CHIPOTLE Launched A Makeup Line?! 🌯 Honest Review!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! Chipotle recently announced that they were collaborating with E.L.F cosmetics to release a makeup collection! I've gotten so many requests to review it and let you guys know if it's worth picking up with your next burrito bowl! Enjoy!

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    CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. James Charles


      1. Kensley Perez

        White rice, black beans, chicken, lettuce, fresh salsa, cheese, corn, and sour cream on the side

      2. Andrea Hernandez

        WAIT why is that my order but w carne asada 😫

      3. Chicken

        Yours but no guac

      4. Mattercon 124

        I like a pento bean and cheese burrito but sometimes I might have it with rice.

      5. Silly sauce S.S

        That’s exactly what I got

    2. Sylvia Richards

      Tbh I have never been Chipotle!!! I have herd good things about it tho

    3. Zion Chelven

      Omg from 25M into 24.9M Wow

    4. Fluffy Sheep

      Can we gust talk about how until he got to the black beans it was all like “ yumm so good “ then when he got to the black beans he was all like “ Black beans yuck “ little sus don’t you think

    5. a r friedman

      Interesting you give out your phone number. I love you id your eyes different colos. It looks awesome. The lip color is ok. I think this kit is nice for collector or present.its a nice presentation too. Have fun and success.

    6. Tom Rees

      My burrito bowl is definitely chicken nuggets, ketchup, celery, broccoli, soy sauce and bleach. It’s delicious

    7. xX•flora•Xx

      Great autumn tones 😍 it’s such a nice palette

    8. zee haa

      i love chipotale!!!!

    9. vernon shirey jr

      White Rice 🍚 Chicken 🐓 Guacamole 🥑 Lettuce 🥬 Mild Salsa 💃

    10. Tennis Improvements!

      who noticed that when james said that he has his whole base on, and primed his eyes ready to go. Then a second later when he starts to put the eyeshadow on the base is completely wiped off LOL!!!

    11. Iman Saman

      I have got the palette I'm a really big fan 😌

    12. lynn annala

      nope not alone.

    13. smalls duggs

      you know why that sponge feels different "IT'S AN AVACADO"

    14. Doglover

      Honestly I know James was kinda unsure of the green shadow look but I actually like it better than the red!

    15. BlackHaloGacha

      Not the color palette I would use, but very unique. Knock off christmas vibes 😂

    16. Meadow Viljoen

      so cute I love this collaboration

    17. TheUglyDuckling849

      I want it 😩

    18. Siimply peachy

      The hi sister never get old😝😝

    19. Hai Duong chi


    20. Kadence Ullery

      James looks so good w/ a perm

    21. Maggie's Channel

      Amazing !

    22. 死

      00:00 you look like your brother

    23. Rhythm Dang

      Lol ide do makeup, but i just watch your videos cause u have a really bright personality :))

    24. Abster 41

      His hair looks amazing! The makeup is gorge as well

    25. Ali Ameera

      Ur cute 🥰

    26. analeebri

      “Just putting a little pinto bean in the crease” -James Charles 2021

      1. Dora the explorer


    27. Rachel Stephens

      Tell me I'm not the only one that thinks elf should Collab with McDonald's

    28. Zunaira Asghar

      Hi James I think your foundation shade has improved but since you have a red undertone I think if you put some red eyeshadow or lipstick underneath your foundation and it will look better on your skin not trying to be rude it would help again not trying to be rude but it would look btter

    29. Zunaira Asghar


    30. Pump Spooky Month

      dua pepe

    31. Skeleton Films


    32. Elena Simkute

      Hi, James! I love your videos and your content! Because I'm only entering The Teenage years I can't really afford your palate or merch, but if I could I DEFFINETLY would. You taught me how to love myself and to treat myself beautifully. Thank you😊.

    33. Mia lita


      1. Learlnotfound


    34. Indian VIP X BLACKJACK

      Me:- these eye shadows are soo beautiful James : it's terrible Me:. Yesss they are so bad... ( Beauty guru things)

    35. Maram Mukheef

      Love your makup

    36. hope stop

      Count how many times he said “ohhh” in a high pitch scream😂

    37. Heidi Scott

      I do steak or chicken, brown beans, lettuce, cheese, brown rice, sour cream, and mild salsa

    38. Sama Mukete

      I love you James

    39. trishelle walker

      He lost a million subscribers

    40. Ayaan Asif 6A

      Your surprises and joyful emotions just made me so happy. Thankyou James.

    41. bluebxrry

      I noticed wen he cut to seeing the elf + chipotle eyeshadow he didn’t have makeup on and then cut back to him with makeup on

    42. Aniket Kumar

      I love chipotle James i am just like you and i love you so much

    43. Pandy

      when i saw tommyinnit in the thumbnail i was like *"this is gonna be POGGERS"*

    44. Toya Heath

      Jesus saves

    45. Pari Your Angel

      Why does James look like Larry 🤔😂

    46. Pari Your Angel

      Why does James look like Larry 🤔😂

    47. Kathryn Venus

      what foundation are you using?

