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    HI SISTERS! My little brother, Sister Ian, and I were talking, and he was very confident that he knows all of the steps to my easy glam makeup routine. I decided to give him a fun makeup challenge and have him buy my entire makeup routine! I have a huge event to go to and I promised that I would wear that look to the party... will Ian sister slay and get all of the right products, or fail and have me looking busted? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up!!


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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 godina


    1. James Charles

      hi angels i hope u enjoy this video

      1. Emma B

        I love you yall

      2. Taylor Overacker

        I do love this and I watched this video many times. Because it is so funny 😂

      3. Charlotte Aldridge

        When he didn't say hey sisters

      4. Charlie demilio Dixie demilio

        @Alice Casali free all

      5. Meena Tobias

        If you took a selfie with good lighting you would look stunning 😇😇😇

    2. Shyam Ray

      Your brother is so cuteeeeee

    3. MiitopiaRoblox YT

      I new u had a brother

    4. Belle Rufiange

      if i am being honest James makes everything look good

    5. Dianna Nanan


    6. Kali McEwen

      I like the lashes but that’s about it. Ian did his best and wanted James to look good I think that was sweet.

    7. Miles Horner

      I hope that I can make you feel better it looks great on the camera

    8. Robert Delafuente

      Seriously love & respect from his little brother supporting his big brother no matter who he is. He’s still very proud of him. Strong morals in this family

    9. Freya Olasiman

      James:were here with sister ian ian:brother James:sister Me:both

    10. rishika reddy

      i feel like this was the best foundation shade match to his skin. lol

    11. ERIN Matthews

      Me when Tati’s name is brought up :…………… mis gurl Also me: oh wait this was two years ago

    12. olesia1731

      Это родной брат??? Заранее спасибо

    13. Sam Sowders

      what is a shnazz!!!

    14. devil's child😂

      Why does he sound like corpse 🤣🤣😂

    15. #Akshi's Magical Life

      Hey James Can u please make a video on using products u never ever used before

    16. Emma B

      Love you

    17. JWOM 1

      Sorry James but that is not fine

    18. Maria Veinoglou

      I wonder what james said to Ian after the vid

    19. supakorn l

      Cute relationship of you guys made my dayyyyy!!!

    20. Autumn lps

      What you talkin about James that looks good for his first time

    21. Amatullah Mamujee

      Can we just say how there vioces are so different

    22. Geeta Panigrahi

      Honestly ur makeup is looking pretty!

    23. nay nay

      the contour said no not today TvT

    24. Anglophile

      Hi James how many siblings do u have??

    25. Jocelyn Mendez

      Ian : I got eye brow jel James : thats eyeliner babe Ian: Oh 9:56

    26. Questnight gacha

      4:08 minutes in and I'm already cringing he is not wearing a mask this is so weird to me

    27. Ana Waqar

      2 years later Who,s here in 2021!:) l V

    28. usxgi-chaan

      James: this is the worst me: I do worse bro

    29. Nermala Narayanan

      How he look

    30. Nermala Narayanan

      Can't wait to see

    31. Lisa's gaming World


    32. AshRoLi's cookbook

      Not badddd☺☺

    33. vivian Eberle

      Hi sister

    34. The Master Of Everything

      He forgot blush

      1. The Master Of Everything


    35. Josephine Asmr

      13:46 when I break mum’s favourite vase

      1. Miss


    36. Jungkook The Muscular Bunny

      Can someone plz send me the link to Ian's youtube channel?? Cause I can't find it💜💜💜💜

      1. 《Ruby_ Gamer》

        It's in the discription :D

    37. Maya S

      James : sister ian! Ian : brother! James: sister! Ian : okay whatever😂

    38. Chris Hainey


    39. Ammu Wonderworld

      james bad makeups=my best makeups ,like if you agree

    40. Kylie Fegley

      It doesn't look that bad

    41. Jessica Weingarten


    42. Jessica Weingarten

      U look good

    43. Phrog

      I feel so bad for Ian, he was so confident! :[

    44. Maya Hamyel

      Hey James I have a question for how long have you been doing makeup for? also love your videos also love you 😁

    45. Jenna Hyser

      This didn’t even look that bad!

