Things I REGRET Buying Since Becoming An Influencer...

James Charles

2,3 mil. pregleda12 000

    Hi Sisters! In today's video, I wanted to tell you guys about some luxurious things that I regret ever buying since I became an influencer. This video was a lot of fun to film, I hope you enjoy it! What's one thing YOU regret buying?

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    1. Patricia Stephens

      Did everyone else see that lag?

    2. Tony O'Reilly

      So another one

    3. James Soane

      I am a big big big big big big fan

    4. James Soane

      Thousand dollars I can’t believe that you actually did buy a tesla like I wish I can have one but I can afford one but you’re really rich andYou are a good

    5. James Soane

      $6000 oh my gosh why did you buy a tesla too I wish I can have a tesla and also it can drive it self and at the back it can also open up the backs and the boot and and and the And why did you buy a tesla I wish I and also

    6. Rachana Reddy

      James you could gift your birken bag to yr lovely mom. Also the canon camera u could do a giveaway to your fans who love Photography

    7. RYAN F GRANT, Jr

      Did that boy fart ( or shart? )into your Birken? That is...the funnest damn thing I've hilarious...who is this funny dude? ha ha ha ha

    8. Cindyy Paul

      His diamond bracelet cost as much as my masters degree

    9. P

      You aren’t stuck with any of that, resell it lol

    10. Nani

      I was going to get a Tesla but I’m sticking to a Lexus now lol

    11. Carlos Rosas

      Tesla’s and Land Rover= RUN. It’s not worth it unless you have money like him and even he’s tired of it lol

    12. curbce


    13. curbce


    14. sparky10901

      Lmao you can absolutely order Birkin bags right from the botique, as well as online for certain bags. You don't have to go through the rigamaroll James is talking about. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

    15. Dināra Fjodorova

      I even cant afford studies I love 🤦‍♀️

    16. Emma Eddy

      that camera part is nice to know. wonder why it was so much more expensive and looks worse

    17. Heaven Nicole

      I know this is such a long shot but if you would like to donate the camera you do not use, I would put it to fantastic use. 🥰 i am a aspiring photographer/videographer 🤟🏻

    18. Ava Perez

      I don’t understand why you were rude after she told you she was bullied

    19. Juana Ospina

      Tesla 😦😦😦😦

    20. Kristen Stites

      Can’t you resell the camera?

    21. TantalumRocks

      I feel like Drew farting into the Birkin is a statement about how ridiculous their exclusivity rules and prices are.

    22. TantalumRocks

      Dude $75000 is a house deposit

    23. Stephanie Nelson

      The biggest purchase I regret is college lol!!!! I’m finally almost done with my student loans ten years later

    24. MCO Boredom

      Are we the same person?

    25. Kamry Hirschi

      Uhhh ok

    26. Jason Nimtz

      Things James Charles regrets BUYING?!? HOW BOUT DOING???

    27. Mihaela Lotrean

      I don't get why people watch this kind of videos... Where is the value in this videos?

    28. jlwoodin

      Meanwhile I'm just happy when I can get a $10 candle from Walmart. It's a super bonus when I can get one of the more expensive wood wick burning candles and even those are only like $20.

    29. Chandler Borrero

      loved this💗

    30. M L

      I will take the camera body off your hands...

    31. Dartamous2 roblox

      Me eating a 85p scone “uhhhhhhhhh”

    32. JunoJusSayin

      The jewelry... also the custom outfits.

    33. puppylover2280

      James, in total you spent $280,000 (with out your birkin bag) and if you want to start wearing your birkin more often, there are these things you can buy on Amazon that hold up your bag and make it easy to find your belongings.

    34. Camila Saldaña

      Gracias por sub español, apenas estoy comenzando aprender inglés 😭✨❤️

    35. •Alex_.

      HEY SISTERS To Hi sisters

    36. Marqus

      Tesla's are a TERRIBLE investment

    37. Mary Richardson

      The review of the Tesla tho

    38. 2021 vision

      Has anyone else noticed that when Tesla’s first came out they were EVERYWHERE and now, not so much? I’m glad I didn’t get one. I’ll stick to my reliable 10 year old Honda. 💯

    39. Sunnyskys25

      I live for this intro

    40. lisa lyons

      I still want a Tesla

    41. Lovely Tinka

      I don’t think I wanna save up for an Tesla no more

    42. Pempermint

      You can sell all that stuff on offer up or eBay and at least make a percentage back instead of it just being wasted

    43. Ayesha 121

      Buy makeup from black market videeeoo

    44. Sophia Isabel

      i worked in a high end jewelry store. diamonds have no value after purchase. sorry james

    45. ✨ •sxmplyxjayden• ✨

      All these items added up costs more than my life 🤣

    46. Carlos lobos

      Tesla sales📉📉📉📉📉📉📉🤣

    47. Berenice Jimenez

      For ANY PURSE, you have to fill it like it’s done at stores when you are not using it so it doesn’t lose the structure, because with time the materials change a little, so you just need to put a clean towel inside filling the small corners so your bag can keep a nice shape

    48. Katelyn Marie

      James I’ll buy the camera from you 😂

    49. Yasmine de Rond

      One thing that I absolutely love about you is that when you film a video you don't mind if one of your team members talk through it. I love it when influencers or celebrities have respect for their team and the people that they work with because it makes the working enviourment better and it makes the person better when they also have respect for others

    50. Tee Won Dahn

      If you don’t want that camera, I’d gladly take it off your hands. No 🧢

    51. Sunflower Princess

      I love this but I didn’t think Tesla’s were that bad!?

