An Open Conversation

James Charles

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    Hi Sisters, long time no see. After a lot of self reflection and many conversations with friends, family, role models in my industry, and professionals, I've come to terms with several issues I've been ignoring for a long time now. In today's video, I wanted to have an honest conversation and hope to answer some questions, share my progress and talk about what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months with anyone who wants to listen.

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    1. Logan Jones


    2. Ariana Tan

      Olivia Rodrigo explaing why she cries on her bathroom floor:

    3. lauren

      Eminem explaining that he’s actually not the real slim shady

    4. karlitiwi kiwi


    5. Lucy OR

      this is so scripted he kept looking to his left

    6. harry klopp

      Andrew garfield trying to explain he's not in Spider-Man No Way Home.

    7. okay?

      olivia Rodrigo explaining why she never actually never had her drivers licence:

    8. y/n

      Damn imagine his little brother is going through rn I feel so bad for his little brother he's prolly be bullied because of him..

      1. Max Bradwell

        Must suck to have a p3d0 for a big brother

    9. Tibbity

      Why does this cringe exist? Someone please tell me why this cringe exists....

    10. Kristie Animations

      Katy perry explaining why she actually isn’t a plastic bag:

    11. ♡•𝙸𝚝𝚣_𝙻𝚒𝚕𝚢 𝙶𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚊•♡

      Me trying to explain to my sister why I rickrolled her while she was studying:

    12. ariskava

      Kurt cobain fans explaining courtney love killed him:

    13. a rat.

      Meghan thee Stallion explaining why she isnt savage, classy bougie or ratchet:

    14. Seany Patrick

      Eminem explaining to everyone why he is a rap god:

    15. katjawastaken

      8 year olds explaining why they are baddies:

    16. Liti

      Me explaining why I can’t go to school:

    17. MisterCow Cola

      Doja cat explaining why she didn't say so:

    18. MisterCow Cola

      Katy Perry explaining why she doesnt have a black horse:

    19. TGC

      I puke when he returned.

    20. Bridget Noelle

      Addison Rea Trying to Convince us she doesn’t like Trump:

    21. Family Syed

      Who tf puts a rainbow on their eyes 🤣😭

      1. Evie Foley

        a lot of people, actually. It's really colorful + people supporting pride are a couple reasons for ya

    22. Family Syed

      Him wearing makeup while explaining that he’s not into Shirley Temple makes me doubt his existence 💀🤮

    23. Just Jake

      Alicia Keys explaining why she’s not on fire:

    24. Em

      Dua Lipa explaining why should actually start now

    25. Paige

      Candace trying to convince her mom that pheinus and pherb are planning to conquer the earth:

    26. Lxst Yexr

      USA Army explaining how they are spreading democracy

    27. dreamandweridcore

      Abby Lee miller trying to explain why it's important for the girls to learn their dances

    28. dreamandweridcore

      Me tryna tell my parents why I don't need to do the dishes :

    29. zahra ali

      the rock trying to explain that he isn't really a rock

    30. Momo Yaoyorozu

      Me trying to explain I did not eat the last cookie in the house!

    31. Claudia Lim

      “That girl” explaining macdonalds is part of a diet:

    32. 메리암

      [person who’s name I don’t even want to type] trying to explain to viewers that they deserve to have a platform of any kind

    33. Just Jake

      Lana Del Rey explaining why her pussy doesn’t taste like pepsi cola:

    34. Emily Bunn

      What happened to his team though??? ☕☕☕🧐🤔🤔

    35. midnight 真夜中

      bryce hall explaining that he is a fighter then tries to say he never claimed he was a fighter:

    36. midnight 真夜中

      oli london explaining how he’s gonna be the next felix:

    37. Sanjay 407

      XXXTENTACION on why you should not Look At him:

    38. Sanjay 407

      Kodak Black on why he can Roll In Peace:

    39. Sanjay 407

      NBA Youngboy explaining why it actually make sense:

    40. Sanjay 407

      PnB Rock explaining why he’s not selfish:

    41. Gabriela Fuentes

      I loved James to death when I was growing up 🥺 fame makes people insane ig

    42. Uncapible

      7 year old me trying to convince my mom animal jam was educational

    43. kxromixo

      Charli xcx trying to explain why she wasn't actually busy thinking about boys:

    44. Chloe Chai

      Me trying to tell my mom buy stuff and explain why I should buy:

    45. George Foote

      Me trying to tell my mom the 800 dollar iphone is cheap ...

    46. :D

      Billie eyelash explaining why she was trying to scream under water:

    47. sobbing engine

      Me when:

    48. Damielle Izeman

      You are full of it

    49. Natalie Knopps

      Billie Eilish explaining that she actually isn’t into those ocean eyes:

    50. TRIP AT KNIGHT ❤🖤

      Okay lets be fair, if he isn't lying he didn't know the age at first and when he knew he blocked them but all the unnecessary repeating yourself sounds like your pitying yourself

    51. Zuzy-Chan!

      I just found out what he did,how does this man have so many subs still?he should be banned from all platforms of social media.I have lost my respect for him.

