      I never thought I would hear James say I hate glitter

    42. Barely Fairytale

      James in the beginning of the video and” I hate glitter” near the end of the video “when in doubt glitter it out.”

    43. Keeley Philbrook

      DO PEOPLE WATHC YOU FILM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Keeley Philbrook

      do people watch you fill

    45. Jacqui DiGiacinto

      I am Frankie‘s brother I like what you sent me on TickTock my name is Lizzie

    46. Naima Choudhury

      You know what I actually think the makeup is really nice

    47. Vanessa Melara

      That Glitter is for your lips

    48. Vanessa Melara

      That g

    49. emily keane

      same ibella

    50. Thristha Belagode

      TO wer makeup

    51. Brooke & Ry _1234

      James: Is this JoJo’s backpack The team: Yes Also James:EeeeEeeeeeeee YaaaSssSsSssssssss

    52. Aleah Sorensen

      Poor James the makeup just ain’t working

    53. Aleah Sorensen

      Same I have an addiction to coke to

    54. Aleah Sorensen

      How many times did he say so

    55. Koyakio

      Why does any brand of makeup look good on James 😳

    56. Ashley Peters


    57. Mia Pawelec

      I love coke too

    58. Armando Boss

      June challenge oh my God you call me please

    59. Juliann Smith

      Hewo James I'm 9 and my name is Sofia I've been watching u for 3 years AND I LOOOOOVE THIS LOOK u look gorgeous😊😍😋

    60. Liela Sherf

      James: I have a really bad addiction to coke By standers: YAS! WERK! James: CocA CoLA thE dRiNk

      1. Liela Sherf

        @Random User it’s a drug

      2. Random User

        I’m sorry I’m dumb, what else coke is there?

    61. Allyson Paredes

      james you are the reson i started make up and make me love my self more 💖💖💖💗

    62. Norman

      I hate James

      1. Norman

        @Brilee Davidson I don't know. 😧‼️

      2. Brilee Davidson

        Why are you here then step sister?! 😁

    63. funny

      I love myself I don't wear makeup and I love myself I wish my face every single day even though I haven't washed my face yet but I still love myself and also good vid

    64. Amatullah Shajapurwala

      James Pls do Bella porch's makeup🙏

    65. Eliza Rizvi

      U look like a 5 year old 🤣 and I so prefer u with ur own pallet and stuff !!!!

    66. Harper and Hollis !!!

      Anyone else a republican and still obsessed with James Charles vids

    67. Rosalind Daley

      Hai Sistas James Charles Here

    68. Krissy likes Bleach

      This makeup tested positive for abestos like the snow in the wizard of oz

    69. Hind Rahmani


    70. Amanda Abreo

      Coca Cola gang!

    71. Aurora Garcia


    72. Brickskindixie

      James: breaths His team: YESSS💖💖👏👏🎉🎉

    73. your local speed paints

      can you do a clair's face mack plssssssss

    74. Gacha Sunflower

      When he said that you don’t need to wear makeup to be beautiful, try to tell that to my ex bf. And that is why I have a gf who loves me for who I am.

    75. *Doggo& Foxy*

      Can we just talk about his intro tho like😍

    76. Miya Wilcox

      I love your videos

    77. kourtney glaser


    78. Tish Tash

      James is the only adult I know that can look amazing with child make up on

    79. Cute star4

      Sorry I am new is is this human a girl or a boy he/she puts make-up tho he/she name is JAMES

      1. amanda

        its a boy

    80. Dalma Szabó

      Jojo james 😅😂

    81. Dariena Baker

      James: you don't have to wear makeup because of some bully I. school your beautiful Me: I love James ... You inspire me!!!!!

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      When he listened the food it is like all of my favsssss

    84. Black Death

      Wish I could express myself but my parents are homophobic

    85. Asia Plahar


    86. Chloe W

      Everything he said in this video can now be taken in a different context lol

      1. Nerdy me

        Lol fr


      Jojo siwa who?

    88. •Mei Mei

      Jojo Siwa makeup is much better than the ones that my sister buys, makeup aka just glitters- .-.

    89. gingersixtytwo

      My cousin says don’t watch your channel but I’m gonna anyways

      1. Rm

        Why she said don’t watch?

    90. Rashmi Jauharo

      You are my world favorite makeup artist 🤗

    91. Gaideaaa


    92. minami


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      I have to same skull palette

    94. Puppy ___loverr

      Can you please not say bad words 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I am not a hater it’s gust I I can’t listen to bad words and if I do I have to un subscribe

      1. yuri e

        get earbuds bruh

    95. blue and green wings

      james honestly makes anything look good ngl

    96. Butterfly wing Taylor

      I bet james charles won't respond to this comment if so Hi sister

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    98. Strawberry Smoothie

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    99. Romessa Chandna

      *JoJo enters the chat* 🎀

      1. Catato Gal

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    100. YuhItsIzzy

      James: may I ask...is this a jojo siwa backpack camera person: yes? James: YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS Camera crew: YESSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS