How Well Do I Know My Favorite Makeup Products?

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to put my makeup knowledge to the test. My team picked out dupes of all my favorite products and I have to figure out which is which using sight, smell, and touch! Will I score 100 or will I make some embarrassing mistakes?


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    EDITOR: Louis \u0026 Anthony Gargiula


    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 godina


    1. Addysen Sarah

      I love your makeup videos

    2. Jeevitra Senthurvasan

      14:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I CAN'T 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Allyson Smith

      7:02 you can see him look at the bottom of the bowl

    4. Diwa Mishra


    5. Laura Šulce

      How many times did James say yes/yeah in this video? XD

    6. marlie kaye

      “and that’s airspun, literally grandma in a bowl” im dyingggg 😂😂💕

    7. Aydan Wong

      what happened to cancelling himself

    8. grace

      james: I A M A P R O F E S S I O N A L also james: misses his own pallete

    9. olivia cg

      Louis: James you havent gotten everything right. James: yes i have. Louis: James- James: LOUIS DO YOU LIKE YOUR JOB!?!?!?!? me: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    10. Heidi Pacheco

      a bit

    11. Heidi Pacheco

      not to be mean if this sounds mean but you looked like a reindeer at some point

    12. Liz Knight

      The product name was under the bowls he was using

    13. Froggiegacha🐸

      I was sister shook when he didn’t get his own palette right🥺

    14. Hannah Davies

      14:09 😂 “Oh HeLl No”

    15. Ethan Cruz

      james u should make a foundation for skin like your that do not mach other foundation if u do it will make the makeup community easier love your video james

    16. Jacob Pryor

      Am I the only one that noticed the names of the foundations were on the bottom of the bowl?? :/

    17. Lilian Fillman

      Louis:James,you haven't gotten everything right. James: "yes I have." Louis:"James..." James:" YoU like your JoB?"

    18. Car&Beck_ Gaming

      To get to the actual vid go to 3:47

    19. Blair’s Gacha

      2021 squad ⤵️

    20. Cailyn Marie

      ‘nice and good and fres and snats’

    21. Sesaww Yaaa

      That one piece of hair

    22. Mesii Desk

      He has a screen in front of him so he sees what is filming, on the bottom of the bowls it says what they are, so he might know...? IM NOT TRYING TO ASSUME UR FAKING u rock

    23. Missatlas02

      Anyone watching in 2021?

    24. Hannah Brooks

      Omg I just noticed that the names are on the bottoms if he looks in the camera he can see them. Not saying he did just pointing it out

    25. Gurleen Kaur

      Whose watching in 2021, btw look at my corgi💁🏻‍♀️

    26. Maisie's Backup

      james: a very sUsPiCiOuS rAviOli

    27. Stephanie Hite

      Poor james

    28. Megan Tanswell

      Anyone else notice the lipstick on his tooth aha

    29. sabine

      2021 anyone?

    30. Piper Crowley

      James Pray just PRAY!!!!

    31. Caylee Love hearts

      James: I AM A PROFESSIONAL Literally gets like half of them wrong no offense I love you girlfriend

    32. Maya Paine

      skip to 3:44 to get to the vid

      1. Shiloh Airel


    33. Hannah DeGraaff

      James looking pretty as always! 😄

    34. Kayla Muniz

      14:08 i am ✨DyInG✨ with laughter! 😂Sorry but i just can not help myself!

    35. Lucy Ma

      This is definitely anastasia.... yeh, right sis

    36. Lindsay Hanson

      When you figure out when you were wrong

    37. Lindsay Hanson

      James you are going to be so mad🤬

    38. Madelyn Penhall

      poor james

    39. Iced By Ivy

      The answer was on the bottom. Lol

    40. ꧁ Vɪʟʟᴀɪɴ Dᴇᴋᴜ ꧂

      This was just yes

    41. Hannah Howland

      James: I AM A PROFESSIONAL! also James: gets his own pallet colours wrong

    42. The One And Only Me

      Are you ok ?

    43. Laura Morrison

      The teeny-tiny nancy latterly shade because helen densply remain lest a limping acoustic. false familiar famous, faded jellyfish

    44. airgulf express

      The names were written on the back of the plates

    45. Ananya SP

      did anyone notice that the names were written below the bowlls ??????????????????????????? wtf

    46. Keira Crossed

      James Loves make up so much he eats it. :)

    47. Charlie Girl

      8 yr old me:I wish I had a sister.. James:umm am I joke to you? Me:Thanks Mawma


      were can I get the pallet

    49. Hallopuppy25

      Am I the only one thinking just look at the bottom of the bowl

    50. Artsi_makeup-and-more Lol me weird

      The licking lips tho

    51. Dog Lover *read channel description*

      Not me noticing that James’s intro says “James chares” 🤣

    52. Astrid

      I want to know if he would choose his own palette if he would have swatched

    53. Carolyn McCann

      can u pls do an updated version hehehhe

    54. Molly Playz

      ThaTs WaS a GooD SOund EFFecT

    55. World Peace

      James: I know the brand, smell, and feel of my beauty products! Me: So this is my foundation.

