Makeup Artist Reacts To Makeup Scenes In Movies

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! Today's video is inspired by GQ where professionals react to their job being shown in movies! Since I'm a makeup artist, I reacted to makeup scenes in movies like Euphoria, The Joker, Burlesque, and more, and talk all about how accurate or fake they are! Enjoy!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Hacker

      James YOU NEED TO DO A REACTION FOR THE “FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL” AND “UEFA CHAMPION LEAGUE FINAL” Ill owe you a billion UK pounds if you do it.

    2. Randio

      James: “me being a makeup artist and professional” Him: **still can’t find his shade of foundation** THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT. just saying

    3. Funny Bunnyoop

      Ok so here’s a video idea how about James goes to a professional make up artist for a day If you like this idea like pla

    4. Emily Caporlingua

      I. Like your video.

    5. Emily Caporlingua

      And my name is Emily and what is your name.

    6. Emily Caporlingua

      What is your favorite thing to do

    7. Yome Li-Chan

      edward scissorhands isn't horror lol

    8. The McSix Kids

      I was so surprised when he said " Use Code James For Ten Percent Of " " IF YOU WANT TO " Which is something I thought he would never say

    9. The Benitez

      Your a god at doing make up ❤️❤️

      1. The Benitez

        James your so good :)

    10. Fidget toys


    11. Margot Overton

      Edward scissor hands was filmed in my best friends neighborhood and I’ve seen some tributes to it around town!

    12. FashionLuv

      1:27 wait.. why does hi sounds like Bryce hall. “I’m not a fighter I’ve never claimed to be a fighter.” But he says “ I’ve never claimed to be a professional makeup artist I’m not.” Lol

    13. Cassidy Toth

      3:32 serving asmr roleplay realness

    14. Breonna Courmier

      did he give the names of the merrel twins wrong?

    15. Muffin Head

      6:41 LMAO

    16. ☁️Roblox gall☁️

      And why was he so pale in that picture

    17. ☁️Roblox gall☁️

      I am a young makeup artist and ik they use a brush to put in lip sometimes

    18. Sherrie Asbury

      Did I just hear him say that Edward Scissorhands is a horror movie LMAO

    19. Sherrie Asbury

      U r beautiful!

    20. Limestick

      Man, James is really a hand talker

    21. Dream Hunter

      i saw so many makesups yet none of them ever caught my eye but today this is the first time watching your video yet i love your make up sm i wish i can do that someday

    22. Dance K Life


    23. Kierah Love

      Here me out what if u do a full face make up look with using all the wrong brushes

    24. JYROUD

      Bullied a person before Off-camera

    25. JYROUD

      He acts very different off-camera and really rude

    26. JYROUD

      James Charles is a bully

    27. Ataliey Ovalle

      You are so mean 🔥😠😠

    28. Infiniti3e

      james hands be like ✋🤚

    29. Elenee Verster

      I didn't know aswell that the merral twins were in the movie... Wow..... Wel done

    30. lovcr

      at 14:11 does anyone notice Wednesday and like-

    31. Aiko-Chan

      Sometimes people make rude videos about u 😭👉👈

    32. You don’t Know me

      James:I’m not a professional makeup artist Me:and you probably know me

    33. MrRainbowDoge Mobile

      James in thumbnail: uGHHHhHhhhh

    34. Procreate_artist

      james: i am not a professional in an way shape or form me: look at your face and say that it looks amazing

    35. evyon love

      i love the breakfast club its my fav

    36. xXSunnyBunnyXx

      Me wondering if James Charles remembers a year ago when he reacted the Norris nuts make up looks: naz Sabre biggy and sockie

    37. Mackenzie Burns

      You know you ain’t special

    38. Aaaa_That •__•


    39. April knight

      I have crush on you

    40. Paige Russell

      you should have done the makeup scene in the first episode of Riverdale

    41. Anzar Kunhi

      You look like Boy George's younger brother.

    42. jennifer gillihan

      the mari twins are on the show jane the virgen

    43. Patricia Carver


    44. Ayla Milligan

      James: I'm not a proffetional Me: no sister... you are better than that

    45. Ajal Thomas

      Are you girl

      1. Kristina 🙄

        How random is this?

    46. Kamryn Tweedle

      I love watching your vid’s

    47. Delores madar

      James’s tomb stone:died by eating makeup Sisters:what the-

    48. Stephanie Tangen

      I think the thing with the Breakfast Club scene was to show how Claire went from ome stage to the next. I cant remember i think its called a jump cut

    49. gxbbyxwxng

      You should react to makeup ads.

    50. RTV Box


    51. I'm offline rn

      I always watch you james

    52. Evie Jenkins

      im sorry but did he really just call the merrel twins lola and layla when their names are veronica and vanessa?

