An Open Conversation

James Charles

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    Hi Sisters, long time no see. After a lot of self reflection and many conversations with friends, family, role models in my industry, and professionals, I've come to terms with several issues I've been ignoring for a long time now. In today's video, I wanted to have an honest conversation and hope to answer some questions, share my progress and talk about what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months with anyone who wants to listen.

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    1. Kay

      Me, trying to explain the girl in the drawing isnt my girlfriend but just a "friend" to my parents:

    2. creative time

      McDonalds explaining whey their ice cream machine's always broken:

    3. dreamin

      Miles Morales trying to convince Gwen Stacy that him sweating is just puberty:

    4. Jesse James Garcia

      Put it on 2x speed it’s way more funnier

    5. Fauzanews HD

      Adrien trying to explain why marinette is just a fRieNd:

    6. {Soda_pop}

      AHAHAHA Wait is he being serious

    7. icon motas

      doctor strange explaining why there's 1 possibility they will win against thanos:

    8. icon motas

      olivia trying to explain why you're still a traitor when you didn't cheat:

    9. Tanya MAAN

      RM explaining to us why study is very important

      1. langlen


    10. Amber Dawn

      Why can’t James still not color match his cool undertone skin and using warm undertone foundation 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️... that sucks... 🤣

    11. PoggoDoggo

      Dream explaining how he accidently cheated on his speedrun:

    12. raęe0 gaćha👌

      YES HES BACK IM VERRRRRYYY HAPPY My mom told me I was wrong 😪

    13. dora 2 Santillan

      Pluto trying to get convince himself that he's a planet

      1. Joakiro

        HE IS

    14. Lindasy


    15. Aurora Perry

      James, a cuss word i wanna hear u say a lot more that a lot of people would again is an almost full bleep out of sh!t, like if u mess up on ur eyebrow shaping, just quietly go shit. :))) ^3^ luv u queen!!!

    16. AshenGuard _

      Riot trying to explain why they nerfed asol whilst yone continues to exist

    17. Crazy Keejan

      just Cancel james. Its better to cancel someone than to Cancel them 7 times

    18. Mars

      My dog trying to explain why she’s a human:

    19. Mentally Unstable

      Jacob convincing Bella that he couldn’t help when he imprinted on her daughter: (From the twilight saga series)

    20. mikayla

      me trying to explain to my mom why I've been skipping online classes:

    21. Elly Morrison

      Love your videos! Glad u took time to self reflect. 💖💎😉💗

    22. emma caryn

      Nikita trying to explain why she changes her skin tone:

    23. Michelle Velarde

      i would love to play bed wars with james

    24. Evelyn C-AS

      me in the mirror telling myself im skinny;

    25. Kiethuls

      Little mix explaining how the magic wasn't black:

    26. AestheticPC (◠﹏◠✿) ✔️

      Me trying to explain to my parents that anime is good:

    27. S Mitchell

      beyonce explaining how she didnt wake up like this:

    28. Irene Wu

      Me tellin myself that I’ll definitely do it later;

    29. Nick Hyder

      i feel bad for people who speak English as a 2nd language listening to him. Slow down

    30. Solomio

      Pol Pot trying to explain why people with glasses suck:

    31. A&A Show

      Me trying to explain to my brain why tf every comment is the same : LIKE STFU 🤣

    32. Ter Bear

      stop looking for love on the internet

    33. KKBoss

      Me trying to explain to my parents that you can't pause an online game.

    34. bad boy mccoy

      there a lot of beautiful things in the world your not one of em

    35. Ava Marcou

      dixie damelio trying to explain why she doesn’t do her makeup everydayYYY

    36. Love Princess play  Roblox

      James Charlie I love your last your last Facebook

    37. Love Princess play  Roblox

      No you are a girl because you wear make up

    38. Love Princess play  Roblox

      I love you James Charles

    39. Ⴚᥲల𝚕 ☻🌈

      Beyonce convincing everyone that Sia isn't in her basement:

    40. ANN1K4

      My trying to convince my mom that I went to bed at a reasonable hour after waking up at 3pm

    41. levi Ackerman

      Me trying to convince myself that I'm not gonna stay up late at night:

    42. ItsLivi

      A adopted child trying to explain that there adopted parents are there bio parents:

    43. Ron Weasley

      Marinette Trying to explain to the class that shes not ladybug:

    44. Ron Weasley

      Hermione Trying to explain to the class that shes a wizard not a muggle:

    45. Bisa Lydia

      No girl no just no

    46. Shelly Davis

      Santa Clause trying to explain he's real

    47. Nidhi

      Tobi trying to explain he's not Obito:

    48. Calista Danielle

      me explaining to my teacher that my dog ate my homework

      1. Calista Danielle

        @Madison Welsh 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Madison Welsh


    49. Luisa Misa

      Me trying to convince myself to sleep💀

    50. Brianna Aguila

      Me trying to convince my parents I won’t cut myself if they give me a raser to shave

      1. Madison Welsh

        DUDE SAME

    51. •AsoCan Aso•

      Ya’ll gotta respect him for not crying like a baby like the other apologists and just chill and do makeup.

