I Adopted a Child for a Day!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I adopted a child for a day! I've always said I didn't want kids, but I wanted to at least try, so I took my best friend's 5 year old son to starbucks, swimming, he wanted to do my makeup, and even surprised him with his favorite Tik Tok star, Charli D'Amelio! Enjoy!!

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    1. Andrea Kowalski


    2. Ariany Contreras

      Eliot is a savage

    3. VOLTY

      0:11 this did not age well

    4. Kim Theodos

      All of those unlikes you are wrong

    5. Lily Perano

      James… the next Michael Jackson. You know what I mean

    6. carissa chapman

      I wich I was adopted by James 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    15. Game With Me

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    16. SaLmA10 U_U

      Eliot: period love Me: ok u two are definitely related and is this child 4 or 9?

    17. Tsukki’s Glasses

      seeing this now makes me laugh

    18. CloudyMoon96

      James:Why is he grey? Elliot:Because- geffafes are gey... Me: *Dying*

    19. AndreaAsh

      Im 8!

    20. mary murray

      Hes so good at makeup no joke 😅

    21. Emily Whyman

      Samily Rogman says yes daddy

    22. RATZ._. RULEZ

      There was a girl I saw today that is like 12 and she was wearing the yellow sisters merch

    23. Asia Bairefoot

      I love you James

    24. Samantha Johnson

      “period love”🥺😂

    25. Valmar_ BD

      save the child

    26. Inaaya Ahmad

      Elliot:why do u have glue here James:to cover my eyebrows Elliot : thinking evil:u should cover your eyebrows

    27. Itsevan

      He has a phone!?!?? At 4??

    28. XJ

      THIS 5yr HAS A PHONE!?

    29. blue sky

      He need a child

    30. Lyrique Legette

      Hi famous HRaero . ... love❤️

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      Jams am bid fun

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        James aim so sorry ai speld your name wrong

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      and also I love fin

    33. Yo yo Victoria

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      you are the best.

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      are you real

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      I thought it was uncle james

    38. Declan&Finley

      For the time that they made the vid Early happy bday

    39. Ashley Peña

      Agua de piña agua en el piso Happy me 8 Charlie love you🦋🦋

    40. Megan Nicole xx

      10:00 this is the cutest thing ever i literally cantttt

    41. Todd Peacock

      Hi James Charles my name is serenity I am a big fan of you

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    44. ~XHowler-FoxyX~

      Then Hey sister's! Will Never END.

    45. maysyn yo

      Wait james there is no need to adopt a child You have your brother Ian😂😂😂 Not being rude.

    46. Eve Appathurai

      How does a four year old have a phone and I’m 12 and getting one next year

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      Today is my birthday

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        Happy Belated BIRTHDAY

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    53. ShutGun66_

      Was I the only one who didn't have a phone be able to go in a tasks or be able to go to Starbucks on a regular day when I was 4????

    54. Grace Rios

      I have no words I really have no words

    55. Carter Alvear

      oof. this hits different now

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      Izz he boi

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      "That didn't age quite so well..."

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    64. Carol Benjamin

      The little boy was good at that tik tok He said I love things that I I I seen the stuff were That was have a good tiktok

    65. TikTok Fashion


    66. Abhishek Verma

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    73. Doreen Lin

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    74. billy billy

      I'm a savage, adoreable, love swimming, doing makeup, getting starbucks, and I love Finn I'm Eliot Hallman

    75. Skyler Robinson

      James can you tell Charli I’m her biggest fan and to come see me

    76. Gracia Viandri

      “Its the boyfriend everyday for me” Well that hits different now

      1. jlecroy2

        Lol I was thinking that

    77. Emily For Life

      James: *talking* Elliot: PeRioD LoVe LITERALLY ELLIOT: PERIOD LOVE STILL ELLIOT:PerIOD LOVE!!!!!!!

    78. Izuku Midoriya

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    79. Izuku Midoriya

      James: are u excited Eliot: no Me:HAHAHAHAHHAVCIDQAVDLJCGUVLSUYFEVC

    80. Izuku Midoriya

      when i found my bff watching james charles i was like HI SISTERSSSSSSSS

    81. hh27-182 182

      Is it just me or would Elliot be the best brother ever I just want him as my little brother I'll trade my 5 year old little sister for this little boy he's so cute!!!!!!! Can I babysit him one day if I ever move umm wherever ya'll live XD

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    93. Eliza Rizvi

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    94. Eliza Rizvi

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    95. Eliza Rizvi

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    96. ThE cOoL tArT fArT

      If I saw Charlie I would be like omg is that real charli and then hug and do a Tik tok 😂

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    99. sarahpow1234

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    100. sarahpow1234

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