    46. Jenna Hyser

      Lmao I think he thought the too faced blush palette had a bronzer 😂

    47. Jenna Hyser

      He forgot blush and primer lol

    48. Alexandre Castillo

      am i the only won that wants to make a video with james

    49. Freyja Axt

      Stop James you look buttifuel

    50. Sam Danckert

      He done better than I would btw I love your vids

    51. Elijah Mandolado

      Why is your brother is sooo cutee and handsome

    52. Charlotte Hamill


    53. May Aquino

      8:42 look at James eyes expressions haha sooo cute

    54. Safiyya Bishun

      Ian ya their is no two faced Brings out two faced pallet James U JUST SAID THEIR WAS NONE Ian trying to figurer wut is happing finally realizes Ian adfhgeruy gfeiyrgfwlergflreglergfqla

    55. Anastasia Lewin

      Smells like peaches Brother:maybe James wants to smell like peaches?

    56. Falak Khan

      You wearing a safety pin in your ear 👂👂 this is so amazing thank you

    57. Faisal Ali


    58. Ella Ledoux

      you could just skip to the end

    59. Rachel Isham

      I feel so bad for Ian. James cut him some slack.😂

    60. Amber Walsh

      I think you should stick to your own make up brands and the colours you look super gorgeous just the way you are glittertasic James Charles. Amber

    61. Yvonne q:


    62. Farhat Jazzlyn

      Who's watching this in 2021

    63. MINI_BOYQ M

      He won't be a man he will be a girl

    64. Weebly_Simp

      Oh my god theres different shades of these to... he sounds so defeated lmao

    65. Isla Carr

      It’s the colored Contacts for me

    66. Maluan BFF

      Ian is born Doctor: its a ....... James:a SISTER

    67. Brisha Kodial

      Damn make up is actually good stop saying that looks bad

    68. katie moore

      "drops eyeshadow" Oops sorry..... me: haha i do the same thing!!

    69. keixa choi

      how old is he

    70. AHMAD NAZMUS Sakeeb

      Where is my comment 😠😡🤬😤

    71. Issy Leyla Fitness

      It matches with other stuff 😂

    72. Tilly Ashlin

      The look isn’t that bad.

    73. Brittney Cash

      I love you

    74. Jasmijn Herremans

      i found the iconic sound lol at 13:43

    75. Kiera n

      your makup dosent look that bad

    76. Jagruti Jaiswal

      20:45 That was the fuxking cutest love you too ever❤️😭😭😭

    77. Gacha family🙃

      He forgot blush i think

    78. Ayla Kapoor

      Sister James I got your palette. I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!! It is my favourite thing in the world. It was $20 but it was so worth it!!!!!!! 💄💋

    79. Ami in Japan 🇯🇵

      Me after watching instant influencer... He could be one!!! (Little bro)

    80. FunForever

      Stranger- So how many siblings do you you have? James- 25.6M sisters and 1 brother

    81. Olivia Norton

      I think ur bro forgot contour

    82. Tom S. Lee

      5:46 his little brother is so sweet. He was so concerned that he got the wrong brands.

    83. Candy Muneez

      In my country people says boys can't do makeup not little they always make fun of boys. But you both proof us boys can makeup you are very talented ❤✨

    84. Halima Begum

      brother and sister looks same

    85. Ellie Beck

      Can anyone even remember what it was like for nonpandecmic

    86. Lilly Rose

      If you are a true fan you will watch the whole video and wait for the announcement but if you are not you will just skip ahead for the announcement

    87. Riya's Challenges

      That prayer tho..

    88. Riya's Challenges

      When the makeup reveal happened ik everybody laughed!!

    89. Elle Thomas

      13:44 XD

    90. Lilley Horne


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      You look great james

    92. Silver girl

      Nice 😂😂😂😂

    93. Natalie Bush

      Hi sisters

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      Me in 2021

    95. MAK Mastermind

      Ian:dieing because of destruction

    96. UnicornGirl9896

      What about Baluch

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      You still look beautiful

    98. αηsнı

      Anyone noticed on his hoodie there also it's written sisters 🤫😂

    99. *Mochalini*