ASMR Makeup Tutorial!

James Charles

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    shhh! hi sisters. today's video is a little bit different, because i decided to try out asmr for the first time while doing my makeup. grab your headphones for lots of blending, patting, tapping, but also laughing. i hope you enjoy and get the tingles.

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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 8 mjeseci


    1. مجنون يتوب

      توقف ✋عن هذا اخي توقف ✋

    2. denny mckerrell

      James I just came out as bi do u suport

    3. Rajbir Singh Rana


    4. Diamond Xiong

      Its so relaxing and funny all at the same time.


      ﷽ ℓฉ iℓฉhฉ iℓℓฉ Аℓℓฉh ﷽

    6. Abdullah AL SAMMARAI

      هذا خنثى لو شنو اولا هذا ولد و حاط مكياج واااات 🤦🏻‍♂️ وينكم يا عرب

    7. XwhisperXツ

      So bootiful-

    8. Dylan Pickles

      Bleach my eyes I just watched a shooting ASMR and a gun ASMR

    9. KIUNK ss

      106 Hhhhhhhhh

    10. Sara W

      5:46 um 😏

    11. xXBloomPlayzXx

      this got me cracked up 10:10 i was laughing for 20 min straite lol

    12. Gigi Reyes

      James you'r making us go all to sleep becuse im feeling sleepy you kowe huh 😂😆😗

    13. maria felicina tejero cen


    14. Alina Mares

      You are a boy! OMG 🤮🤮

      1. esther.

        hes a boy whats bad about that

    15. Lucy


    16. Poonam Rana


    17. Ree Nemeth

      that was so good james

    18. Burntnoodles _playz

      I love how the crew in the back is not quiet and James is trying so hard to not laugh loudly

    19. Sanjana N

      CONCLEALER sister❤️

    20. relaxing man

      Thank you for calming me down from this movie

    21. Mary Charlotte

      Yessss queen!

    22. BTS ARMY


    23. A. Diya Srinivas

      The way James keeps his mouth open will making the sounds😂

    24. Hattus Lapina

      Me in 5:50 AM when my sister and my brother sleeping: sleeps Me: asmr make up😎

    25. Tayler Robbins

      I was wheezing not tingling

    26. George Agu

      You are a boy or a girl

      1. Nezuko Kamado

        he’s a boy

    27. Hanna Neira Herrera

      Omgggg you would definits be a perfect asmristtt

    28. Alicia Thomas

      You keep making me fall asleep

    29. Ezra Rae

      OMG new sub btw you amazing

    30. Stephanie Widmann

      Wow I never thought I’d see James doing this ever

    31. BlogSociales


    32. Sara *:)☁️

      هذا رجال و بتس بنات العالم مريييض🤦🤦😩♥️

    33. Liriq Poole

      that is so pritty

    34. sasan Xrate

      Made more asmr video

    35. emerson semple


    36. Geeta Karnavat

      I saw your some videos and now I am literally addicted to your videos ❤️❤️😎

    37. Maria💖

      Ele abusa de criança e oas pessoas nem ligam 😐

    38. Raavijot Dhaliwal

      Gurl you have like so many brushes omg like why you have so many?

      1. Nezuko Kamado

        he has them for different things

    39. Annabelle Ambrose

      I really thought he was gonna say cok-

    40. nigist tafesse

      omg james is so funny his friends are so lud in the back and james is quiet so funny

    41. Mckenna Reader

      Omg james queen plz do another and the mouth sounds seriously perfect like im shook i don't like mouth sounds but like I keep going back to that part I love you queen good night edit: I fell asleep 😴 💕

      1. Pumpkin Chai

        Please look at his latest video. I doubt he will be uploading again.

    42. lillyy a.

      me on full volume: 😴 ads: WRITING ISNT THAT EASY.. BUT GRAMMARLY-

    43. Natalia Radulovic

      james you talk a lot

    44. Noel

      James on the outside:*spraying everywhere* James on the inside:OMG THIS IS SUCH A WASTE

    45. •Boba•

      I saw a video that says james charlos is murshmello!!(Is this ture ?)

