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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I tried to bake a cake from scratch, with NO RECIPE. Inspired by the Try Guys, I had to guess every single ingredient from my memory to try to bake a delicious vanilla cake and I let my friends try it at the end... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

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    1. lezleah albury

      Cooking with James

    2. Elliepro14

      6:24 I diedddd Trevor

    3. Fidget toys


    4. Scarlet witch

      The best cooker ever(also cute)

    5. Maggie Goodrich

      “isn’t cake bread anyway?” anthony: “no? 🤨”

    6. Maggie Goodrich

      “4th eggs the charm!” PLEASE

    7. Ashlyn O'Neill

      James: Im gonna start with dry ingredients Also James: butter is a dry ingredient

    8. abi pett

      As an enby/panromatic/asexual…. Yes, I too went through a cake phase

    9. Carson Yokel

      Omg yes sisters

    10. Carson Yokel

      Omg yes

    11. Selena S

      He added flour to the butter…I love him

    12. jo d

      I wanted to be one and now I'm Gordon Ramsay

    13. strawberry milk carton

      y e s

    14. Nafia_ Cat

      Uhh is this not normal?I mean I bake with my mother all the time today cupcake though I did make it with a recipe cuz I haven't made it in a long time uhh yesterday cake and a few days ago cookies

    15. TOCA bOcA 🏝

      I made chocolate cupcakes with no recipe they were GOOD

    16. Brenna HEADY

      All the professional bakers watching this right now. 😢😢😢

    17. Audrey Castillo

      He ate the raw cake batter 😬💥💥💥💥😬

    18. Tapty Hoqu


    19. love love

      it was so thin it looked like a pancake lol😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    20. Moses Pelaelo

      Games please play this game it’s called Roblox please it would make my day so good

    21. Mary Smith

      This was SO FUNNY!!!

    22. Camryn Hurley

      I remember Camryn’s Everything cookie ingredients that I made and everyone in my fam LOVED

    23. Macy Marshall

      More more more

    24. Arielle Howard

      THE REAL WAY 1:2cups of flour 2:1 and half sticks of butter 3:3 eggs 4:5 cups of sugar 5:BAKING SODA to make it rise 6:one of a there'd cups of oli 7:half of a headline of vanilla extract . 8: 9:

      1. Arielle Howard

        A pinch of salt and 1cup of milk

    25. Anna McCarthy

      When your a professional at home baker watching this:


      James: Baking powder not Baking soda Me: Use both

    27. Stefania tanasi

      James " backing soda isn't for baking right?" the name of the ingredient "BAKING soda " keyword baking

    28. Norah Grover

      I mean….. it looks pretty good! My 15 year old advice for next time would probably be to split the batter in half, and use two smaller cake pans that are the same size as each other. Then pour in half the batter in each cake pan, bake them, and once they are done baking and are fully cooled, even off the tops of the cakes, to make them flat and not rounded. Then add a fairly thick layer of icing on top of one of the cakes, and put the other cake on top of the iced cake. And then fully ice the entire cake, top and sides. It will help get that cute little layer/line of frosting in the middle of the cake once you slice it💛🥰🍰

    29. Archana Abraham

      All the baker out there be like JAMES WTH

    30. Miranda Aramburo Vazquez

      Me: watching cake boss right before this

    31. Maddie Kowanetz


    32. Yasith Silva

      Me screaming from the bottom of my lungs: "Beat. The. EGGSSSSSS"😅

    33. hamna hayat5

      i love milk james:[

    34. Cookies and Kisses Gacha

      james 2 cups flour to 1 cup sugar is the way to go so 3-4 cups flour and 1 cup sugar wouldn't work

    35. Hannah Caridi


    36. ⚠️raee⚠️

      0:50 yes james, i’m a lesbian. i can confirm 🕳🤸‍♀️💨

    37. Gabrielle Autumn

      Ur gonna need some oil. Either canola,vegetable,or OLIVE😭😭😭. bro wtf

    38. Kerem Guneri

      dude i was litteratly just watching the try guys

    39. ArtMania

      James thinks he's a baker He's convinced

    40. Sydney Fulton

      Omg the sugar that was so much!!! What is happening in this video the salt to omg 😳 I love James Charles he’s just the funniest but he’s not very good at making cakes I love watching these videos are amazing but stick to make up your cake I mean I just it’s LOL

    41. Rachel Lee

      who's gonna tell him that liquid measurement is different from solid?

