Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm doing the full face using only KIDS makeup challenge!! My team went to childrens stores and spent over $500 on glitter, bows, backpacks, and of course, makeup! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. taetae

      4:23 so many so 😂😂😂

    2. Begum Sughra

      Hey Jame Charles you are so selfish I did,nt think you are like that

    3. Vistness

      5:05 ended his career lmao

    4. Dean OMG


    5. Tammie Harris

      I love that James included boys and girls I am a girl but I don't really wear makeup but my boyfriend does and I don't care

    6. Teresa Gillaspie

      With the skill powder bringing back flashback Mary vibes

    7. Callie Edwards


    8. عائشة علي

      مفش فيك رحت الرجرل يا سوسن😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      I love this dude he is just so sweet 💞💗✨🌸

    10. Izy Nosha

      He eats all of that and his skin is still perfect, how???

    11. Laurie H. Weeks

      It is monster high logo

    12. Liyah Lavery

      Its hard to take him for real with that hair clip thingy lol Love your make up!

    13. Meredith Hazlehurst

      His hoodie is confusing me-💀

    14. Eden Gebb

      i am lucky enough that my mom recently bought me the james x morphie pallete i love the shade acappella

    15. LIsa Ortiz

      god bless you James Charles

    16. Hi

      James be like:I love Coca Cola me:drinking Coca Cola as am I’m watching 😳😳😳

    17. Akm Moniruzzaman

      Yuck he is boy what the fuck Why he is using girl makeup instrument

    18. Amy and Katelynn

      Im actually 9years-old and im trans

    19. Shayna Shah

      Jame Charles you care about others that’s why we love you

    20. Lakyah Grigsby


    21. kitty vroom vroom

      wow wow your sooo rude i seee how you treat your fan : you said yall never ganna win :

    22. Brichanise Terrell

      Romans 10:9, NIV: "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    23. Ćôôkîè Çrûmbś ùwú

      Ur awful

    24. Monica DLC

      If James did not have that bow on and hair piece, and have not said it was not from Clares, I would not have not known that this was all from the store. And that shows I know nothing about makeup..

    25. JR Buzzi

      1:48 my ears are 💀

    26. Gulmora Tokhay


    27. Gulmora Tokhay

      Your a boy

    28. Muzhda Hessari

      I can't lie but she is TALENTED!

    29. Jemma Driscoll

      why did James look like JoJo Siwa??

    30. Kornelia Zietek

      I'm 8 years old and I wear mascara

    31. Samir Hadidi


    32. Samir Hadidi


    33. demonz

      my little cousin would be jealous if she saw this video

    34. Konvos With KK

      James is never having there crap but then agreed lmao like bro

    35. Kattu Aljebrah

      And annoying Charlie

    36. Kattu Aljebrah

      They said u were bullying makinze

    37. My Bank

      I would preamble this you are aware

    38. Kathleen McLaughlin

      Dude he needs to get won of his pallets and put it on and then make a coke bath and put bath bombs in there TRUMP 2021

    39. The anime lover

      I’m 8 I love doing makeup you inspired me to do it and I love you so much

    40. ShawnUwU

      Sister James~ we need to meet your sister crew!

    41. Gamergirl LoL

      Full on JOJO SIWA vibes***

    42. Mitchell Taft

      Did you go to oaks malls clairs

    43. Princess Lia

      i get made fun of at school for loving and watching your vids but i say haters gonna hate sisterz!!!

    44. Srimayi’s Room

      I am so happy

    45. Vivi Vlogs

      this is why I changed my makeup store 8D

    46. Adalynn Butkins

      When he put on the white suff FLASH BACK MARRY

    47. Mya Keith

      when i need make up tips or like entertainment I watch james charles he is awsome and perfect at make up

    48. Yaima Lopez

      Omg I didnt know Jojo was part of the lgbtq community awwwwww good for her 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😘😘😘

    49. Amelia Malho

      You're one of the worst HRaerors ever

    50. Nicole Owens

      I loved when he fliped out when he or she said the bookbag was jojosiwa

    51. Frog Familyᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

      This is why my mom always complains when I ask for makeup because I don't get makeup from Claire's like normal girls! 😃

    52. Callie T

      2:27 why does this look give me Georgenotfound vibes

    53. 🍵ItzBonnie_Mint🍵

      The drugstore?