    56. Camila Pena

      Sounds like a pearsonal problem

    57. Sofie Dossi

      James.c can you do a challenge - 24hr in makeup room

    58. Leilani Cortinas

      Jams I named my Roblox name after u

    59. Anna’s Corner

      I feel like James is the ONLY youtuber who has like just a little bit long intros (not being mean) that I don’t skip cause he makes it interesting. Love you James💕

    60. Isabelle Reimuller

      Ok the names are on the bottom of the bowel and when he was smelling them he could have easily read the name thru the camera

    61. Zaylie Walker

      Whos watching in 2020 or 2021

    62. Jianna Macaluso

      James:🤏🏽🤞🏾🤟🏽🤘🏾👉☝️🤙🏽🙏🏽🖐🏽🤚🏽👇🏽🖖🏽 Me: is he doing he doing sight language .... No but like fr😭

    63. Gianna Calabro

      james moving on to brows: me: honey blend that powder in...!

    64. Amahle Mafongosi

      ❤️ 🤩🤩🥳🤩🥳🥳😜😜🤪🤪😋😝😋🤩🥳🥳🔥🌈☀️🌤☄️🌟☄️💥🌈🔥🌺🌸 love you sister

    65. Ashley_w 15

      I’m very confused rn because it says the answers on the bottom of the bowls

    66. Sarahs edits and gacha

      SeA sHoRe :3 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 why r we talking about sound affects

    67. Cherry Clover09

      Before we were told what they where I knew the left for him right for the fans was his the others looked the EXACT same

    68. XxLexiPlaysxX

      “Smells like grandma in a bowl” James Charles 2019

    69. Robotninja Yt

      Mint is light green

    70. brooke j

      I can't believe i'm saying this but anyone in 2021?

    71. Sumaira Sumair

      can u plz do a do's and dont's vid plzzz

    72. Addison Gallup

      3:15 Why does it look like he put on foundation All of the sudden?

    73. Nermin Abuali

      In you entro you’re name is spelled jamis not James why ??

    74. Sharlene

      Don’t worry you not the only one watching this in 2021😏

    75. Li’l Monster

      Me: :) James:This is Literal grandma in a bowl! Me: :|

    76. Su Özkök

      can someone explain to me why he picks up the anastasia lipstick and says ofra and its true? was there like an editing error? i dont mean to hate just curious. i love james and his videos i just overthink it when something like that catches my eye

    77. aqvealia

      When he was doing the contour he kept saying Anastasia all the way through even though it was benefit

    78. lizabeth scheottler

      Hi Hi🦄🦄🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

    79. Anastasia Bautista

      But the monitor is In front though(bowl with the name on the bottom) it's my preference but don't criticize me (,is he sister "cheated")

    80. gaming_girl_77

      James: I'm really good at this girl Louis: you have not gotten all right James:yes I have Louis:😂😂😂 no James: you like your job

    81. gaming_girl_77

      James: I'm a genius.

    82. Aaiza Talib

      Skip till 3:45 he just keeps talking

    83. Jannatul Ferdusi

      I have you

    84. Thispiperfanxx12

      Is anyone watching in 2021 ???????????????

    85. Boss Squad

      Hi God loves you and he wants to have a relationship with you so repent for your sins and accept him as your personal lord and savior. Have a blessed day (Share this with everyone you can and your family)❤️❤️❤️

    86. Alicja Soroka

      Damn his Lipsk are soo thicc i wish i had those lips

    87. Neha Tembe

      This comment is sponsered by 9:24 James: *Eat powder* Me: JAAAAMMMMMEEEEESSSS James: It tastes so good Me: S H O R E Also me: *CALLS AMBULANCE FOR JAMES*

    88. Natalia Alessandra

      Like for part 2

    89. Asmr Wolf

      hi James i always love you videos and i have your palette and i follow you on tiktok but people say i bet she does not have any more makeup because she uses to much makeup but i don't but i don't care what they say but you are so beautiful and smart and if you want to know i am 10 nearly 11 years old.

    90. Chicken Sauce

      I'll sue the person who made the ravioli :D

    91. Nora Moe

      I ment to

    92. Nora Moe

      can you make tur phon case to Samsung , cus i have a Samsung and i need a new phon case

    93. Natalie Oudshoorn

      Anyone else notice how they wrote at the bottom so James could see it

    94. George Berry

      when you said raviolie I was eating it

    95. Ella Star

      James: I know this is from my pallet Me: laughing at how wrong he is

    96. The bestie adventures !!!

      James: i got a some food poisoning Also james: *eats powder*

    97. Teoline Tetradze


    98. Lainey Grant


    99. Livie Rogers

      I love how Sure he was that it was his eye pallet and I was just dying of laughter because he was so wrong

    100. Avery Solomon

      James: Picks up a bowl to smell it Me: Questions how he doesn’t see the the product names written on the bottom of the bowls in the monitor