Exposing VIRAL 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I tested some ridiculous makeup hacks from the 5 Minute Crafts youtube channel... and spoiler alert, it was a major failure. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    1. Simply xMiraculous!

      like a blind girls love

    2. Simply xMiraculous!


    3. Nova moe Dalslnad9

      orange lipstick🤢🤮

    4. Pip Playz

      soon u will have the most amasing neckless you will ever see

    5. Jada Simms

      5 minute crafts whyyy?

    6. xx_randomcontent_xx

      James Charles is soo sweet and a make-up MASTER! James is full of LOVE❤️ and he is AMAZING😊🥰🌺


      Any hacks to get you out of hell?? Would help you very much

    8. Laylah😜

      0:01 Me :HEY SISTERSSSSSSSS(protending to be James Charles) Jame Charles:hey sisters😎😏

    9. Himiko Toga

      2:05 Simps be like: *can I be that egg?*

    10. Leah Wolves

      Imagine 5mins crafts commenting

    11. My My

      You look cool😎

    12. SaLmA10 U_U

      Zee look on James when they say ohhhh is my consecration/shy face

    13. Jasmine H

      It’s now 72 million subscribers!

    14. Rupali Sharma

      if that lone fox at 12:02??

    15. Isabella Rivera

      Hi sister

    16. Manglequeen34

      Alright. I started doing my makrup inspired by you and dreamt about getting one of your makeup pallets but my parents cant stand you, if i ask them for merch from a youtuber they find annoyng they say no. But ill keep dreaming about it! (my support level: 100/10)

    17. Addy Howe

      I love when James says taste good. Referring to the toothpick

    18. Gabby Polina

      9:22 "this taste good" I agree they taste good 😋

    19. Kenny Williams

      I no............ NoNONONNO

    20. Kenny Williams

      Omg oww..........oops that part got me

    21. Celeste Flaherty-Thomas

      I've tried these crafts so I can relate

    22. Robert Delafuente

      The things James people say in the background lol priceless

    23. Shafi 678

      Do more 5 minutes crafts hacks ....love you sister or James from Pakistan 💜🇵🇰

    24. Dr. Sunaina :)


    25. Theroleplaykid Alyssa

      I love your videos soooo much please make another 🤗

    26. MarkHere

      0:52 lesson learned:dont EVER again sit on toilet🍜🍜🍜🚽🚽🚽

    27. Dalton Potato

      Sqeech eet

    28. Alaynas World

      7:50 jajajajajaj wen it falls 🤣🤣🤣

    29. Kawaii Harry Potato

      James friend: “You should do HRaero for a living!” Me: “He already is doing that! 🤠 (sorry I’m new to the channel…)

      1. ꧁𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚒𝚊꧂

        It’s a joke

    30. Lush

      Not them making their makeup hacks better because James reacted to them:👁👄👁

    31. -SAUCES-

      Five minute craft more like five minute trash

    32. Bananaxmilkshake

      I love you so much your so funny

    33. Taryn Strohm

      Omg yes

    34. Megha Rawat

      The title of the video should be ' James Charles being done ' 😂😂 By the way love your videos

    35. I’m Bored

      Jame Charles:that’s cruel to the bAnAnA Me: dying! 😂

    36. Ruby Grace

      Well guess what we have I’m gonna get a yellow lipstick no we just have an egg

    37. Demi the Procrastinator

      I would only use the parchment paper on the lips just to do that cute kiss thingy

    38. Pete Tetreault

      Oh no, Oh no, Oh no no no no no, Oh no.

    39. stheyci muro

      3:55 lemme join you im jokeing i dont do that-

    40. SundownLPS

      He is so beautiful and seems so soft😶 I am subcribed to their channel😉 He is so pretty😍 I wonder how he tastes😎

    41. Amalya Galstyan

      His face when he said 'Alcohol?' 🤣😂

    42. Zaylon Davids

      5 minute crafts is not the most best HRaero channel mrbeast is the best HRaeror he has 60 million subs so james charles is wrong go look on his channel

    43. LeafuChai

      James dying inside

    44. Jenny Y

      James Charles be like UgH ThIs BiSh

    45. FunnEPlayz


    46. sudarssni rajesh

      10:15 COLLEEN !!