    54. Grace  H

      i would never eat any of those foods even as a child

    55. Grace Stevens

      I have the same chapstick lol

    56. flolomojo

      So so so so so so so so so so so....... So 😐

    57. ×ali×

      Hey what do you think of the alt look if you do can you do it for a video

    58. Lako Mako


    59. Tony Pawa

      I hat you

    60. Krithik Ishan

      Your skin is so smooth bro

    61. Laylonie Mendez

      James Claire’s what are you expect

    62. Paislee Leviner

      James:I love Coca Cola his team:YAAAAAAAASSSSSS

    63. Paislee Leviner

      James I want the fan

    64. Diya Koyi

      You should do a reacting to jays coding video

    65. iiaurilia

      Jojo Siwa is that you!?

    66. Bumble Bee

      Love your nails

    67. Trinity Frank


    68. Teddy crew

      I like to wear makeup because I want to be a tik tok Cosplayer

    69. iiauxelina

      More like looking like Jojo Still loved it 😍

    70. Chloe White

      I love james intro it's so fun I loveeeee it so. Much

    71. Lateno Ahmed

      Omg wat is that so fine😂.

    72. Danika Leigh

      we all know what you said *cough* tarte

    73. Reagan Stegemoller

      i get my makeup from ulta

    74. Reagan Stegemoller

      i love coke too its my favorite lets be besties

      1. Allayza Grace Astoveza


      2. Allayza Grace Astoveza


    75. Sarah trin Lycan

      Please do this again I loved seeing it try some other clairs make up

    76. Faith Joy

      I got the mascara from Claire’s to try it was BAD!

    77. Faith Joy

      Who is appreciating Jame’s unicorn earrings ahhhhh💕💕💕

    78. xoEryk

      this did not age well

    79. Abigail Aramburo

      Lunchabales are actually really bad for you it's basiclly like poison kind of.

    80. Nurul Alisha Iman

      Can you even open up your eyes

    81. Audrey Kramer

      Pause on 8:43 That's an atractive face

    82. the ro ro gang

      The highlight thing is tune the first thing of nice make up was for me highlight

    83. xXArianaGrandeXx

      9:41 his face really said a bad bitch ima ima bad bitch

    84. Philip Pateman

      James do you have a girl friend???????

    85. Tamanna Gupta

      I have a idea for you : pride flag makeup

    86. Phase  NYLA🤪

      my dollar tree got better quality than this and its only 1 dollar😭

      1. Avedasri Shah ‘4c’


    87. Arissa Hussain

      this didnt age well

    88. turtles rock

      U can't go without James Charles. He's as addicting as he is to coke

      1. Alivia Grace

        *coca cola* lol😂

      2. oriixon

        what type of coke-

    89. Wild scout

      Jojo is LGBTQ+?! Yaaaaaas queen! Join the squad!

    90. Leanna Kirgiz

      James messing up the Iconic Hi Sisters with a cough The whole crew being like Yessss 👍 Go Queen cause they have all been waiting for James to mess up even ounce

    91. Amne Yassin

      i keep watching this 100 times idk why

    92. Khloe Salcedo

      do a vid with Dhar Mann.

    93. Brooklyn Bamford

      I wanted to see the lashes!????!?

    94. brooklynne sweeden

      James: Wait this was 5 dollars it was problly from Halloween that’s why it has a scull. Me in my head:is it expired?

    95. brooklynne sweeden

      How long did it take to get the glider off?

    96. brooklynne sweeden

      How long did it take to get the Clyde off?

    97. Niki Zaxariou


    98. Alexia Haines

      i love watching your videos