Makeup Using ONLY My Opposite Hand Challenge! *disaster*

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I did my full face of makeup using ONLY my non-dominant hand. To make it even harder, my team locked my good hand behind my back too... this was one of the worst makeup challenges I've ever filmed so I hope you enjoy watching me struggle!

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 8 mjeseci


    1. Gaming with Rabani

      Ur left hand makeup is the makeup 7 professional hands put on me 😂

    2. Fidget toys


    3. Sakshi Kakad

      His start looks so positive he is dam cute...

    4. Erin Duff

      The guy with the scissors looks like nick from new girl 😂😂

    5. Aletheia Mundy

      OMg iS youR hanD oK???? LooKs SOOO PurPlE!!!

    6. xripalexisx

      bruh- that eye is actually amazing- giving very stranger things vibes kinda sorta

    7. Abigail Hulstine

      ur so funny i’m dead😂

    8. Abigail Hulstine

      so how do u feel about biden now😂

    9. the weird artist 13

      Maybe if the lips were black it could of look good 🙂

    10. Stephy B

      I love how James & his team just started singing for no reason to cheer him up. So hilarious yet heartwarming. Your team is awesome!

    11. Mason James

      Ugh Trevor is so adorable 😍🥰

    12. Milisa M.

      11:25 I was stunned

    13. Danielle Aroner

      Right with my left hand And my right hand

    14. geraldine_

      7:11 I'm crying 😭😂😭

    15. Laura Maleham

      I am living for the chaos 😂

    16. Emma Johnson

      I have laugh so hard watching this video I was cry laughing

    17. Evelyn Heney

      I stayed through the hull video James

    18. Sarah Willig

      James: "You know life is all about making choices" *Makes his lips orange* James: "Not always good ones......."

    19. Micah Neupane

      The editor tho💯

    20. KHAN MOHIN

      8:37 ughhhhhh😍🎶🎶😍😍🎶😍😍🎶🎶 🎶😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎶 🎶😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎶 🎶🎶😍😍😍😍😍🎶🎶 🎶🎶🎶😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶 🎶🎶🎶🎶😍🎶🎶🎶🎶can't stop listening it😌

    21. Tapty Hoqu


    22. Samara manocha

      This is how many time james said "oh my gosh!!" 👇🏻


      James: thinking this was bad Me: can’t even put on lipstick

    24. Gia Sethi


    25. 군대마자

      3:27 lmao 😂

    26. Sristi Shil

      Duck lips

    27. Nora Gutierrez

      I love how he’s so cool with his friends being in the video ❤️😅

    28. Morgan Himmel

      owa owa

    29. Franka Grgić

      U should do a video called “doing my Full face only usnog my fingers”

    30. supermum07

      Lol I’m left handed

    31. Mara Puls

      Only 10% of the world is left-handed and I am!

    32. HINATA TV

      Sister James this is by far the most funniest vid I have ever seen

    33. viha

      its 'ok'

    34. Sis Fam

      dude was i the only one who thought that the eyeshadow pallette theme song was like good?!?!

    35. Shamielia Davis

      James you did good to me but please take care of your hands never lose your right hand😂😁

    36. It’s Mello

      I thought of the drunk video too😂😂

    37. Ellie and Ronan's Vlogs

      bros be like Louis: get out of the frame Anthony: i want to be in the frame

    38. Ellie and Ronan's Vlogs

      stranger: how many siblings do u have James: 1 brother and 24.8M sisters edit: when they got distracted singing it was pretty good tho lol

    39. iN0TYiNYaNGYT

      1 hour + 1 hour = 2 hours. Poor James lmao!!

    40. cannon

      I'm a lefty and doing this challenge with my right hand would literally be imposible

    41. Billy Sherrill

      Loved the video not much the singing

    42. Just Meh

      I havent watched yet but I feel like this is gonna be much better than If I ever tried doing makeup-

    43. 💗GraceDaQueen!💗

      Lol praying for you 😂😂😂 that makeup look looks just as good as me

    44. 💗GraceDaQueen!💗

      Yay! Love you James!

    45. Arne

      thanks chejms chuckles u r cool guy :) made me laugh :)) ly

    46. Ashleen Sandhu

      I wish I had friends like your so nice and fun

    47. iistree

      why did i refuse to use my left hand during this video. . .

