I Bought The Worst FAKE James Charles Merch

James Charles

6 mil. pregleda5 000

    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I ordered FAKE James Charles Merch from knockoff bootleg websites and decided to review it for you guys for a good laugh and to hopefully save you some money! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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    2. Fidget toys


    3. 𝚃𝚘𝚊𝚜𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝 :3

      Not me watching at 11:48 PM 0-0

    4. Triniti RayAnn

      8:27 that scream!!!😂😂

    5. Jessica Douglass

      3:58 WHAT IS GOING ON 🤣🤣

    6. Rip :3

      I loveeeee youuuuuu

    7. Lily Davis

      James please your killing me!! please do the makeup looks in your intro PLEASE!!!


      James, just wanted to say your videos are always so bubbly and positive and everytime I watch them they just lift up my mood. Keep shining buddy!

    9. CLFAMFAN1

      I love how James didn’t know that the shirt was his and jojoss face merged together

    10. 12xkxm xy


    11. Aubrey Myers

      James needs to make a vid of where nvm this is from 6 months ago

    12. Carla Debono

      "tighter pants, nicer ass" -someone

    13. Jason Vieira

      My friend said go back to a boy

    14. neptune nensly

      hit the hay fast a sleep dream a dream you little bleap/ shark boy and lava girl/ on netflex

    15. neptune nensly

      im not an adult im not an teenager i am not a pre teen im not akid im not a robot sowhat am i

    16. Barøcde

      You make underwear??-

      1. Rip :3


    17. Jazzlyn Casillas


    18. Lilly Underwood

      can someone add up how much they spent for me thank you 😂

    19. Tamar Wachi

      not james singing the lullaby from sharkboy and lavagirl 🤣🤣🤣

    20. Bethany Wallis-Hughes

      The turtle skirt tho 😫

    21. Xxlavender_clxudsxX


    22. Bestie Noir

      Next time he goes to the beach he should wear a bikini top with trunks lolololo

    23. Maria Playz

      No hate I love u James but u need to unleash ur inner turtle 😂😂😂

    24. Andrew Story

      Like you I like you

    25. Lisa Cline

      Ngl James is rocking that skirt

    26. Queen Gumdrop


    27. Hailey Rosete

      ‘’🤤 thumbnail made ‘’ the moment he realized he f up 👁👄👁 him know 🥸 🤔 😱 🤯 🥺 😶‍🌫️ Edit be safe

    28. Kim Standmore

      He’s in paaaaiiinnnnnnn

    29. Sophie's world


    30. Daisy Stevens

      Your so pretty games

    31. TeaLlSKulL

      " mawma" periodt

    32. Shikennutz

      The turtle is Jame’s spirit animal.

    33. DEAD GAMY

      🔥 5:15

      1. Rip :3

        Omg wtf

    34. Jessica Stewart-Gonzalez

      I love how his hair bounces up when he talks


      I actually wanted to buy some merch but it didn't have the price in INR because i live in India

    36. Brooke Debelja

      James you should totally make a sisters apparel REAL beadspread

    37. JP

      Omg ur so hot

      1. Rip :3

        HATE U

    38. Mary Watkins

      I like James Charles ☺😆😀😁😂😃😄😅😙😘😚😍😎😻💑❤💙💚💛💜💕💖💗💘💝

    39. Hannah Campbell

      when james has more curves than you:

    40. abi pett

      Anyone else watching all James’s videos cause they don’t have to deal with ads now? I am 😂😂

    41. MANGO 💚

      James and his team are literally the funniest thing ever 😂😂

    42. skin care queen

      Omg hi James ur skin is on fleck

    43. Paige Foster-Blakey

      The adamant test pharmacodynamically radiate because parrot corroboratively fail near a wistful dessert. daily, breezy cloth

    44. Karen Avery

      7:21 it’s my favorite part I love it

    45. Maria Pulido

      the backpack looks like trowup

    46. siren head world🔱✴〰️

      🎩 😉 🧥 👖

    47. Brooklyn Castillo

      I’m not hating on your original font on the merch but I think you should try another font because I would enjoy that so much. Love you!

    48. Victoria Petroni

      Somebody please reply to this comment why can’t I find access to get to the James Charles website it doesn’t let me in or I please somebody explain thank you

    49. The Lemur

      good vid

    50. Arman Habibi


    51. Ani C.

      I love James so much!!! He is literally my Idol!!!!!

