James Charles

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    1. World of Dreams Pawani

      James : dry ingredients Proceeds to put butter first

    2. Siana

      Chef james

    3. Akanksha Gupta

      my mom is a baker

    4. Akanksha Gupta


    5. Umair Waheed

      Plz plz plz do baking a pizza without a recipe I followed and liked and subscribed

    6. Burnt _Chicken_nugget.

      I don’t think the queen realized that it’s BAKING soda.

    7. Nature Girl

      When he said oil i killed myself 😂

    8. Mariana Escobar

      Do it with baking soda but don't eat it if you wanto be a life

    9. Alia Hercules

      I already know that this is going to be bad just by looking at the title. LOL

    10. Joy Styles

      Eat it, shallow, and chew it down!! Yes

    11. Julia Velarde

      I watch cake boss....wai-

    12. Khanyisa Mdluli


    13. aesthetic.TikTok boy

      we neeeed more!!

    14. Black Death


    15. The Art of cooking with Rania

      15 minutes is good enough 😭😭😭😭

    16. The Art of cooking with Rania

      yall forgot ze sugar *slaps forhead adorably* the salt the saltttttttttttt dont be shy add more LMAO

    17. The Art of cooking with Rania


    18. Rachel Alucard

      there is not enough protein and air in his cake for sure he will end up with a dense cake ill bet that cake will not spring back when you poke it with your finger and i was right (i commented this in the middle of the video)

    19. Daniel king

      You are awesome

    20. Daniel king

      I wish I was like you

    21. Cassidy McKenna

      jsyk a half cup of butter is a whole stick not a half stick

    22. Lwazi Mgandela

      Is that - GOTTMIK????😳😳

      1. Clitoria

        yes, they are very good friends and Gottmilk is often behind the camera in some of James's videos, making commentaries.

    23. Josie Bolane

      Anyone else SO paranoid about how his hoodie string is on the outside of his apron!!!! 😡😡🤣

    24. David Farinick

      You can use both baking powder & baking soda

    25. A Nobody

      Me who followed James recipe Oh shi-

    26. Hilary Cross

      This hurts me my sister is a chef and she was screaming while watching this

    27. EvTvGaming

      Is it just me or like James Charles kitchen is so big

    28. Luna the baker!!!!

      james you have to do more baking.. PLZZZZZZZZZ

    29. Kevin Crawford


    30. Medea Endor

      What did he use as a frosting? Was it yoghurt? I would really love to know that.

    31. Medea Endor

      Isn't bread cake? Well James, there was a woman in history who also claimed that. She has no head anymore

      1. Clitoria

        lol for real?

    32. Medea Endor

      "making powder makes things rise..." I will try it by dropping it accidently on the lap of my crush

    33. ANANYA

      Happy Birthday James!! 23rd May, 2021

    34. Simon D Sayo

      2:26 DAT Milk.

    35. Adele rattlif


    36. Nicole Whyte

      My brain 🧠 how can I help James 🧐🤔 then me: I don't even know how much should I preheat the oven 🤣🤣

    37. Christal chan

      Me trying not to getting irritated: Seconds later: Me: NO! NOT THAT! NO NO NO! My mom getting slippers:

    38. Harlow Johnson

      Can you do more of these

    39. A Villager

      James face when he found out you can cook baking soda

    40. Kayla Leah..

      Hi sisters!

    41. Sofia Pasqua

      4:31 SEEEEEENT ME with the squidward squishes

    42. Yaima Aguilar

      Baking soba for cookies

    43. Daegan John

      This is to funny🤣🤣🤣omg James u should have just Added milk in there

    44. Ryan Singh

      *Jameschaerles*hey sisters! Us Hey sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Bradey Barrett

      So nice for him to do all the new vids with no ads!

      1. Clitoria

        he's temporarily demonetized

      2. Jam Fuentes

        HRaero might have demonetized his channel due to all the serious accusations he is facing now.