    48. Rachel Lee

      i can just imagine how much fun ryan had editing this video

    49. Tweekie

      I want a friend group like James's , they are an iconic group

    50. ⚠️raee⚠️

      stop cause the makeup was better than my lifeline

    51. Leah Arbuckle


    52. Raey loves BTS

      just 1 word ✨ chaos ✨🤠✌️

    53. The Liam and Eliza Show!

      That song you were singing that had oh beautiful for spashis sky's I learned that song in music when I was in kindergarten😀p.s. your great at singing

    54. The Liam and Eliza Show!

      Omg once I had loop earrings and I tried take them off and the thinking part got stuck too and it hurt so bad to try to take out

    55. Madison Genoch

      I lava you James

    56. Madison Genoch

      James are you drunk lol jk

    57. Eva

      i am an ambidextrous! Sister, does your friends have an obsession with taping you?!

    58. xCloudyxtrys


    59. Annabel Campbell

      ~By tHe CoP~

    60. Nicola Benjamin

      James friends are so chaotic lmao

    61. Arla Stevenson

      James is so freaking cute when he’s suffering (make-up wise) 🥰✨

    62. Lol

      If you started in 2014 and right now it’s 2020 isn’t that seven years

      1. Calli Phoenix

        its an old video

    63. Ella Sholes

      I need to be friends with all of U guys!!

    64. George Williams

      James's make up looks look like 🇦🇲

      1. Toga Himiko

        Tf learn english

    65. Kay rose

      Omg is it just me or his foundation looks soo soo good in this video

    66. That_random_bisexual

      Omg I LOVE your friends! They kinda remind me of my friends but x100 better

    67. Lia Morales

      I love you so much James

    68. Betsady

      Me a leftt watching this 👁️👄👁️

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      Hi sephanie fund

    70. Mayara S .

      His friends are kinda annoying...

    71. NotRamaJ

      Dude this vid was posted 1 day after my bday

    72. Allied School

      When your team jumps into the video they make your videos so funny

    73. mjhawk17

      they torturing james

    74. Śÿdñëÿ Łöñgrëñ

      no, not biden 2021

    75. Heather Parsons

      11:24 that was sister spectacular

    76. Maddie Atherton

      No. Not, “your stuck here”, it should be…. We get to be together!

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      Can I get a..HOIya!

    78. Emma Neeter

      8:37. Why is his singing better than any singer I have listened to?!!

    79. Emma Neeter

      People ask me, how many siblings do you have and I say 4 and they're like.... did your mom have another baby? And I'm like, no, James Charles is my sister!

    80. 🌀Char🌀

      this looks better than me doing it with my right hand. and yes i am right handed

    81. Robyn Sarrat

      I didn't think it looked too bad but I think the red looked better than the orange

    82. Mary Charlotte

      Litterly 5 seconds later James is doneeeeee

    83. Farida Yeasmin

      Well when I came here I thought it was in 1.25x speed bt it wasn't

    84. •_Strawberry._.Mother._ •

      YoUr✨RiGht👾hAnD🤚lOokS👑LiKe💀a 📱tUrkEy 👹cLaw😍😍

      1. •_Strawberry._.Mother._ •

        @Toga Himiko 😩

      2. Toga Himiko

        That pfp is cursed😭😭😭😩

    85. MLG Magic

      james looking kinda thicc

    86. Katherine Savoie

      Them singing at (9:35) Is everything!

    87. Valerie,gems,toys,pets,and more

      Im left handed-

      1. Fright-chan

        In ambidextrous

    88. Rümeysa Yüksel

      I want to watch your videos but I don't understand what you are saying. Can you add Turkish subtitles?

    89. Jasmine G

      Try watching this video without laughing..... You Can’t 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

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      Sister James has more talent in his pinky of his non dominant hand then I have In my both hands

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      5 years ago I was 4 so yeah

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        5 years ago i was 7

      2. L Lawliet

        5 years ago I was 12

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        5 years ago I was 11

    97. Akanksha M

      Best james charles vid ever!!!

    98. Rajinder Bali

      James you are lying your makeup is so nice and and you telling that the makeup is a worse I will like your makeup expect the orange lipstick but it looks very nice nice aur not nice in the between

    99. Dead Account x

      Idk why but if someone like proper tied my arm behind me I would freak. I hate claustrophobia 😢

    100. Aleenaibrahimsiraj Khan

      And I love you soo much I live in India Delhi ❤ I love to go america I hope I would see you