    53. ꨄTatianaꨄ

      Flashlight Mary

    54. Leonsdrillchannel

      Boys don’t do makeup

      1. ブッチングおいげん

        Yes they do and be quiet

      2. park jimin's small pinky

        Shut up

    55. Kenzie’s Vlogs

      She’s animated James

    56. •hOuSE oF wEiRdOs•ツ

      James; u r a perfect and makeup LITERALLY my makeup looks like 10x worse than u and aHeM uR mAkEuP iS 100x bEtTeR tHaN mInE ûnû u go bro. U do u. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

      1. Brayden Kilgallon

        Pick me, much 👀

    57. Avbrella

      Hi! James your the best Youruber! And I’ve watched you sense 2018 Or 2019 But Keep doing Good!

      1. Swoggles

        This commen is a joke, right?

    58. Adasha

      Love you 💓💓💓😄🌼🌼🌼🌼

    59. MUAkween11o2

      Wish upon a star has a 90s makeup scene. (: My girl has a makeup scene Now i cant stop thinking what other movies have makeup scenes lol

    60. Rabeya Kaur

      James: I am not a professional makeup artist. Me: Nope! YOU ARE

    61. Monique Davood


    62. Sanjeev Bhargava

      James is not a make up artist he is better than most


      Wow when I seen the thumbnail I was mad. I love Edward scissorhands. Why just why

    64. Riley Maritz

      OMG! I LOVE the movie like a boss

    65. Inside Equestrian

      "Which first looks like a nail polish bottle" Me: wHiTeOuT bOtTlE

    66. Aleah Walker

      I'm gonna guess he has actually never seen Edward Scissorhands. It was Avon makeup as she was an Avon saleslady. It was made to be comical, I wouldn't exactly call it horror. Also franchise? Um what franchise? It was a single movie

    67. poodingg


    68. Raseetha Raseetha


    69. Babie Hough

      I love it that james say i am his sisster but it lets me know that he is the star to my light

      1. Babie Hough

        Hi sisster if you are reading this i just want to say i love you i love your vids jou make me happy when i am down i lost my friend and now i am being yelled at but when it happins i just whach you and i just get happy and i want to say thanks i love you bey sisster

    70. Isha Marie Bragais

      James is the only most PROFESSIONAL Makeup Artist I know in HRaero. ✨

    71. Loreley Hobbies

      James: I'm not professional makeup artist Me: yeah you are!

    72. Allison Lange

      Merrell twins names are Veronica and Vanessa

    73. Simply Blue 🔵

      James: euphoria Me: EuPHorIA if ur army u will understand

      1. Bella Byers


    74. HamA Hama


    75. _Roblox_


    76. maxi_22


    77. lmfao liz

      Him saying in the old days people put on lipstick with brush's Me still putting it on with a brush and feeling old af

      1. _Roblox_


      2. _Roblox_


    78. 1989 Replover

      Well ... James Charles turned out to be a twinner

    79. The Equestrian Life Of Charlotte

      I only clicked on this video because I saw Edward Scissorhands on the cover

    80. TheAngelGirl28

      What about "Warm Bodies"?

    81. Lauryn Kostuch

      Girl James you are a professional makeup artist

    82. Athena Brouillard

      Another thing for white face paint if you do little "x" it becomes more opaque.

    83. tsukki's lost dino-plush

      My friends always apply my lipstick with a brush and they always do my makeup lay down

    84. armygrande

      Love you from iran😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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      But you are a professional makeup artist!

    86. Summer Royal

      I LOVE. Edward Scissorhands LIKE I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO WHEN I SEEN IT I WAS SO HAPPY and joker

    87. It’s time For fun!

      You are a professional makeup artist even if you were trained or not you are amazing at makeup

    88. Kiana Cöpal

      Because your everyday makeup looks so perfect

    89. Kiana Cöpal

      please upload a new make up tutorial video 😍😍

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      Sister James can u do a reaction vid to ur first make up tutorial pls?!

    91. o cry_bXby o


    92. Lacey 's fidgets fun time

      I'm 7

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      why does James licking his setting powder remind me of that woman on like my strange addiction who eats her husband's ashes 🤨

    94. jade mc

      you should try the Changeable Fantasy pallette

    95. Your local Sloth Gamer

      Heres some soccer quote things: Punt, Goal, Goalie, Field kick, defender and many more. Your welcome 👍

    96. Blobfish yes Blobfish good

      Lmfao at James so casually advising the Joker on makeup.

    97. Maddison cetkosky

      james u are a pro your amazing


      love thisssssssssssssssssssss stay safe sister binge watching vids in lockdown

    99. Vedanshee's Here Shorts

      James: l m not a Professional makeup artist. Me: k luv

    100. ShadowKnight

      James: I think both of the merrall twins Lola and Layla Me: um there names are Roni(Veronica) and nessa(Vanessa)