    52. Jisoo is a mood

      Lil Nas X explaining that we shouldn't actually call him by his name:

    53. NeroChromatic

      Me trying to break down the context of these "explain" memes:

    54. Anna Marsella

      Owasis trying to explain that your their wonderwall:

    55. Arpit11

      Minecraft youtubers explaining how they mined those diamonds off camera:

    56. sunny fox

      Take off trying to convince everyone he didn’t get left off bad and boujee

    57. jennie's expired condensed milk

      Itzy explaining that they're actually shy

    58. jennie's expired condensed milk

      Twice explaining how they actually not feeling special

      1. astxrism


    59. jennie's expired condensed milk

      Everglow explaining that they're aren't actually came first:

    60. jennie's expired condensed milk

      BLACKPINK explaining how they will not hit us with that ddu du ddu du:


      Arby's trying to explain why they don't have the meats:

    62. ੈ✩‧[ 𝐩𝐮𝐟𝐟 ]‧༊*·˚

      me trying to explain to my mom why i spilled juice on the computer

    63. Morgan Williams

      Me trying to convince my mom i should be able to drop out of school:

    64. John daryll

      BTS trying to explain why they don't need permission to dance:

    65. toylifesprinkles with Sammy and angel!

      Ariana grande explaining that she has 7 rings

    66. ⴷⴻⴼⵉⵏⵉⵜⴻⵍⵢ ⴰⵏ ⴻⴰⵔⵜⵀⵍⵉⵏⴳ

      I don't get why people still like him

    67. Alex Miller

      Me telling my math teacher my dog ate my homework:

    68. Rᴀɴʙᴏᴏ

      Micheal Jackson explaining if anny is ok:


      An impostor trying to explain he's the crewmate:- Mhmmm sus-picious🧐


      Patrick trying to explain he doesn't live under a rock:- Btw the video kinda starts from 3:51

    71. kxmjisox

      Sammie delulu trying to say that shes a OT7 Bts Fan:

    72. Connie Swift


    73. Coffee

      haha, sister, NO

    74. XxStarBeexX

      Me trying to tell my parents I’m not a furry:

    75. hoax

      Dixie D'amelio explaining why she isn't actually really really really really sad:

    76. Grindelwald

      santa claus trying to prove that he's real:

    77. KoolBear

      Demi lovato trying to explain she didn’t actually have a heart attack:

    78. 2027 Declan Collier

      My pride Month was great best part of it was not celebrating it

    79. Brittney Riepe

      Gwen Stefani trying to explain that she is in fact a hollaback girl:

    80. Prabhleen Kaur

      Bryce trying to explain how he never claimed to be a fighter:

    81. Aislin Olive

      Taylor Swift explaining that there’s no bad blood

    82. Rudra Phulara

      Nicki Minaj explaining why she doesn't have a starship - *YET* .

    83. Bangladeshi ARMY

      Jungkook explaining how Michael told him in the closet that they've got some chicken and made him sad :

    84. Iᒪᑌᐯ Yᗩ

      Rihanna saying why she don't have a diamond eye:

    85. Knowledge is Power

      Wow!!!! I’m a female that never wears make-up anymore, as much as it makes me feel good when I used to. I couldn’t do smokey eyeshadow or winged eyeliner if my life depended on it, but you can do my make-up any day!!! 😂🙌🏼 Although, I feel like if you did my make-up half this good even once, I’d probably become so vain & spend my whole day taking selfie’s even though it’s literally been like 4yrs since I’ve taken a photo of myself 😂😂

      1. ⴷⴻⴼⵉⵏⵉⵜⴻⵍⵢ ⴰⵏ ⴻⴰⵔⵜⵀⵍⵉⵏⴳ

        Do you even know what this is all about?

    86. Thatonesimp

      Adele explaining how she can’t actually set fire to the rain:

    87. Samuel

      Ted Bundy explaining why he shouldn’t have won on the dating show…

    88. fairy

      red trying to explain they arent actually an impostor :

    89. fairy

      michelle trying to explain she isnt actually a monster from hell :

    90. macks

      london tryna explain why their bridge isnt falling down

    91. Jackie's Days

      If you don’t like James why tf you still watching?

    92. VzW Rambo


      1. Vihani Khanna🧣

        bruh- don’t refer to him as a “kinnar” that’s offensive - change your mentality.

    93. •iStella•

      Me trying to explain myself when I lost my charger agian:

    94. McKenna Feral

      Lil Nas X explaining how he doesn't actually have horses in the back:

    95. BlushingAngel ୨୧

      People with tiktok humor explaining why dixies music is bad:

    96. Jodi doran

      Why can’t people just let him be you can see the genuineness in his eyes, wether he looks at a script or not you can tell everything he’s saying is from the heart

      1. ωαgαѕнιッ


      2. jasper

        he's only sorry because he got caught.

    97. abiandflow

      leave plz

    98. Michelle Greggins


    99. ✨Randømness✨