    52. Rach Willis

      8:41: Not Lewis dying in the background 🤣🤣

    53. Rach Willis

      Not me watching almost the exact same earrings as he is rn-

    54. Sabrina Vereen

      The only thing wasn’t bad in the last video was dat skirt

    55. Meredith Hazlehurst

      Ok but the cards are so cute

    56. Raahat

      8:40 I actually don't think its that bad

    57. cutieex

      I love ur vids

    58. Sebastian Broy

      I clicked faster then James could say “ hey sisters!! “ ps : love the vids!!

    59. Guinevere

      8:26 really shocked

    60. Life of Mary Alhinn

      does anyone else see a pillow behind James that James didn't show at 13:51 (end of the video)


      Hi 👋

    62. Spectrum Descent

      that pillow tho

    63. Wink Wonk

      all of these are prob from redbubble as well

    64. Amelia Dabney

      I luv his content ❤️

    65. કવિતા સ્મૃતિ

      To be fare people behind the cemara are the real star of the video 🤣😂🤣😂

    66. IzzyOffx!-

      I would buy that backpack tho

    67. Jasmin Gray

      Woo hooooooo!!!!!!love you James!!

    68. John DeNardo

      I’m not gonna lie you do got some smooth like though

    69. Debsypoo💩

      I will be buying that comforter for myself soon 😂😂😂

    70. Pastel Cookies


    71. Rümeysa Yüksel

      I want to watch your videos but I don't understand what you are saying. Can you add Turkish subtitles?

      1. Ed!t 1234

        all you have to do is go to the settings butonand click the language you want

    72. Katie Elle

      You are the best james

    73. Asha Broekhuizen

      Can you pls pls make more makeup bc we love your pallet and would like more

    74. Fariha Karim

      James is so beautiful

    75. Sara Isabella

      No but seriously he looks sooo good in dresses and skirts

    76. Sara Isabella

      “That’s a ✨ stretchy ✨ sister”🍑🍑

      1. Sara Isabella


      2. Sara Isabella

        I had to type glitter then replace it with the emoji to get It

    77. Red Velvet

      Imagine James like my comment...😳

      1. Red Velvet

        @Shae Smith who knows....T_T

      2. Shae Smith

        Pretty sure that's something that's not gonna happen

      3. Red Velvet

        @Ed!t 1234 ≥﹏≤

      4. Ed!t 1234

        keep imagining

    78. Liv

      The turtle skirt is my favorite

    79. Simply Kylie

      He doesn’t know the price of the merch somehow even tho he bought it

    80. Ameya Gupta

      👁👄👁 💧 💧

    81. skylee

      i find it crazy how much influencers mech cost but the only reason they can afford all that mech is their fans

    82. Validen

      james:this isn’t an add in any way shape or form also james:go to this website to get your custom b-day card now

    83. Caleb Keyes

      Take a shot every time this man says his own name

    84. Comment it up ✨


    85. Paige Richards

      if your reading this google rogerina

    86. Alicia Harding

      I’m 8 I love watching you

      1. Rickia Summers

        @Shinar he didn't know that he was under age

    87. Brenna's MLP Channel


    88. The Gacha BESTIEEESSSSSS

      James people just want you to review that XD

    89. Joe

      Kiddie fiddler

    90. rasattler9611

      james i love your channel and i am 10!!!!

      1. Shae Smith

        Not y'allnkids that no nothing about what happened still watching him

      2. Joe

        Be careful f

    91. pepsi_

      9:45 WHAT- WHAT MAN HAS EVER GONE- “WOooOOOo!!” 😭😭💀

    92. Alexis Garcia

      When it said jk I've been good and then the tweet on the poster James has not been good cause he tweeted it on Thanksgiving

    93. Puppy love

      He should do Omegle

    94. Mirella Valuis

      well, these youtubers would loose their shit if the come to peru lol

    95. Aldrin Quidoles

      Im officially making you as my wallpaper on my phone. Im gonna screenshot your reaction on this video that i find you sister-cute🥰 your genuine reaction is just priceless for me😘🤗

    96. 「 Avbunny uwu 」

      Hi sisters Hi sisters Hi sisters Hi sisters Hi sisters OWO

    97. Delphine Toral Hernandez

      omfg y does his underwear say sisters

    98. Liesl Smith

      I can’t stop laughing at the guest room decor. 🤣 It even had James laughing. Such a great video. 👌

    99. Daelynn

      Hi sister!

    100. forever.bestiies

      Omfg girllllll ur makeup is actually so shit 🚽💀🤛🏼