    46. Isidoro Mallol

      Damn! So that's why i want to be a baker 😀🏳️‍🌈💁🏻‍♂️

    47. Jenny


    48. Outakuforever

      Bakers watching:👁💧👄💧👁

    49. bexerx

      James: disaster in title Me: your better than me at making it without a recipe

    50. Hằng Thu Hằng

      you can cook or bake with baking powder and baking soda

    51. Freya Morgan

      "itS VaNiLa bABy"

    52. Freya Morgan

      sugur is not a dry ingredient

    53. Autumn Playz

      Grandma can help you make that cake

    54. Дарья Собко

      Я буду учить английский, только для того, чтобы смотреть его ролики :>

    55. Maia Russell

      James: I think it’s flour Me: NO JAMES NO

    56. Radha Rampersad

      It probably taste good anyways but I'm fasting so I'm sad

    57. Radha Rampersad

      In order to past sometimes you have to fale in order to move on

    58. Flamingo Vibess

      1:30 the editor guy is alittlebita adding everything XD

    59. Celebrity Moments

      Gorden Ramsay could never........



    61. Lucky Amin

      HI James Charles

    62. The Toenail Factory

      I’m from Hoboken :) ✊✨

    63. Villainella

      you call this sister cook

    64. Lovinsa Pamari

      God loves you all

    65. Madhuri Kulkarni

      James:hi sisters 😘 Brothers: And what about us bro?🙄

      1. NiceBreakfast

        Watch Pewdipie and James Charles and you will get both.

    66. cathy swan


    67. Lou-mari Viljoen


    68. Lou-mari Viljoen

      Do yoe😉

    69. smokey fire

      4:00 james:now those are all my dry ingredients The Butter in it be like:excuse me?!?!

    70. bb ioa

      james : *DISASTER* also everyone at the end : MmhmHmMm

    71. layla biscoe

      LOVE YA SISTERRRRRRRR!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!

    72. ashleyy

      TIHIHIHIHHIHI I can't believe gottmik is here my ulti favourite drag mama AAAAAAA I'm just here to rewatch to see my drag mama gottmik 😀🤚

    73. Aunt LaLa Juror #5

      I have never put milk in my cake batters 😆

    74. rexhina xhani

      I feel insecure to cook something after that video 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

    75. Raseetha Raseetha


    76. Eliana

      james should've asked gotmik if they gotmilk

    77. Olivia Gomez

      my dude you put to much sugar 1 cup fine but geezzz my dude

    78. Mimi Kiki

      Bruh I thought his kitchen was a green screen it’s so pretty

    79. Moriah Fenton


    80. 典Queer Sue典

      I would like to try🤣🤣🤣

    81. Burrito Bunny

      James: I think I might be able to kill this challenge! Results: *And I took that personally.*

    82. Pug Riot

      "Kinda bread like.." "Isn't cake bread though?" "...... *no-* "

    83. Kaitlynne Boyes

      Wait arnt u suppose to add sugar?

    84. L


    85. Sis Squad

      haha totally a disaster

    86. Jay miller

      I didn’t know gotmik lived there 👀

    87. Heidi Coggan

      Please never do that again

    88. Heidi Coggan


    89. Heidi Coggan

      Can you please cook cookies

    90. Heidi Coggan

      Hi I have a Facebook page and it is called Faith's amazing cooking please like it James you are fantastic

    91. Pop it Time

      But he got the mixer though

    92. louisa STER

      Im bi and im literally baking like almost everyday

    93. Bisera Krchakovska

      That looks deleashes

    94. Ritisha Kalra

      Me when james says his intro: HAI SISTERZZZZ

    95. Sara Rodriguez

      Lmaoo you need baking powder so it can rise up

    96. Verity Smith

      Bakers be like. F*ck. James cant cook

    97. Felicia Daveluy Guzman

      my moms a baker but... i dont really like her cakes

    98. amaya

      *OMG this is so soft* what if we bake pancakes ourselves for concealer?

    99. Adele rattlif

      James:I'm just gonna put the batter in the bowl Also james: wait I'm gonna grease the pan first *with confidence* Everyone: yaaaaaaaaaaa *cheers*