    52. LittleCakeyy_

      Elon Musk explaining why he wants to leave Earth:

    53. Jesus is King

      Teacher explaining why school is not bad:

    54. Daddy Baldi

      Taylor swift trying to explain how she feels 22:

    55. Misha Adeel

      Omg James I love you lip kiss lol funnyy

    56. •S N O W C O L D•

      Me trying to convince my mother that I didn’t eat the last box of sushi:

    57. ShuHao

      rapists trying to explain how they cannot be blamed for their sexual desires :

    58. Keys

      Gas lighting does not do you any favors miss ma’am

    59. Bradley

      Who the hell is James Charles and why should we care? Must be another example of famous for being famous? What is he actually doing to change the world? He'll never be a real talented creator, He wishes he could be as talented and as successful as Dharman?

    60. reidierex

      Billie eilish convince us that shes the good guy

    61. ryan kim

      You think sorry is gonna fix your unbreakable sins

    62. Kelsey Chetcuti

      5 year old me at 3am trying to explain to my mum how the pee magically appeared on the bed

    63. Diva

      Oli london Trying to explain why he is Korean:

    64. Maria Cerqueira Rodrigues

      Eu tou muito indecisa entre desculpalo ou não

    65. oi oi oi oi erwin pp PEE PEE

      Oli London explaining that he looks like Jimin

    66. amy . h

      Me trying to explain why I ‘can’t’ do math:

    67. M

      Candice trying to explain to her mom that phineas and ferb doing crazy stuff in the backyard:


      if u really ARE FEELING sorry then put down that brush and say it properly dammit!!!


      speaks soooooooo fast!!!! or maybe my English is bad! also.... get to the poiiiiiiiint!!!!

    70. an interesting username

      Me explaining to my parents that my 8h average for screen time is just a glitch

    71. N S

      me trying to explain that my trauma was just character development:

    72. imi.omahony

      Abbie Lee explaining why maddie always gets a solo:

    73. hel 33

      Jeffreestar trying to convince us he’s not Voldemort:


        I’m screaming lmao 😂

    74. Ruthie

      Muzan explaining he's not a demon after eating a human in front of everyone:

    75. Mackenzie

      Taylor Swift convincing Ellen to stop talking about her love life:

    76. Abhijna Deepak

      My face just went like 😶😑😒😕😵😷😬

    77. Mackenzie

      Ariana Grande trying to convince everyone that’s she’s not short:

    78. Mackenzie

      Me trying to explain to my family where the cake in the fridge went:

    79. Chris & Kate

      well i'll take it easy on u to Know my age. so you dont say bad words. just like that colabrate with doja, i'm 9

    80. not ayato yuri

      me explaining to my teacher that my imaginary dog ate my homework:

    81. not ayato yuri

      me trying to explain to my parents that a D isn’t a fail:

    82. not ayato yuri

      weebs tryna explain to non weebs why they should start watching anime:

    83. audrimcfeet

      my math teacher trying to convince me that the phone is bad

    84. audrimcfeet

      me trying to explain that my teachers havent updated my grades yet

    85. audrimcfeet

      dnf shippers trying to explain dnf is a comfort ship

    86. audrimcfeet

      me trying to explain why i stutter so much around my girl crush

    87. Ana O

      James can you do more shows like instant influencer!!

    88. baby namjoon

      omg u back imma cry and happy pride month

    89. Claire Bowen

      Angelica Schyler trying to explain to Eliza that she doesn't love Alexander:

      1. Mackenzie

        this is my favourite one!!! xD

    90. • Gorou •

      Avatar the last airbender trying to explain to everyone it’s an anime:

    91. lil

      me trying to reach 1000 words in my essay:

    92. L’s Miraculous Fanfiction

      Marinette trying to convince everyone she doesn’t like Adrien anymore:

    93. Kennedy Parker

      Bts trying to explain that they didn't light it up like dynamite

    94. Kennedy Parker

      Bts trying to explain how they have permission to dance

    95. Kennedy Parker

      Enhypen trying to explain that they are not drunk, dazed, or have a fever

      1. Kit Kat


    96. L’s Miraculous Fanfiction

      Adrien Agreste trying to explain why Marinette is “just a friend”:

    97. Brianna scherzinger

      i just relized u uploaded so now im bengwatchin

    98. Antonio Izquierdo

      Thanks for that.

    99. natalie villasenor


    100. Era

      me trying to ome up with a heterosexual excuse for me painting my nails black, shaving my head, and sketching women constantly:

      1. Kyeesha