    47. lolly

      03:44 ITS CHARLES

    48. pupet show

      Dont act so Innocent

    49. IsaacsStuff

      11:05 looks like a sunburn lol

    50. Amarillisz Domokos

      I love video... ❤️👍

    51. Linzie Hall

      I tried doing it but it didn't work


      Actually according to dermatologist it is not good to put cinnamon on your skin.

    53. Rizzy Faustino

      I love you james charles i wish you could notice me I always share your videos to my friends your the best makeup artist ever

    54. Fak mue

      It may smell bad but it works better than nail polish remover so😺 ya.

    55. Sarah Allen


    56. Lia Freeman

      Omg u kill me. 🤣❤🧡💛💚💜🤎🖤🤍

    57. Lia Freeman

      Omg I love your vids😁🏳️‍🌈

    58. Evelyn Tennis


    59. Aa O

      You are an angel you are soooooo beautiful😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋

    60. Nikki Wilson

      James you should names the boy fans brothers and the girls sister s but I love you

    61. Nikki Wilson

      The lipstick blush so yes james yes a dab and it a waste of parchment paper.

    62. dana rincon

      You are so funny and I love your videos 💗

    63. GxlimmerBxoba_xoxO Glimmer2016

      This how you know James Charles does not smoke❤️

    64. Sally

      10:26 : no see no no no no i no i no no ~ James Charles

    65. Sally

      2:22 why does it still looks good on him?!

    66. ¥_Frootyloops_¥

      5 Minute crafts: Burns top of banana James: ... One of his employees: Oh...please keep going.. :’) James: It’s banana 🥺✋🏽

    67. Bella Custode

      James: I- its a *banana* -_- Lewis: It's a banana =D

    68. Sylvia Bilbao-Poduska


    69. Sylvia Bilbao-Poduska


    70. Mad man


    71. Mary

      If you don’t have a blender use a egg 🥚

    72. LetheOfJoy


    73. Rosalin Marshall

      your frustration level is funny

    74. XbellaX123 Crystel

      My sister here using lighter all the time to make a cake Then you how you use this lighter

    75. Hajdu Gerda

      Hey, when did you go make-up?

    76. G0M3NNEE

      It feels different watching him nowadays.

    77. •Iťž_Ģāchã Ťwiłiğhť•

      ong james looks so HANDSOMEEE i freak out in 2:09 omg

    78. Cathy Gaming •-•

      Let’s just say- Troom troom is not professional

    79. Adrianna Monique Fulo


    80. Mathilda Erdbrink Johnson


    81. Panda’s slumberland

      “I liked that one honestly 😃” “BANANA CHAR?!” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Amazing, Beautiful

    82. Simina simi

      Im satisfacted

    83. Merle Olson

      James, they used TAPE not parchment paper!! 😂

    84. Anayah Nelson

      BeCaUsE yOu SmOkE 💥W E E D💥 sometimes

    85. Lucille Has A Ball

      The roommates are a great vibe

    86. Kyra Kelly

      i try the noddle one it took my 2 days to make it smooth

    87. Альбина Костенко

      Ты шикарно красишься! Ты просто самый лучший! Люблю тебя ❤️. Кстати я из России, ты мой любимый бьюти блогер.

    88. Kpop Stan

      Lewis cut it out

    89. Alexis MacDonald

      not tryna be rude but I don't like ur vids or u btw ur a boy right? or a girl i also dont like u

    90. Dalma Szabó

      "faithfull like a blind girls dog" Me: *SoMe NiCe ChOkInG SoUnDs* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    91. Martina Montelongo

      3:22 I need a ten hour version of this

    92. Alondra Gama

      Another thing that i think is dumb is 3d pens lol

    93. krishna veni

      I am new to your channel and why do you wear makeup 🙄

      1. V artist

        Because he can, makeup doesn't have gender

    94. mercedes roach


    95. Rebeca Țurcanu

      You are real cute

    96. Rebeca Țurcanu

      Why you are like a girl You are beautiful But you Will be cutiest like a boy I am not a rasist but why.... Why 😫😫😫

    97. yo


    98. Avantika Gupta

      2:55 omg thats just ✨ I C O N I C ✨

    99. Kilinahe Yoon

      Well seriously...🙂