Baking My Own Crumbl Cookies!

James Charles

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    Hi Sisters! I wanted to challenge myself to try to bake my own crumbl cookies from scratch! Will my DIY recipes compare to the real thing? Watch and find out!

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    1. Simply Via!

      James charles:Hey what's popping😜💅 People who cat fished james:Dont mind me just watching😏.....WHAT DID HE SAY!🤯

    2. Gabriella Perdomo

      You should do brother and sister cooking together

    3. poor heart

      You did good James !!!

    4. Viers fam

      Hi sisters today we’re gonna be baking my own cookie crumble

    5. Zhanna Playz

      I’m ten and I cooked a turkey 😶

    6. ExclusiveJazzie

      James u record on your phone ? And switch out with camera ?

    7. Its Ariaplayz Tip

      CRUMBL IS SUPERIOR best cookies EVER!

    8. Lindsay Jackson

      You did a really good job trying to recreate their cookies you'd just looked more home-made but nice!

    9. Sam Yes

      YAY HE'S BACK!

      1. Kent Tran

        Are you kidding me ?! He was gone for good

    10. Heather Thomas

      Love snickerdoodles ❤

    11. AdamFN

      gonna pretend nothing happend huh? ur still a creep.

      1. C x m p . C x m p

        I agree.

    12. Niki G


    13. Brandy C

      You can use a cheese grader to zest a lemon fyi lol

    14. Koala

      I love ur editor! 😭😭

    15. Koala


    16. Zlatka Kocoska

      The editing is 👌😂

    17. pear.


    18. WynterGraff

      as an ex employee of the original crumbl crew, we do not accept you as a member, please, never make another crumbl video again.

      1. Chiyami Lu

        Sure you are 😂

    19. Jake Perry

      my chest hurts 😤 😢I need this beauty 😭James get this 🍆no 🎓

    20. Magrith.YEET*

      COOKING WITH JAMESSSSSSSS *i want an intro song*

    21. Isabelle Edwards

      Am I the only one who was stressing g out about the starbursts in the background throughout this video 😶😭🥲

    22. Peachy 101

      So out of touch...

    23. Harry plays roblox 2021


    24. ꧁༒D̷r̷o̷k̷x̷n̷U̷w̷U̷༒꧂


    25. 4liferzz

      This looked sad you should have gotten help lol ,no hate to

    26. Flower Daisy

      I. So happy u r back on HRaero I missed u sister

      1. Flower Daisy

        U did great I know u like the Brownie ice cream sundae and I did really think you did do a really good job of creating the cookie

    27. Micah

      Yay sisters back ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💖❤️💕💖❤️💕💖❤️🥰😘😍🥰😘😍🥰😘

    28. Jillian Woyee

      Idk if I tried crumble cookies before

    29. Cainan C

      Crumbl started here in Utah where I’m from & it’s nothing new to us 🤣

    30. sHreK_RooBLoX Ogre_RoOBlOx

      I have one of these to there so fun

    31. Anton Hrkac

      They look so good

    32. Gabrielle Hope

      Doesnt want to do 30 minute trip to get anything 3 hour road trip to get cookies

    33. pihonex gaming hindi

      James charles is a best youtuber Love from nepal

    34. Makayla Parker22

      ~James: casually singing about cake~ also James: 👹 BREAK 👹 IT 👹 DOWN 👹 BITCH 👹 LEMME 👹 SEE 👹 YOU 👹 BACK 👹 IT 👹 UP 👹 me: ok sister we Stan- get it ig- period- 😂✋

    35. DKILOD

      قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم . { يآتي في آخر الزمان رجال وما هم برجال يتشبهون بنساء آذا رأيتهم فأعلم بأن الساعه قد أقتربت صدقت یا رسول الله

    36. cameron williams


    37. Akshara Senthilkumar

      Not James Charles being a good baker.🙄shoooooooorrrre

    38. Dancing Cutie

      I just got your mini pallet!! I’m so excited

    39. whoooooo wa

      Hey sirs

    40. Melody Q.L

      I am SOOOOO siked your back🥰SISTER!!!

    41. Maddie Millage

      He looks different with no makeup and a hat

    42. Kaylee Bedard

      How was he not burning up in the those clothes it is the middle of summer I could never lol

      1. amanda Sondergaard

        Air conditioning probably

    43. Loki Tate

      These edits are killing me😂😭

    44. Angelina DeBellis

      As a pastry chef in training I’m hurt. And yes james the amount on a tray does matter. Just like if you microwave a big bowl vs a small bowl of pasta, the bigger bowl will take longer.

      1. Angelina DeBellis

        Also never use a frying pan to temper chocolate. You need a double boiler.

    45. jada Wright

      And so so far I have been watching a little bit of your videos today and they are really good I like them

    46. jada Wright

      I just started watching your videos so I'm really new

    47. Carmen Fredette

      Do more videos about make up tutorials🥰🥰🥰🥰

    48. starly

      I would have done a horrible I mean HORRIBLE job lol! Nice work!

    49. Jess williams

      I love it when you cook

      1. DJC Stuff XD

        Don't you just love supporting nonces

    50. U D S

      Did everyone just lose their memory or something? How the fuck are you all still supporting this monster?

      1. Chiyami Lu

        Just block him then 😩

      2. HanFairy

        right im so confused

      3. PopQueenGirlStar

        IM SAYING

      4. Alessandra !?


    51. Aaryana Brown

      As a baker im triggered that he stuck a fork in his cookie to see if it ready

    52. Aaryana Brown

      Hahahaha I can’t be the only one who had crumble cookies before everyone started trying them on tiktok

    53. emily walsh

      crumbl opened shops everywhere but ny

    54. Jillian R

      4:29 lmao

    55. Amayra Ganga

      Finally got a picture with james 💕

    56. Weldon Foster


    57. 自分を殺す

      You showed tested the new samsung and the new iphone and test who's better i love you

    58. Carol Stanley

      I love how James gets right back into his vids in such a good mood :)

      1. Maeve

        Ummm chile.....