    46. Teodora Delcid

      James I love you ✌🏻sister

    47. Romulus Stefankowski


    48. aman

      Hay man wtf

    49. George Watson

      this combines 2 things i love asmr and james charles makeup

    50. Big Ken

      How was he supposed to help get us tingles when he’s never experienced them himself... good attempt tho

    51. Faith Ramirez Munoz

      *opens lipstick* *gasps!* love it

    52. Bliss Benes

      7:07 😂 😂 lol

    53. Salana Creates

      lol the title is ASMR makeup tutorial and it turns into a laughing noises asmr video! LOL!!!! 😂😂😂🥲🤣🤣😂😂❤️❤️❤️

    54. If YoU wErE pReTtAaAaAyYyY!

      Funniest asmr video ever 😂


      NO ENTIENDO NI VERGA PERO ME DA RISA COMO SE CAGA DE RISA A CADA RATO XD🤣🤣😂 Saludos de Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

    56. plato _r

      I hope he can do more often an asmr vidss he looks good ')

    57. Brielle Everett


    58. alisha Sachez


    59. vonda williams

      My first Asmr 😴🤩🤨😍🤤😲😮🤫

    60. family canas

      Hes my new fave asmrist lol and its so calming to me

    61. SN Fatah

      This is the worst asmr ever but i enjoyed it so much!! 🤣🤣🤣 love you james 😂

    62. Ismael Tobon


    63. Navya Hegde

      Use headphones for best experience 😂

    64. Madison Moore

      Why does everyone hate u I dont Edit also me stfu to the pppl in the background

      1. Maksim Simonov

        @Cookie Dreamers i know

      2. Cookie Dreamers

        @Maksim Simonov He did a very very very bad thing

      3. Maksim Simonov

        Same, like he's such a nice persion, and everyone makes mistakes

    65. Melissa Taylor

      beeeeeeig subscribe buttin

    66. Fruits Lover

      James Charles if your reading this please make a part 2 I beg u

    67. Cadence Bashaw

      Btw james u did the brother and sister asmr like 2-3 years ago

    68. HASSAN Famili

      ولله كافو

    69. Anthony Jones

      7:13 When I fart in public

    70. DjTJ &Jream

      Have you singing sis vs. Bor

    71. Ferdi Saputra

      Ngapain om

    72. V-Boy in LA

      Very, very talented

    73. Charlie Foster

      Ur fsy

    74. Amber Petticord

      He sounded way better than I thought

    75. Belinda Gonzalez

      Alguien que no hable Taka Taka😬

    76. Ariela Perzhaku

      I love your videos!!!!

    77. Syrena Rose

      "stop taking my home decor" BAHAHAH

    78. Syrena Rose

      i was starting to fall asleep until the dog barking and yelling in the backround bahahhaha

    79. Poonam Rana

      😂😂😂😂 so good and funy

    80. Bissan Mahmoud

      Are you girl for put make up 😖😖

    81. Freya Olasiman


    82. 『ⱤꝒᎯŅⱫⱢ』

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      Are you a girl

      1. Aiai Jurgle

        hes a boy

    84. Łukasz Lewandowski

      Why that nails?

    85. Rajat Majoka

      I love how his crew members are suggesting him things and are so into making proper ASMR sounds themselves even though they are failing 😂 but it's cute

    86. Roshni Radhakrishnan


    87. Number 1 Baguette

      Am I the only one who fell asleep to this-?

    88. Aastha L

      He's so gorgeous 😭

    89. Bubbl1e gum1 Assassin

      hI SiStErS

    90. yanira blancasKth

      It so satisfying

    91. Shaunna Skepper

      Me how did j almost fall asleep bahahahahahahahaha

    92. Aesthetic Akimbo

      Me trying to do asmr struggling talking so slow too James Charles talking like 100 mph

    93. crazy fun friends

      You need to make an asmr acc

    94. Princess Leana Binoya

      James u have to make a other asmr video

      1. Princess Leana Binoya

        @Pumpkin Chai ok

      2. Pumpkin Chai

        I doubt he'll upload again after what he did

    95. 𝙽𝚘𝚛𝚊 ⚤︎

      I'm sorry but why are you guy 😗??? [ tell me plz 🤓 ]

    96. cloudy ASMR

      James- its tastes like c-ccccc-cccc me-ITS COCONUTS ! James-cupcake... me-.-.....-...

    97. james make up

      I love your HRaero❤

    98. Shahad Qays