    48. Lola Morgan


    49. Roda Lazo

      Wat is a Review

    50. D A

      Like the guacamole eye.

    51. AandRsRandomStuff !!!!

      Burrito chicken white rice both beans lettuce Queso and chips and guacamole on the side

    52. Simply Cherry

      OMG I am OBSESSED with chipotle! My order is a bowl with white rice, black beans, sour cream, and cheese it might not sound much but it’s sooo good! Also how can I get all of the makeup and get the big pack like you had in the video I would LOVE to experience it!

    53. Bro, my milk tastes like✨🌈CoLoRs🌈✨

      Bro we have the exact same chipotle order :P

    54. Kiahbear 2135

      That fuckin hair

    55. Audri plays

      I love tinted lipglosses lol

    56. Kim Affolder

      I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    57. IELTS TOEFL GRE & Immigration Consultant

      More than makeup these shades are good to make you look like a drag queen or a bottle of concentrate

    58. Charmie Plays

      My older sister actually tried this and she used the avocado sponge set, the sponge felt like a rock, I'm so surprised and shocked..

    59. Sayonara Norris Norris

      I have a question do u actually chew gum?

    60. Isabella Brown

      Great video and I love your hair!

    61. the diamond family

      That that phone number is not your phone number


      stop wearing makeup many animals are dying especially the shamed rabbits !!! ....

    63. Mason frying Pan

      We love you James

    64. kat

      I love this look you created!!! So stunning!!! My burrito bowl from chipotle that I get is white rice chicken pinto beans and pico de gallo it's so frking good and chips to scoop it up the bom. Com lol I wish I owned your pallets but unfortunately I dont :( but I love to get both of your pallets!!! Some day. 😇😊😍❤🙏

    65. Queenofdogs

      Aaaah!!! So cute!

    66. Dark Night gamer

      There no meat on here 😅😂😅

    67. Nays Tv

      I hope he comes back one day (I love you James 💕)

      1. Hannah Venable

        He’s back !!!!

      2. Simply Sweetie

        Me too 😥

    68. BranBran 8275

      No homo

    69. Kazie Grand

      Pls stop buying from E.L.F they test on animals and it needs to be stopped

    70. Denice Melancon

      He says that hair do tho!!!😆😆😜😜😛😛😝😝💓💓💕💕

    71. FuzzyQ_playz

      James : I do love a good red lipstick because it is very sultry ,very sexy ,and very powerful Me: *puts on red lipstick* Me :*screams * because I look like joker from Batman Lol🤣

    72. Tiger Lily

      Im Not Your Sister Lol 😂😂

    73. Grace Ma

      that perm really isn't working out for u...

    74. edwin alvarado

      Que Te 🤙

      1. Jasta Ykotuce


    75. Abigail Schlup

      5:45 where did all of his makeup go?

    76. Abigail Schlup


    77. GingerSnapsCookieBox

      Chunky Salsa or smooth? I love chunky

    78. Cøffee lätte beâr

      Oh and sour cream

    79. Cøffee lätte beâr

      My bowl is white rice chicken black beans obvi lettuce tomatos cheese and if theres anything else i cant remember

    80. Ella Hill


    81. Aylin Mendoza


    82. Shania Surtani

      I’ve never had Chipotle before...

    83. Cloudy playz-roblox

      Omg I get that too lol

    84. {🌸chxrry blxssxm🌸}

      My chicken in my bowls be burntt😩✋

    85. Official Chicken

      Random tip White rice in Japanese is Shiro I ga han

      1. Jasta Ykotuce

        Whats i ga han

    86. Ruby Hernandez

      Can you watch your old video that Maddie/ Kenzie do your makeup ples

    87. Mariah Caruso

      Awesome 😎😀👏

    88. Tessa Allingham

      Hi James! I love your videos and I love what you’re doing.❤️✨

    89. ❁Hsiwkhu❁ #stopanimaltesting

      😍 I love it

    90. 2k_Godd0

      I love you James your videos make me so happy thanks for being amazing💖💖

    91. Hal Barton

      i hate you 😤👎👎👎

      1. Jovani Mitchell


    92. Desirae Leggett

      You probably won't answer but do u wash ur sponges after Evey makeup look? Bowl white rice pinto beans salsa sour cream lettuce chicken and green corn salsa

    93. Thicc Jim

      James please post again 😫

    94. Daniela Cavazos Iglesias

      I have a question , i am mexican , and i dont know if Chipotle Is mexican? Some know? I see your videos que learn ✨english✨🇲🇽🇲🇽

    95. Ammeli Zoquier

      poppie farts ;)

    96. 3k02 CHAN CHING YIN

      Too sad I live in Hong Kong I never ate Taco Bell before 😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩

      1. Jasta Ykotuce


    97. Emily smith Beauty blog


    98. Ruby

      You should try doing an eyeshadow look with the things you have in your order!

    99. beanmom18

      12:51 pause it sorry James this was your worst

    100. beanmom18