    42. • 𝗞𝗮𝗼𝗿𝗶-𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻 •

      “Isn’t cake bread anyway? “ “No” -leaves

    43. Katherine Savoie

      That legit how I would bake a cake, LOL

    44. 강용자

      James and his puns haha 😄

    45. Scar Hoffman

      How did i not knows James and gottmik knew each other btw just in honor of gottmik gorge (ive been to one of her drag shows :>)

    46. Jungkooks banana milk

      James: it smells like cake... Me: wasn't it supposed to smell like cake??

    47. Jungkooks banana milk

      Well this didnt go smooth like butter.....

    48. Yolanda Jackson

      Love his nails.

    49. noa :3

      bruh cream the butter with sugar and eggs

    50. אגם מלכה

      milk is the life

    51. ur mom

      I am in NJ soooooo i will be here when u come to bake.

    52. Janice Chase

      Good cooking

    53. Sandra Muffin

      wow james please do mqkeup or song but don't cook😂

    54. sir angelo

      i love how he forgor💀 water

    55. Annie


    56. Annie


    57. Ella Sholes

      I need to be friends with you and your Kitty girls

    58. Aishath Aika Adhuham

      Dummy you need a full cup,of water

    59. pink lili

      Oodok_idis l del pdlodoxxkigdifhfoif😎🥰🤩🌷💑

    60. Cristian Pelayo

      Rewatching this and realizing gotmik is in this video

    61. Sophie & Avery

      Me as a somewhat baker saying nooo don’t do that 🤣 hahahah u did kill it tho James👏🏻

    62. Dayton

      Son luvs u channle I dont

    63. Genesis Cardenas Benitez


    64. Destanie Buck

      I wanna be a cook or a doctor when I'm older so yeah, we've all had that dream😂

    65. Dropdead Green

      How do we know you haven’t already checked out a recipe ?

    66. KK ASMR

      I believe if backing soda has the word baking in it I would assume it’s for baking

    67. Sheyla Bobarin

      I think u also forgot the sugar 😂 but u put a lot of salt in to a sweet recipe😂

    68. E C

      somehow u baking without a recipe is better than the people on nailed it with a recipe lol

    69. @Debenmech

      Hi James Charles I am sister and I want you to do from somebody a pancake challenge different colour of pancakes like characters amoung us 😋

    70. Rehab Essa

      AHH ur kitchen is SOO CUTE

    71. Fernanda

      I’m literally here just for Gottmik✨💕

    72. Yulissa Orellana

      Isn’t like bread cake pound cake I think that’s what he made mmm I love pound cake 🍰

    73. It's Your Artsy Girl

      James.... I think u forgot to add milk...

      1. Lit2c1

        🥺 he forgot

    74. Kat Karban

      James that stick of butter was not half a cup

    75. Amarri Hill

      It’s giving me in Popeyes biscuit 💀

    76. dawn noftle

      Butter Sugar mix add your flour slowly then your egg then your baking soda that’s how you make it rise and then your other ingredients

    77. Ariana’s sweetner

      As a baker, I’m traumatized.

    78. Lillian Goudie

      ´ẃheres the spatUla´ -James

    79. Lillian Goudie

      James: to REAlly enCorparate the butter

    80. Lillian Goudie

      Bhahahahaha u whip the butter and sugar

    81. Dan Druff

      Its called "from scratch."

    82. Varsha Saboo

      He did not add milk 🥺

    83. vijay desale

      Wait, Wait Did he put the milk???? Cake: You made me without milk!!!!!

    84. Falcon Adam

      He's no Babbish

    85. さんせんぱい

      Was it lGBTQ member??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    86. Kendra Birkes


    87. Randi Edmonds

      O no!😑

    88. Sam Mogaki

      NOT THE PUNS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sam Mogaki

        you put the flour in FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

    89. Harper Grover-Baillie

      Sorry James.. I give you so many views but I’m a baker and this one… I just can’t. Lol I’ght imma head out

    90. Emma Kathryn

      Trevor and Louis are so funny

    91. Mirek Babik

      Hej co tam I polish

    92. Michael Henderson

      It’s called a pinch for a reason, sister.

    93. Niki Nana


    94. Chicken

      More milk

    95. Astrales Kriyers

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    96. Rümeysa Yüksel

      I want to watch your videos but I don't understand what you are saying. Can you add Turkish subtitles?

    97. Klara

      U gonna use that to attract young people?

    98. Malyssa Lynn

      I love baking blueberry muffins, and my family love when I make them. You really can't go wrong with them

    99. Sonia Dellan

      You can just call it recipe for disaster

    100. xxcupcake xx

      This is so confusing i make vegan cakes so like dudeee