    59. Addi Fuller

      At least he doesn’t have to drive to a whole other state like me

      1. Addi Fuller

        @Anousheh Asad I have not but I still love my Harry Potter and in love with George Weasley

      2. Anousheh Asad

        @Addi Fuller I mean are you still on Draco tok and have you shifted 💀

      3. Addi Fuller

        @Anousheh Asad not sorry 😌

      4. Anousheh Asad

        Your kidding me right I’m trying to get off Draco tok and now I’m seeing them everywhere i just got back from watching Draco tok

      5. James Smith


    60. Kelly Allen

      Anyone gunna talk about how he is wearing a 💍 on his left hand??? Remember everything is flipped in pictures and videos so its FOR SURE his left hands. 🥱

    61. warisha wish land

      I love James reaction ❤️

    62. Maddie Malfoy

      Do a baking a 3 course meal for your roomates!

      1. Maddie Malfoy

        @James Smith yesss

      2. James Smith

        65 out of 34

    63. Fenet Zeleke


    64. Fenet Zeleke

      Omg I love you so much

    65. Mercedez Gonzales


    66. yuu

      How have I never heard of Crumble cookies till James. They look BOMB

      1. Ty Noorda

        The reason you have never heard of it is because the business started in Utah

      2. Candace Garcia

        Same..but i have no socials so thats probably why lol

    67. Jayson Janneker

      I love the new James 🥳🥳🥳🥳

      1. BLACKPINK PoohTheBlink

        Me too

      2. James Smith


    68. 𝙲𝚘𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚎𖣔

      I don’t care what happens I still want James to post

    69. Alley momof2

      I had fun watching this James. Thankyou for sharing ❤❤

      1. James Smith


    70. Grape Grape Grape

      we have a crumbl Down the road, theyre so good😩

      1. James Smith


    71. Roblox gaming

      The chocolate cookies look better than the one they made you are so good

    72. Kimber Moon

      It’s cute. But is the jacket not hot af? Haha

    73. Graham Wolfie

      James’ brownie cookie looked so much cuter then the crumbl ones but all in all they look so delicious 🤤

      1. Graham Wolfie

        @James Smith 💭💭

      2. James Smith


    74. Graham Wolfie

      “Have you had crumbl before?” Cries in UK

      1. kelly kohler

        Not me living in U.S

      2. Ashtonthedumbass

        @-maya - as a person from the UK I would never want to live in America-

      3. Mr. Lalnon

        @-maya - Fair

      4. -maya -

        @Mr. Lalnon lol I guess so I could try those cookies

      5. Callysta Akila

        Im crying in indonesian

    75. Calyn Capistrano

      chef Charles in the kitchen!

    76. KanDit

      Think about it… if you would’ve made the brownie sundae one out of legit brownie 💁🏻‍♀️

    77. Simon Guardiola

      I meant my mom always used to get those

    78. Alexx

      i swear the editing got be CRACKED

      1. James Smith

        21 out of 34

    79. Tekiarrah Hughes

      4:23 I would listen to that song ‼️‼️

    80. The A&K rainbow pandas

      James back

    81. ?

      Not him having photos of him on his computer

    82. Lauren Fly

      mm yes I love me some leg filled brownie cookies, way to go james 😂

      1. James Smith


    83. Sugar Berry Kayz

      I don't know why I just like to see James bake and cook stuffs

    84. Florentius Chana

      Your cooking/baking videos are always so funny 😂

    85. ashleigh greenley


    86. Karlo Špehar

      You are so so cool!😀

    87. Zack Rea

      You did a really good job recreating these cookies, especially as you had to go from scratch and not a pre-written recipe. There was one or two things that you could have changed to make them better. If you make them again maybe I could help you

      1. Brandy C


      2. Braelyn Szpilewski


    88. Kara Tilden

      When it was time to try the snickerdoodle cookie I heard it’s time to try the snickerdoodle cupcake that’s what I heard it might be my phone but... I heard cupcake

    89. Goldie Ramey

      I feel like people usually look really adult or cool when cooking but James….oh James, he looks just entirely lost 💀 I love it

    90. Anadiyah Green

      A day in the life of James Charles everyday is a photo shoot

    91. Flora Pentek

      James, when mixing batter DO NOT use the whisk attachment. Use the paddle. The whisk is used for egg whites and other things with similar needs.

    92. Saraqael Hsu

      The best cam evea

    93. Dark_Gamer

      Mhm i watch this video at 1:13 am

    94. Sunny_gatcha25

      James come make me cookies pleaseeee😂❤️

      1. I'm just pansexual

        Sorry hon he's not gonna come unless you're a boy, sad truth😔😔

      2. Just Cole33

        And a oop

    95. Sophie Kat

      You are so funny. Keep baking !

    96. HLOMLA Mabaleka

      Love that his back

      1. I'm just pansexual

        I don't

    97. smalls duggs

      crumbl cookies should try to make james charles' crumbl cookies lol


      If u want to improve with baking the biggest thing is that everything has to be exact. Like when ur measuring one cup make sure to use the flat edge of a butter knife to cut off the exess.

    99. monika mackowiak

      you changed your intro back

      1. Brenda Rasmussen

        @monika mackowiak oh okay sorry.

      2. monika mackowiak

        @Brenda Rasmussen the but at the the start of the year he made a new intro but then he changed it back to the old one

      3. Brenda Rasmussen

        This video is a few weeks old