    52. Magic Lee

      Holy fuck 56 000 for a bracelet I’m screaming

    53. Ketheny Dutka

      Me after watching this video when a Tesla has been on my vision board for like ever: 🤡

    54. Unsure

      Haha the fart inside the bag so funny

    55. stay Stray

      that love bracelet costs as much as my car

    56. Sabrina Merrick

      There is a resale market for high-end gold and diamond designer pieces. But I think gold retains it's value more than diamonds do. 💎

    57. ✰Teddybeargachaplays✰


    58. Jackie Hearts

      Love you James but I find it funny when one of your episode a while ago when you released your morphe palette and you were shaming the industry for coping/being a counterfeit. But you're okay with saying it's okay for Cartier counterfeit. 🧐 Hmmm 🤔

    59. Luka De Lange

      Give me the chunck of metal 😂❤️

    60. Peyton Bredemeier

      Give away for the camera?

    61. Lauren

      Me: I like that bracelet!! Me less than 1 minute later: yeeeaaahh.. not so much now

    62. Dan Henry

      Elon musk: 🌚

    63. Sing out loud

      His first bracelet cost my 6 year high school fees. (I live in Australia so high school is year 7-12(

    64. mijnbook

      I would NEVER buy a Tesla or any other electric car, they are trash!!! 👎👎👎

    65. eunice .p

      Giveaway? ?

    66. Emilucia Hernandez

      You can tell the Tesla complaints lasted a lot longer than what we saw

    67. Lara A

      The Tesla is disappointing - the Birkin - it depends on the leather. Some leathers soften up and then it flops naturally. But 22.5k is way more than its retail, so not sure you would get your money back (and right now not on a 35 cm). I would keep it anyways, it is a classic.

    68. Semes Ter

      Woah tesla

    69. Jessica Nicole Dickerson

      Yooo could've paid my 200,000 in student loans 😱 Hearing people talk about money like this is crazy! But helpful so WHEN I get money I don't do any of these mistakes either

    70. Crystal Ellul

      The car miles has everything thing to do with the energy its the same with gas if you just sit in the car and run it you'll use gas without going anywhere

    71. Unicorn_69

      I'll buy you the Tiffany love bracelet! And you were never on our worst dressed list!

    72. RoboProd Aviation

      the main reason for the tesla is because you live in California. It is hot there so the battery doesn't charge that much to keep it from overheating and exploding

    73. Derick Halbrooks

      Please make a "crazy expensive purchases that I DONT regret"

    74. Joshua Boyles

      I sincerely hope that your tesla experience is isolated? My bestie has one and it's a dream to drive, but it's a 2020 series 3.

    75. Matt Ciciarelli

      0:25 nooo not the glitch James!!

    76. Manya

      ksi should make this video

    77. Mokshitha Choudhary


    78. Prasann


    79. Jewel Mayfield

      “Boughten” 🧐🧐🧐

    80. Carolina Narváez

      I think this video is one of the honestest I've ever seen. Thank you, Charles!

    81. flowerxrare X

      My mum has the first bracelets in diamond , gold and sliver bec y’a know

    82. _Black.Orchid_ 9714

      I would say the bracelet comes first, but the Birkin bag would be a close second, &the outfits third, but honestly I wouldn’t have gotten any of those things. I would not spend that much money on those specific things lmao 😂 Also, the whole Tesla thing made me so upset for you. 😭 Like I expected better from Tesla. 💔 Anyway, love you, James, and I’m sorry you bought that stuff. 💕💕💕

    83. LeAndra Willis

      I’ll take that Canon camera if you want to get rid of it 😁😬

    84. abercrombie12345able

      this reminds me of the sponge bob episode where sponge bob got rich and bought shit just to fit in

    85. Alena Conrad

      About the tesla. I think the amount of time you’ve had to bring it into the shop is totally inexcusable. I get it. But about the charging. Isn’t there setting that allows you to switch from distance to percentage on the battery display? I know there is on the model 3 so imagine so. Also, losing distance like that, totally has to do with the other electric components of the car and your location. The miles it is showing you, is telling you the distance in ideal condition for the battery. You live in LA, that is the opposite of ideal condition for the battery. Not only are you blasting AC which is going to lose energy the battery in the car has to work harder because it is hot. When batteries are hot they lose efficiencies. So all those lost miles just had to do with losing efficiency as you are driving in hot weather. You may also end up still preferring miles than percentage if you did figure out how to switch it. It might be scary to see only 30% when in reality that could still be a good enough amount of miles to get you somewhere. But you see 30% and freak out.

    86. Ryka Agrawal

      Can we all agree that James has the best roommates ever?

    87. Malo Fankhauser

      Drew is officially my favourite person.

    88. Eden Chester

      If he doesn't want this stuff.... maybe he should sell them.

    89. Lachlan Evans

      hey sisters\

    90. Kirsten Davidsen


    91. antiqueaccident

      The sound effects from those in the studio AND the editing are absolutely fucking hilarious, and literally MAKE this xD I can't stop giggling every time the Windows error sound plays XD


      Send all the custom clothes to museum

    93. brandon


    94. Luella Coley

      James could give some of it away to family and friends i mean im not completely sure if he should want but just an idea

    95. Tiffany Twisted

      Had no idea the Tesla's had so many horrific safety issues. Thanks for the heads up.

    96. YouTube Channel

      I started getting shocked after the $75,000one

    97. Sophie Lewis


    98. Stephanie Prescott

      Jaaammmesss so proud of how far you have come with everything that had happened. Way to bounce back sister! Ps I bet you could definitely resell a lot of that if you wanted to!! I'm a new photographer and that camera is amazing and is high on my list.

    99. Edward C

      This is the best video from you . It is interesting how you can make people realize how invests better the money and also show that you really don’t need to buy those things to make a impression. Good way to open people eyes , i means its not bad to afford expensive things just be intelligent enough to also know what is really value the price tag . 😎

    100. B Bebe

      This was so useful we need part 2